Super Mario Legends [Series]

By Luigibonus

Join Mario & co for another legendary adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond!

Super Mario Legends - Level 1: A Unwanted Surpriseclose

Bowser is back at it yet again! However, this time, instead of kidnapping the princess, he turned Peach into a Boom Boom clone... but that's no good either! And since when did Bowser know magic...? Well, the only way to transfer Peach back to her true form is to stomp on her... ouch, but there's no other option! Walkthrough: Collection:

Super Mario Legends - Level 2: The Jazzlandsclose

Welcome to the grasslands! Well, this isn't your typical grassland level however... It's all jazzy! Hooray! Either way, as a thank you for rescuing princess Peach for the (insert infinity symbol here)th time, Peach is working on her (insert infinity symbol here)th cake. So let's head to the castle! Also take the shortcut by going through the caves! Walkthrough: Play the full adventure: Custom Background by MarioMaster7771.

Super Mario Legends - Level 3: Caliginous Cavesclose

So Mario went into the caves because that's a quicker route to Peach' Castle. However, something weird seems to have happened to the warp pipes - the one Mario entered now leads to all the way to the bottom of the cave, which isn't suppose to happen! Try to get back to the top! Walkthrough: Full Series: Credit to MarioMaster7771 for the CBG!

Super Mario Legends - Level 4: A Sky High Surpriseclose

After Mario got through the Caliginous Caves and taking the regular warp pipe to Peach's Castle, his destination was the sky instead. But how could that be...? Find out in this level, as someone may have sabotaged the warp system! Walkthrough: Collection: Credit to Markeyruiz97 for the CBG!

Super Mario Legends - Level 5: Boom Boom Boogalooclose

So, you have made it to Boom Boom's castle... Now it's time to show Boom Boom that you shouldn't mess with Mario & co! His castle entrance can only be accessed through his courtyard, so you'll have to get past all the challenges in this courtyard first! Good luck! Walkthrough: Collection:

Super Mario Legends - Level 6: Sunset Seasideclose

Mario may have defeated Boom Boom for the 3334th time, it seems like he had a backup plan ready! He seems to have Peach locked up in his second castle, and before Mario has taken the time to get there, he has probably already recovered and made an even more tough castle. Whatever the case, the only thing we can do is head to his second castle, so let's go! And what better way to continue the journey after a disco night, in a relaxing seaside? Walkthrough: Collection: Thanks to MarioMaster7771 for the CBG.

Super Mario Legends - Level 7: A Deep Sea Journeyclose

Mario's major journey continues through a little journey through the deep sea! Look out tho, since this is also home of the Urchins! Oh, and it seems like some of Bowser's airships have ended up here. Yeah, Bowser doesn't seem to care much about recycling, so just throws his outdated airships in the sea... well, let's just find a way out of here! Walkthrough: Collection:

Super Mario Legends - Level 8: Jungle Jamboreeclose

Get ready to jungle! After Mario gets out of the ocean, he finds himself in an overgrown area, but looking quite similar to Sunset Seaside. However, in this place the water doesn't seem swimmable... You might not want to touch it either. It seems a little poisonous! Walkthrough: Full Series: Credit to Markeyruiz97 for the Custom Background. Edit: fixed an issue with A2 (in the rafting section) causing cut-offs.

Super Mario Legends - Level 9: Monty Mole Maniaclose

After going deep into the jungle, Mario finds himself in a rather funky forest! There are a lot of pesky Monty Moles around tho, but don't let them ruin your scroll through the forest! You'll even need some to progress through the level without getting hurt! Walkthrough: Collection: Credit to MarioMaster7771 for the CBG.

Super Mario Legends - Level 10: Poison Palaceclose

Welcome or probably not-so-welcome to Boom Boom's Poison Palace! You're about to rescue Princess Peach once again! Or, that's the objective at least... This castle features quite some poisonous stuff... watch your step, as some objects may sink into the poison as you walk on them! Walkthrough: Collection: Credit to MarioMaster7771 for the Custom Background

Super Mario Legends - Level 11: Chocolate Canyonclose

So, you've just rescued the real Princess Peach from Boom Boom's second castle! Bowser may have more tricks up his sleeve though, so we gotta stay alert. For now, let's return to Peach's castle, starting by taking a walk through the Chocolate Canyon! In this level, you'll have to bake cakes to progress! And since we're in the virtual world, baking is now as easy as pressing a button. 4 buttons to be exact, there are 4 color switches you'll have to find and press to finish off the cakes' decoration. Once you've finished a cake, it will open up new paths so new area's for you to explore. Maybe you'll come across a secret at the end...? Walkthrough: Full series: Credit to MarioMaster7771 for the CBG!

Super Mario Legends - 12: Yoshi's Secret Islandclose

Mario and crew are still heading to Peach's Castle, and what faster way is by going by sky? The Yoshi's invited Mario to their secret island to take a shortcut and reach the castle faster! However, since this is a floating island in the sky, the ground may be a bit unstable... Watch out for falling rocks! Walkthrough: Full Collection: Credit to MarioMaster7771 for the CBG!

