• Description: IMPORTANT: Turn on water mode in OPTION>CUSTOMISE>FOREGROUND

    ~Coastal Capers Galaxy | Star 3: Undersea Lab~

    This level is pretty unique, as you can see. It uses A6! Blue/green switch tiles are lab scenery.
  • Contributors: background by luigiXD
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LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

Whoop, sorry for the late rate but you know what they say, better late than never, lol.

As far as the gameplay goes, this one takes the cake of the Coastal Capers trilogy, and it's not just because you used the underused A6. The A6 was used in a really creative way, and the aquatic enemies were placed in a considerably good fashion thus allowing for some thought-provoking gameplay. As much as I'm not a fan of underwater levels, I gotta give you credit for the creativity that was depicted here. Some of the standalone obstacles tend to get boring though, because you'll notice as you go along that most of the enemies were only consisting of cheep-cheeps, the occasional spiny cheep-cheeps and bloopers, but that's about it. So in reality there's not a lot of variety, which isn't good given the level drags on for quite a bit given the maze-like layout along with the gameplay revolving around water. I know it's a water-based level, but even then you could've added stuff like urchins, loti, along with many other potential enemies as opposed to the select few that was incorporated. At a length of x:6000 I could incorporate more variety in terms of the enemies, and I'm not saying you should include every enemy known to man, but a little variety would've been nice as well.

The level did a visually good job as well, in a variety of ways. To top it off, I liked how you went ahead and used the green and blue color switch blocks as scenery, like I did with Chaotic Cyber City and needless to say it does integrate well with the visual presentation and the mechanic water laboratory theme. But with that being said, do watch out for coin layering issues too, as parts like x:800 could beg question with the coin animation tucked in behind the solids when collecting those, so I'd rather have the coin boxes not placed in cases like this. That's just a minor complaint though, so I'm not gonna take off much for it.

05/17/18 at 8:57 PM

Nikodem123103 | 91/100

Neat Level Design But, I didn't play the whole level because I hate water levels ;-; because there really like hard an all that

12/23/17 at 3:01 PM

Segomac | 90/100

So this is A6? Neat.

This was definitely a unique experience for me. It took me a while to realize what the gimmick of your stage would me, only to find out those blocks weren't scenery. I liked the gimmick. I thought you executed it well. Best example for me was at X: 1760; it took some time to figure out what to do. Thank goodness for that arrow. Something I personally liked was how tame this level was compared to the last levels of yours I played. I even managed to beat it all the way through without dying once and not take multiple attempts. Unfortunately, there was a huge portion where I didn't see an obstacle that relied on the gimmick, which was disappointing because I would have loved to see more of that challenge and other unique variations of it. While the parts had some fun obstacles to avoid, I would have preferred if you added more A6 obstacles, because there honestly wasn't enough of those. It's fun to attempt new, creative challenges, so it's better if you do your best to take advantage of these concepts and create new innovative challenges with them. Still, I thought the layout and enemy placement you had was done well. Some of these spots and obstacles used a good amount of space to make simple enemies fairly hazardous, like the cheep cheep spin block obstacles, and the torpedo teds. I love seeing an enemy being made more dangerous when the layout benefits them to make them more difficult to overcome.
As for the level design, I thought it looked good. It was simple, yet it felt serene. Personally, I am not a fan of the pipes looking tangled like intestines, such as X: 2960 for example; it's done right, but not pleasing to the eye. However, the level was still had a relaxing vibe to it, and it's simplicity helped with it. You don't always have to be over the top with scenery. Even the most simple look can be the most beautiful.

So overall, I really enjoyed the level. It had a great gimmick and fun obstacles and I actually ended up playing again. The level wasn't so agonizingly difficult, but enough of a challenge top make it entertaining. I just wish you had more A6 challenges added into the level. While I understand that transitioning from one A6 obstacle to another immediately is a bit much, you still had a lot of room to add more. My only advice is to take advantage of these newer obstacles next time.

