• Description: ~Cliché Craze Galaxy | Star 1: Lava Grasslands~

    Video of level- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ait3RV2H0_g

    Woah, a grassland level with lava in it? Someone tell Orangetack that you're not supposed to do that! :O
    This level is challenging, but it's a lot easier if you take your time and plan ahead before you make your moves.
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Q22 | 100/100

this is a very god level, i totally ragequit after 20 minutes of playing, but i still like this
(remind me of good level from 2014)

07/03/17 at 1:40 AM

TheBlackKoopa232 | 99/100

It's a shame that this level is in between gold and silver all the time. It should be at gold. Though some of the complaints people make here are perfectly valid. It seems they struggled with lava being hard to see in some areas and as a result killing them many times. I didn't have trouble with that. Probably because I have messed around with the same style of tiling before. My favourite part of the level was the platforming. It required great precision and concentration but was fun nonetheless. The slopes everywhere just made it that much more challenging and interesting. I'll remember that when making a level based around platforming one day. One part of the level that I do despise though is X:40 Y:60 (http://puu.sh/wwTWC/54cd2e49ca.jpg). It's a really tricky jump due to the nature of slopes that cost me way more lives than the "hard to spot" lava. I'm also just going to take a moment to say that I enjoyed the fact that the middle of the level has an area for a bit of relief where you can just collect coins. There's some easy to avoid lava too. That fact that the coins are under a timer just makes it more fun really. It encourages you to run through and grab a reward as opposed to walking cautiously by. The fact that there are no monsters there helps as well. It's just a great section for relief which I can't praise enough! I hope more levels use the timed coins as well.
I just realized I haven't even talked about the most obvious thing, the fact that this is a LAVA GRASSLAND! There's so much else to praise that I didn't have time to point out the obvious (good job!). It looked great. The tileset you used blends perfectly with the lava somehow. The scenery was great too. I like the inclusion of cactuses in the second half. It's like they marked how you made it to the second part of the level. I did a similar thing with my recent level, it's just a lot more blatant since I used a castle tileset along with the grassland tileset. It's a neat touch, whether intentional or not, that I like in a level. (Here is where I realize 15% of my review is dedicated to cactuses.) Anyways, I hope my review get's the level to gold. I would rate 95/100 but I'll be generous and rate 99/100. I know you could use that extra % but you'll just have to deal with it! ;)

06/28/17 at 10:28 PM

PrzemekXD | 96/100

Well, I can't beat this but I was close to do that. Sorry that you had to wait so long for this review. And I see it's really neccesary now because I'm really suprised your level stayed in the "silver class". I'm definitely going to change this. Once again, you created a great level with original design. Normally, lava doesn't fit with the grass tiles but in this case it fits perfectly. Even the lava floating in the air (which looks weird) does make a sense. This level may show the moment after a volcano eruption. But the tilling isn't perfect, because it's too chaotic, in my opinion. A player may feel a bit confused at some parts because lava is mostly put in L2 and is often hidden by other tiles. I didn't find any cut-offs, although other people did. The challenges were really good but I do agree with others that there is too many difficult jumps (e.g. X1400 Y160). The jump at X420 Y0 is actually impossible if you play this level at first time. However, I still think this level deserves the gold class. I bet you spent at least 3 days for making this level. The final result of your work is good but you had better levels than this. But I'll give you 96/100.

• Challenges: 9
• Design: 8
• Creativity: 10
• Difficulty: Hard

*Scale: 1-10

My rate: 96/100

06/25/17 at 3:45 PM

TheTroll73 | 85/100

Noise lava in grassland :D

since boner and co already gave detailed reviews, take it as przem giving a review lol

But with an 85 instead of 100/100

06/24/17 at 7:19 AM

Luigibonus | 85/100

This level, while it had good design and challenges, it was really unnecessary frustrating at a lot of sections throughout the level.

And I'm mainly talking about the first half, there's just too many... like, almost pixel perfect jumps in the first half (1400x 0y especially is a nightmare jump). There's just too much of them! Just a couple is fine, and I'm fine with difficult jumps most of the time, but here there's just a little too much of them and because they're mostly at the beginning, you'll need to do the most frustrating part at the start of the level each time you die. On top of that, since they're lava jumps (and lava is an insta-killer) the penalty you receive from failing the challenge is to start the level all over again, back to these darn jumps!!! :( it just kills the player's motivation to play the level again, which is when they give up and not see the rest of the level, which is a shame.