Super Mario Legends - Level 13: Hyrule Hijinksclose

The Mario crew continues their journey as they go from a secret sky island back to land. They don't know where they are tho, even though this place seems familiar... Can you guess what it's themed about? Walkthrough: Collection: Original Custom Background by Markeyruiz97.

Super Mario Legends - Level 14: Cloudy Climbclose

Who knew that Hyrule was so close to the Mushroom Kingdom all along? Well, whatever the case, it's time to continue the journey by climbing your way through the mountains... literally! Watch where you walk (or climb) tho, since there's a lot of spiky objects and creatures in these mountains. Also, watch out for Super Koopa's... since they're hiding in these mountains somewhere too! Walkthrough: Full Collection: Thanks to Markeyruiz97 for the original CBG!

Super Mario Legends - Level 15: Peach's Castleclose

Home sweet home! Time to rest in Peach's Castle after another Princess rescue. Right? Walkthrough: Full Collection: Thanks to Przem1994 for the original un-edited background.

Super Mario Legends - Level 16: Sherbet Roadclose

Cool down in Sherbet Road after another adventure... Or actually, you're here because this is the right way to another one of Bowser's Castles! Bowser wants to cover the whole Mushroom Kingdom in lava. Obviously, you should cover Bowser in punches for that! Walkthrough: Full Collection: Edit: custom music is now hosted on dropbox

Super Mario Legends - Level 17: Muncher Valleyclose

Muncher Valley was once a snowy area full of life, but Bowser definitely wasn't joking when he said he wants to cover everything with lava to turn everything into his kingdom! You gotta stop him fast! Going by Muncher Valley is the quickest route, but be aware, these aren't your usual amount of munchers you come across! Walkthrough: Full Collection: Edit: fixed an issue where you could skip a portion of the ghost house challenge

Super Mario Legends - Level 18: Thwomp Mountaintopclose

NOTE - blind jumps in this level are marked with arrows, and you can always trust them! It's time for a mountain climb! Tho, it's not just your regular mountain... There's Thwomps and Thwimps everywhere. Luckily, with some timing you can pass them with ease! So, this mountain has its up and downs. Quite literally, as you need to travel upwards and find your way down and repeat that cycle a couple of times to make your way through this mountain! Walkthrough: Full Collection:

Super Mario Legends - Level 19: Volcanic Cavernsclose

These are the Volcanic Caverns, and they're very... volcanic. In other words, there's lots of lava around here, so watch where you jump! This is also your final challenge before you have to face Boom Boom again... hopefully the battle won't be too heated! Walkthrough: Full Collection: (Contest Entry)

Super Mario Legends - Level 20: Switched Up Castleclose

One of the final castles you'll face in your journey! Another one of Boom Boom's castles, and it seems like he has a love for switch blocks... Walkthrough: Full Collection:

Super Mario Legends - Level 21: Memory Laneclose

Boom Boom may be defeated, but while you were battling against Boom Boom, Bowser has escaped to one of his older planets! The only way to get there tho, is to go through the Memory Road, a path leading to Bowser's planet that fully consist of obstacles created by your adventure memories. What better way to confront Bowser by looking back at your amazing adventure? Full Collection: Walkthrough: (November 15th update: fixed an issue where you are able to swim under the level)

Super Mario Legends - Level 22: Galactic Flightclose

We've almost arrived at Bowser's galactic castle! Now that we've got into the other dimension thanks to the Memory Lane, all that's left is a piece of land floating in space just in front of the castle. Unfortunately, it's filled with Munchers and other deadly stuff everywhere you look... So you'll have to fly your way through here! Walkthrough: Collection:

Super Mario Legends - 23: Bowser's Bullet Factoryclose

What's that? Just before Bowser's Galactic Castle, it seems like Bowser has build a factory in front of it... And it seems to create deadly Bullet Bills! Better get through it and put a stop to all of Bowser's evil plans as quick as possible! In this level, Bullet Bills are both your worst enemies and best friends. This level is filled with these deadly missiles, but you'll have to use them to your advantage too! Walkthrough: Full Collection:

Super Mario Legends - Level 24: Castle Rushclose

Mario has almost made his way to Bowser's final castle, and he definitely doesn't seem so happy about it! Bowser has filled this castle entrance with traps that will leave Mario running and unable to take a break for longer than a second. In this level, you're constantly being chased by something, whether it be Bullet Bills or Skeleton Fishes! Good luck, Mario! Just don't look behind you! Walkthrough: Collection:

Super Mario Legends - Level 25: A Legendary Finaleclose

NOTE: Alternative music for when inside the castle: Boss Music: The time has come. Mario faces Bowser's galactic castle, and has to defeat Bowser for once and for all... and by that I mean, probably a week until Peach gets kidnapped again! Either way, this will be the end to a great adventure. Show Bowser and that castle of his what you're made of! Thank you all so much for enjoying this series! It was a lot of fun to create these levels for all of you! I'll continue to bring lots more levels to your computer screen in 2018 as well! Walkthrough: Collection: