• Description: MY 150TH LEVEL! The sequel to Deadly Dominion, which came out almost three years ago! This evil level will take you through unique challenges in varied environments. But be warned- it will be far from easy.

    x0-x4000- Luigibonus
    x8000-x10000- Majora T
    x10000-x12000- Orangetack/Popthatcorn14
    x12000-x16000- Lord Luigi2014
    x16000-x20000- qwertyquop
    x20000-x24000- Orangetack
    Can you remember what level the OT/Pop section is a remake of? :)
  • Contributors: The League
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Q22 | 100/100

sorry for the late rate, being busy

i have to say this is a really good tag level, my favorite is majora t's part

all of you done a great level,challenge,scenery and nice use of autoscroll

(i remember i played the level you and pop have remake,but i forgot the name)

6 people, 600/100
and yes good easteregg xd

07/20/17 at 8:14 AM

Dukeonkled | 98/100

[0-4000] Luigibonus (97/100) -> Gameplay: 48/50, Design: 24/25, Creativity: 25/25 - This is a sweet, easy start to the mega-tag! For the most part the enemies are decently placed, and the obstacles make for an enjoyable experience. One little thing that I wasn't a big fan of is how you implemented the Bullet Bill Cannon at X2300, I feel like if it was just one tile shorter it would have made that part a little bit more interesting. Anyway, I think that you put in great effort into the gameplay -- the challenges were not too fast paced for me (despite being easy), so they were very enjoyable to play as a result. You also did an amazing job with your level design, you used a healthy amount of scenery and the structure of your section made the challenges flow by smoothly. I really enjoyed the aesthetics behind your section -- in fact, it's among my favorites in the whole level since it really fits the theme so nicely despite that you used such a large tile palette. However, as SavaXiller99 said, there is a cutoff that you can see at X1740, so watch out for little mistakes like that. Nevertheless, there is still no doubt that you were creative with your work here. Awesome job, Luigibonus!

[4000-8000] Popthatcorn14 (100/100) -> Gameplay: 50/50, Design: 25/25, Creativity: 25/25 - I found your part to be quite fun as well as innovative! I found no errors with your enemy placement and I didn't really feel any repetition with the gameplay. If I were to pick a favorite with one of the challenges, I'd have to say that it would be the idea with the rotating blocks at X4720 -- in this case it's a relatively simple mechanic yet it was quite enjoyable to interact with. I also liked the concept with bringing the p-switch back and activating it in order to bridge the gap to the pipe at X4900. I also found the latter half your section to be nice too, you don't see too many levels that take advantage of rising/falling lava. Perhaps the only thing that I'm not a big fan of is that it's difficult to get up the ledge at X6620 (the one next to the ! blocks) as Big Mario. I won't take any points off for it though since there may be an underlying reason on why you did that. Regardless, the challenges were quite creative so that tells me that you put in great effort into the gameplay. Now onto the design -- while you didn't use a very big tileset, your section still looks aesthetically nice. I also like that it's easy to tell what layer all of the tiles are in despite that you used essentially the same tiles for the layout (like X5860 for example). While your section doesn't look too creepy, it still fits the deadly theme very nicely since it embodies a sinister feel to it. Overall, your part on the level was splendid, and it's easy to see that you worked on it diligently.

[8000-10000] Majora T (95/100) -> Gameplay: 47/50, Design: 24/25, Creativity: 24/25 - Your section is where the difficulty starts to pick up. Even though by itself it's nothing too hectic yet, I still found myself enjoying the challenges quite a bit! For example, I really like the gameplay at X8760 that makes you loop up and down twice in order to get the Yoshi. The following challenge with the key and shell that requires you to have the Yoshi was also quite inventive and a nice touch to your section. Anyway, it's clear that you're more than capable of demonstrating some unique and creative gameplay! However, I did find a flaw at X9680 -- you can actually get the trampoline if you just hold the grab button and jump into the corner of the blue wall. Because of that, the p-switch is actually not necessary, so I feel that that mistake subtracts from the concept intended. That part still had some good gameplay, just make sure to try harder to find mistakes like that next time. As for your design, I really liked it -- you used a large, mixed tileset that fits the deadly theme really well! Despite that the tiles have varying colors, it only reinforces the ominous atmosphere that you were going for. You also did a great job with laying the scenery out as well. The only other mistake that I found is a cutoff at the bottom of the pipe at X10120 where it borders the corners of the blue tiles (yes I know that X10120 is not labelled as part of your section but it would make sense that the transition onto the next section would be after when you enter the pipe). Anyway, great job on your segment!

Unfortunately my 10,000+ character review exceeds the 5,000 character limit, so I can't quite fit it in here. However, if you want to read the rest of my review and see how I arrived at your score, please visit this pastebin link.

07/15/17 at 11:00 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 97/100

Yet again another incredibly-built masterpiece level from the League. Gotta love how the level was filled with lots of incredibly wicked and amazing challenges that range from relatively easy near the beginning to ludicrous. Everyone here did exceptionally well with their parts, and they all fit together perfectly. Unfortunately, I only got to x:9300 before resorting to entrance cheats, which wasn't very far seeing how long the level was.

x:0-x:4000 (Luigibonus)
Well, your part was really neat with flawless design and gameplay. Despite being fairly easy compared to the other sections of the level, it was without a doubt a great way to start off the level. I like how you implemented A2 autoscrolling along with water challenges and even vine climbing as those things made for some fun classic challenges. The only noticeable flaw was the mini-cutoff at x:1800 but that's about it.

x:4000-x:8000 (Popthatcorn14)
I liked your part as well, considering there were some really neat challenges, including the mini backtracking for the springboard at x:4720 followed by the creative p-switch backtracking at x:5780. I thought the football chuck challenge at x:5620 where you had to step on the bouncing football to get on the top platform, was pretty cool as well. However, the intentional roofskips could sometimes be unpredictable, due to how high above the platform was.

x:8000-x:10000 (Majora T)
Okay so this section of the level was where it actually started getting more challenging. There were some hints of precise jumps, and the backtracking for the p-switches in the midst of the many spikes and obstacles, made for some pretty wicked but awesome challenges regardless.

x:10000-x:12000 (OT and Popthatcorn14)
This section also offered some really interestingly unique and creative challenges as well, and it's no surprise. A memorable challenge would be the one at the start of the section - I liked how you utilized the swinging platforms where you had to jump under those in order to not get hit by the spikes above. That was a really good challenge, considering it was used in a certain way that it wasn't normally meant to be used for. The other challenges in this section such as the one where you had to grab the springboard was pretty insane, but it was so amazingly done to the point where it's just pure awesome.

x:12000-x:16000 (Lord Luigi2014)
Your section was also pretty great too. A lot of which include some hint of precise timing and things like that, involving jumping on the bony enemies while avoiding the volcano lotus plants. The one and only thing that I didn't really like about this section was the fact that it was hard to see the boo clock at x:12760 because for some reason the person who created the hack had to make it dark and difficult to see as it kinda blends in with the rest of the tiling which could screw the player over. Then again it's reasonable enough that the checkpoint was provided at the start of your section.

x:16000-x:20000 (qwertyquop)
Ah, yes. Your section was really good too. This is arguably the most difficult section of the level and that is due to the precise and hard jumps but they were still doable. The only thing that I didn't really like was the fact that scenery was kinda overloaded in your section, sometimes interfering with the flow of gameplay. I also wasn't too happy with the boo clock at x:16840 followed by the saw as those things were completely unexpected. Nevertheless, this section was still overall really good, fun and exciting and a great addition to the tag. I died numerous times here and there, while trying to get past certain challenges that were seemingly impossible. That's why it's safe to say that this section was the hardest part for me.

x:20000-x:24000 (Orangetack)
This was the last section but certainly not least. This section was also pretty difficult, involving all kinds of precisely-timed jumps, like the saw challenge at x:22120 which I thought was really cool. I wasn't able to complete all of the challenges offered in this particular section of the level, so I just skipped to the end parts. The gameplay in this section was stellar, despite the cramped jumping. I especially liked the Boom Boom boss battle as you had to stay alive avoiding the saws while the shell does its job at breaking the bricks so you can fight Boom Boom at last. None other than a brilliant way to end off the level.

To sum it up, this was indeed an amazing level built in Chaos Edition. Good job to all those who participated in this formidable tag level!

Overall score = 97/100
(Extreme difficulty)

07/14/17 at 7:33 PM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

Guys from League group make really incredible job. Scenery was great and I don't will never forget a elements of level's design like for example monster smile (if you play this level or already saw a screenshot of level on Orangetack's profile) you know what I mean. Challenges were creativity and sometime difficult like every really good level. Gameplay was amazing and this level was really long. In this level I feel horror climates and I say this level is different than much really good made SMF2/3 levels because this level was made in hack. I don't often see prefect made levels in hacks.

My rate: 10/10
Difficult: Extreme

07/13/17 at 12:18 PM

Parbounli | 100/100

There are just incredible challenges, spooky scenery of chaos and an „enjoying palace". Level is too long to detail everything, so I give 100/100 to all League!