06/30/17 at 5:16 PM

creator | 95/100

amazing level, and long time no see, A6!

of course, the highlight is the A6 use. it was pretty confusing for me, infact, the hole reason i didn't rate this level was because i didn't now how to continue at X 1860. however, when you now it, it is pretty fun to play! then, the challenges. well, in the beginning, the challenges kindoff fell flat on there face. on concrete. and with the beginning, i mostly mean X 0 till X 260. this is bit a really small part of the level, but it just felt boring. i now you wanted to introduce the player to the idea, but come on, you could use maybe one enemy more in it.

the tiling was very nice. i love how you put even in the smallest things attention, like in the tiling of the blue sewer tiles at X 2460, for example. some may find this unnecesary and just scratch it up and more focus on the more Obvious highlights, but i now how much time tiling like that sometimes takes. as in the enemy's you chose, there where some interesting things you placed here. i'm ok with the chain balls, but the roto-discs are questionable.

that's everything. let's look at the final results.

-3 boring challenges in the beginning
-2 questionable roto-discs

overal, my final score is 95/100. amazing job, as useal!


04/29/17 at 10:51 AM

Luigibonus | 90/100

Nice, it's been a while since I last saw an A6 level!

I'd say this galaxy is my new personal favorite. Not only because I like beach & water themed levels, but the last level and this one are so good.
So, obviously where this level shines is the A6 usage. It's definitely used in an unique way! It might be confusing at first, but figuring out what to do makes it more fun. Also, it's nice that area's thanks to the A6 open up and close, blocking you from returning, which in how it's used here gives the player a sense of progression.
Tiling was another highlight, I love how Toad House tiles were finally used in a level. The blue bricks inside the Toad House tiling is also a perfect match!
As for enemy placement, it's mostly really good, though I'm not a big fan of some of the bloopers... some were kinda obnoxious. That may be just me though given that others don't seem to mind in their review, so I'll let that slide.
What is a problem, is that the challenges are lacking a little in the first bit of the level. You swim up and down, and aside from the 2 easily avoidable fish, there's barely any challenge. Sure, it introduces the concent of the level to the player, but a few more enemies wouldn't be a problem. This is an issue until X:1000, where the level finally catches up with decent challenges. However, the challenges start getting REALLY good at X:4400, where you have to flip flip-blocks to give Cheaps Cheaps more room, allowing you to get past without getting hurt. Also, that on/off switch speedrun was really clever as well, as well as that little A6 speedrun at the end.
Also, wonderful atmosphere! The CBG, music and tiling all fit really well together. And also nice to see some usage of the newly added water mode. I think this is the first level to do that!

Already looking forward to the next galaxy :D

04/27/17 at 5:01 PM

GreenYoshiFTW | 100/100

Wow I never seen a level like this! It was creative and good use of A6. The custom music fit this theme so so well. It as very hard but I like it. The blue really stands out. Anyway you deserved a 100/100

04/22/17 at 9:00 PM

PrzemekXD | 100/100

I didn't know you can customize the game like this. So before I played your level I tested all the options, great update. Anyway, your level is also great! As always, it was very creative and outstanding. Good use of A6. The challenges were creative but also hard. Nice design, no cut-offs. Good job!

• Challenges: 10
• Design: 10
• Creativity: 10
• Difficulty: Hard

My rate: 100/100

04/22/17 at 5:05 PM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

Cool level OT!
This is hard, so I couldn't win, but very good!
The underwater challenges were insane and frustrating sometimes.
I'm busy so I'm not saying a lot of things in my rate, sorry.

04/22/17 at 11:35 AM

bananaramen | 100/100

Oh my God!
I may like this level the most among your level you have ever had.
The landscape is good as usual, and the best thing is trick.
Trick bothered me and made me entertained again.
The configuration of the level before and after pressing the switch is also well thought out.
Perfect job!

04/21/17 at 11:20 PM

luigiXD | 100/100

very interesting level i liked it a lot. the challenges were very cool and so was the scenery and enemy placement

100/100 / A+ / Gold / Difficulty : hard /

04/21/17 at 3:44 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

Amazing Blue water level. I set water mode in option>customize>foreground and it looks like underwater. Anyway, I like blue design because it looks like blue tiles, blue CBG and blue waterfalls. The gameplay is great, but it wasn't easy because it has some backtracks and autoscroll 6. The On/Off backtrack was hard to get at X4900 because of A6, but I managed to beat it. The challenges are flawless. I finished this level, but I'll say it was hard. Good work OT.

You get a 100/100 and hard difficulty.

04/21/17 at 11:48 AM