And it's a shame because people will miss out on an amazing section of the level! As you enter the second half (the checkpoint mark), THIS is where the level shines and becomes really fun. Sure, there's also some difficult jumps in here but they're varied and well spaced out. The challenges in this section are also the best IMO, especially the floating platform jumps. How you had to stay on the platform and then jump off at X:3800 so that it fell into the lava was genius!

A little thing, to me it was kinda weird to have a (relatively) big amount of power-ups when 90% of the challenges are lava. Especially because some challenges are actually easier as small Mario! Though I guess this is a big debatable thing so I'll give it a pass and save you some points.

On the visual end tho, this level was stunning! I can see why you went with slope scenery as main scenery as it's easier to place and make compact lava challenges this way. It does get slightly repetitive though, but as soon as the second half kicks in with the tiling going crazy, and also the addition of the cactus as scenery element, it becomes even more stunning as before! The lavafalls looked beautiful in all area's of the level because their placement feels spot-on.

Overall, still a very good level, and I think the first professional take on a grassland & lava combo!

Also minor issue, some slope glitches at X:3000

06/21/17 at 3:06 PM

Softendo | 90/100

FIrst of all, I'm so sorry for not reviewing it some days ago, i was busy and i forgot..sry dude.
Now to the level, it's awesome and it was...Hard, yeah pretty hard, and once again i took uh.......4 days to pass it.
Buuuuuuut this level is not perfect, i mean i have found some cutoffs and also, the lava's tiling is just..not good.
And i found a floor glitch at x3080 as well.


06/20/17 at 7:24 PM

Retzorg | 95/100

As much as I think this level looks pretty, there is a very important reason why I couldn’t get very far in this level at all:

It’s too difficult to play based on what the player sees.

While it is a bit of an abstract issue, I can confidently say that it is very much still there. There are a lot of individual factors leading to it, I’d say:
• The scenery is kind of all-over the place. Most of this level is a lot of brownish-red tiling with a bunch of diagonal lines in it.
• The lava and the dirt are a similar colour.
• The lower part of the background has similar colouration to the level.
• A lot of lava is partially tucked underneath tiles with no sort of player collision, so it is frustratingly easy to run into lava that the player has to mentally calculate the position of the edge of instead of just seeing it.
• There are very, very few flat lateral surfaces.
• Tiles 2479, 2481, 2483, and 2485 are as intangible as bushes or mushroom stalks, but appear to have a bit of solid ground that is able to be stood on at their very ends.
• Above all else, in my opinion, there are a lot of very precise jumps and drops. In particular, the position of the first Pile Driver Micro-Goomba stands out to me; it just overall feels as if there is far too little time to react and room for error. This fact is greatly intensified by how difficult it is to immediately distinguish the ground from what is not the ground.

Overall, I find that this level demonstrates why it is important for the player to be able to almost immediately distinguish safe areas from non-safe areas in levels, just like how it is important for what is happening in animated forms of media to be easily discernible (hence the existence of the silhouette test.) This is the reason, why, in a few of my levels, I deliberately use scenery coloured very distinctly from the solid pieces of the level.

Anyways, I feel in a generous mood, so I’ll rate this level a number just high enough to land it a 90% rating.

06/17/17 at 7:00 PM

Meyland12 | 95/100

What can I say:

This was very good challenging level with very good challenges but however I must agree with others about lava titing and one cutoffs.

My rate: 9/10
Difficult: Hard.

06/17/17 at 1:28 PM

creator | 85/100

Now, this was a level that actually managed too make a lava in grassland theme and use it correctly!

now, the challenges where pretty cool, personally. I love the diversitiy in the challenges. You could go from a koopa jumping challenge to a challenge with platforms while a basketball chuck chucks basketballs at you. However, excpet for that, don't have a lot to say.

As for the tiling, the main problem with it is the fact of how you tiled the lava. This pretty commonly caused some cheap deaths, what is something you really should avoid. Not only that, but it can alos cause some layer problems. The rest however, was fine. You could argue that some tiling is to chaotic, but i didn't personally find that much of a problem, and definetly not enough to put points down.

then, the scenery. Personally ,the best part of the level. The scenery with the grass tiles where unbeliviable inpressive. Just how you managed too tile this, is crazy. As for the cactusses, the where placed at the right place, in the right time. The same could also be said about the gras scenery.

the design however felt kindoff sloopy, maybe that's just me, but it all feels just a bit too hectic.

overal, my final score is 85/100. Still a pretty great level!