Incredible creativity!
Overall score: 100/100 and extreme difficulty.

07/13/17 at 8:56 AM

bananaramen | 100/100

Oh ...
This tag level is a level symbolizing activities with you and fellow LP.
Wonderful creators are gathered and you can play any part happily!
Game play is the best.
I will give 100/100 of this level.

07/13/17 at 7:06 AM

SavaXiller99 | 92/100

I have to admit, this level is indeed amazing! The challenges in this level are really tough, but at the same time enjoyable as well as addicting and fun to play. The scenery is also great and the usage of the SMF2 Chaos Edition is also great.

x0-x4000- Luigibonus: Honestly not a lot to say for your section. I love everything about it, especially the autoscroll usage at the beginning of the level. However, I didn't like the lava ball placement at X:3140 since it reaches the water. Fire enemies and water don't go together, do they? Yes, I do realize there is a lava underneath them, but that doesn't excuse the fact the podoboos reach the water. Also, there's a cutoff at X:1820.

x4000-x8000-Popthatcorn14: Same as I said for Luigibonus, there's not a lot to your section. Everything about your section is awesome. The challenge at X:4820 had me stuck so I had to watch your video on Youtube for guidance. Other than that, I don't have any complaints about your section.

x8000-x10000- Majora T: Your section is nice. One major flaw in your section is at X:10000. When Mario goes through the pipe, you can actually see him since those pipe tiles are in Layer 2. It's kinda hard to see, but it's there.

x10000-x12000- Orangetack/Popthatcorn14: This is a pretty short section, but also enjoyable. I don't really have any complaints for this section.

x12000-x16000- Lord Luigi2014: I also enjoyed your section as well. One thing I did not like is the boos. Once I reach your section, the boos are hard to see due to the hack. I know this is not your fault, however I didn't like the fact that the boos are so hard to see in this level.

x16000-x20000- qwertyquop: Your section is pretty (okay, I'm exaggerating a bit) really hard. I couldn't beat it myself which made me curious if this part was beatable. I trust that you tested your part. However, the same goes for the boos on your section as I mentioned on Lord Luigi2014's section. The boos are really hard to see in this hack. Before you say anything, I'm not taking points off for that since I know it's not your fault the boos are hard to see. I'm just stating that I find it frustrating that the boos are hard to see. The scenery is nice on your section, but it can be distracting and for me it's hard to see where the platform is and where to jump. The same goes for some other users who participated in this tag level. Try not to overdo your scenery like that to the point it distracts the player (NOTE: I'm not stating this directly to you qwertyuop).

x20000-x24000- Orangetack: To finish the level off, your section is ridiculously hard. In my opinion, your section might be the hardest section in the entire level. The Boom Boom battle at the end is really hard. I can't even beat it after like 100 attempts later because of the fact that you have to focus on the chain saws. Due to the difficulty of your section, some players might say your section is impossible, but I trust that it is playable. I also like how you added the face at X:22540 btw :P.

Overall, a really great tag level. Great work to all who participated in making this awesome tag level! :D Also, great job reaching your 150th level OT! :D

07/13/17 at 5:45 AM

William | 100/100

This is an outstanding level overall, starting off as an easy level, getting extremely difficulty as this level pushed forward. I made it up to Majora T's section without dying, and even beat 10000x-12000x in one try as well. From there, I wasn't as successful since the flow of gameplay became extremely frustrating, having a lot of precise jumps and backtracking that actually did have some creative challenges here and there. qwertyquop's section is no doubt the hardest section throughout this level, and I say that because the jumping in his section was just pure evil. OT also had some of that, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been. I liked the way OT ended this level off as well, and the Boom Boom fight was extremely difficult and took me up to an hour to almost beat it. I like how you have to pay attention to the chainsaws moving at you, and it's cool to see level ideas like these since it's time-based. No offense, but compared to the LP 1 year anniversary level, this one ended off on a much better note, and the flow of gameplay followed along with it as well.

I'm the one who remade the 10000x-12000x section from one of OT's old levels, so I won't spoil that. :P

Now, the only flaws I saw throughout this level was tiling errors here and there, but luckily they didn't stack up as badly as I thought. It's mainly in the section I remade that I saw it, and it's cool to see different level makers coming together to make their own level making style. I wanted to include one of your old levels because I figured your 150th level is a milestone for you, and it doesn't hurt to include an old level of yours as they are what lead you to become the level maker you are to this day.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this tag, and I'm glad we could help each other make this tag happen! I'll try my best to record this tag, but doubt I'll cover the last 2 sections.

Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwK3cfnovLk

07/12/17 at 6:06 PM