Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a level?

You should see a button with an arrow on it in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click that, and then click on the button with the pencil icon. From there, you can enter any information about your level (most importantly the title and the level code). You can either save the level or publish it. By saving it, the level stays on Level Palace but is only visible to you, and you can access it on the home page under "Continue Working". If you publish it, all users will be able to play and rate your level.

How do I convert my levels?

If you would like to move your levels from Pouetpu-Games to Level Palace, ask Markeyruiz97 to transfer them over for you. He should have your levels converted within a day or so, but this can take more time if several users are requesting level conversions at once.

How are levels sorted?

When a level gets published, it goes into the Pending levels class. Once it gets 4 rates, it moves to one of four sections depending on its level score.

Gold: 90% or above
Silver: 75%-89.9%
Bronze: 60%-74.5%
Unsatisfactory: 59.9% or below

What's with this rank system?

The rank system is a simple way to compete with other users and unlock cool new features. As you perform certain tasks on the site, you earn XP (experience points), and once you get a certain amount of XP, you level up to the next rank. Each time you do so, you unlock a new feature such as being able to edit your comments or using a different theme.

How do I earn XP?

As of now, you can earn XP by posting and rating levels. Once your level gets 4 votes, you'll get XP based on what class your level was placed into:

Gold: 15XP
Silver: 12XP
Bronze: 8XP
Unsatisfactory: 5XP

When you rate a level, you earn 1XP, but you can earn an additional 2XP per review of 1000 characters or more.

Why aren't the games loading?

Games might not be loading for a number of reasons. First, the website where the games are hosted might be having problems (which is obviously out of the control of Level Palace). You can check to see if this is the case by clicking the alternate link labeled "Play here" under the creator and seeing if it loads on its website. You might also be having an issue with flash or your browser. Make sure you have the latest version of your web browser installed and the the latest version of Adobe Flash. If you suspect there is another issue, please send a comment to a staff member.

What is intensive rating?

Intensive rating is a way to make sure all pending levels are eventually moved. If there are more than 50 pending levels at any given time, the site will initiate intensive rating, during which no new levels can be published (however you may still save them) until all the remaining pending levels get 4 rates. Intensive rating is not expected to be common, but it may happen from time to time.