06/16/17 at 2:33 PM

Dukeonkled | 93/100

Gameplay: 47/50 - This is an extremely impressive level in terms of the challenges and enemy placement. However, because of the way you layered the lava with the tiling it's easy to misjudge the death hitboxes (like at x = 440, y = 20; x = 740, y = 0; and x = 2820, y = 120). Despite this issue, I'm not going to take many points off because I'm very impressed with the actual challenges you implemented and I feel like it partially makes up for the errors I just mentioned. This is a very enjoyable level to say the least.
Design: 22/25 - If i had to be honest, the one thing I didn't like so much about this level is how super precise you have to be with your movements. Precision isn't usually a bad thing, but because there is some uncertainty with where the death bitboxes are on some of the lava tiling, it ends up being more frustrating than enjoyable when you find yourself dying way too many times for underestimating your movements. Now, this obviously relates to the level design -- I'm no expert on layering, but you probably could have tried out an alternative on indicating where the lava is. While the level design isn't perfect, it's still very effective and I can't say that it looks ugly. You also did a very awesome job with how you handled the scenery, I see no flaws with it.
Creativity: 24/25 - I really want to give you a perfect score for creativity, but unfortunately the faulty lava layering throughout the level tells me that you overlooked those issues -- so I can't say that you put in 100% effort. However, the level aesthetically still looks really nice for a lava grassland, and the soundtrack of choice is extremely effective for the level's theme. Now the challenges, honestly not only were they engaging and just tons of fun (despite frustrating me at times), but they invoke so much thought from you. I even noticed that there are multiple ways of solving many of the obstacles throughout the map (I noted that as I watched your video), and I think that it's very great to see that in a level because it also gives players a chance to be creative with how they play. You were so consistent with the nature of the challenges that I can't really pick any particular part of the level as one of my favorites, they were all good -- and the advance coin/1-up challenges were great additions to the map too. This level is nothing short of innovative, the gameplay is so good that I think I'll favorite this one -- despite the fact that the level design has its issues. I consider this a job well done, Orangetack!
Total Points: 93/100 (Hard Difficulty)

06/15/17 at 8:08 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 78/100

This was a crazy level indeed. I enjoyed the cool challenges revolving around descending platforms and lotus plants and so forth, although I feel like the design could have been better. I'm fine with what you did here for the most part in terms of tilesets, however as some others have already mentioned, there just so happen to be some layering issues throughout the course of the level, which came off as irritating. Many of which led to unnecessary deaths. One example would include the lava being in the back layer hidden behind the scenery which was a problem since it led to blind jumps on several occasions, the beginning being a good example of that. I wasn't a fan of what you did there, because literally half the time during the gameplay it felt as though the floor was the lava itself. Another being x:460 and y:40 where you're most likely to get caught there when you jump. That's why it's safe to say that your layering with the scenery and lava being underneath seems to be the major issue here.

It was unfortunate enough that there was lack of variation in gameplay at times due to overuse of koopas as enemies in some areas of the level, such as x:2920 y:0 because it feels as though you relied too heavily on bouncing off of paratroopas. If I were you I would put rotating platforms or something in replacement of those. The podoboo at x:2200 wasn't a good placement if you ask me. Besides some problems having to do with sprite placement, slope glitches were also apparent in certain places that have slanted tiling, like the section at x:3020 where it's easy to fall through depending on where you land. It has to be at a specific spot. Otherwise, expect to die from the lava.

With that aside, there's actually a lot of good in this level, and the effort here was definitely admirable. For example, this level had some incredibly creative gameplay. I especially liked the springboard backtrack challenge as that proven to be a good challenge. I did like your usage of the chucks as well as the piledriver block at x:540. As far as tiling goes, I think the bonus zone was slightly better than the other parts because there weren't as many problems with layering, not to mention the design there was also significantly better, considering it was more organized in a sense. Another good thing I would like to bring up would be your placement of advance coins, which added to the challenges, so props to you for that.

**and please don't go on my profile complaining about how I reviewed this level the way I did, like you always do everytime I review one of your levels

06/15/17 at 2:25 PM

NESFilipGamer | 95/100

This is a Amazing Level.

Nice Scenery, Good Lava Placement.

Putting Volcano Lotus at X: 400 (-3)
Putting Advance Coin in Lava (-2)

100 - 3 = 97 - 2 = 95.

So, 95/100 and Extreme Difficulty.

Filip Underwood

06/15/17 at 2:20 PM

Plume 4.0 | 99/100

Nice lava/grassland level third was a floor glitch at X 3080 other that that great level Points 100/100 indeed Difficulty Hard and Medium

06/15/17 at 2:04 PM

Nitrogamer | 80/100

It was hard to beat but some times I just blindly died from hidden lava, a floor glitch at X: 2900 and X: 3080

I hope you intend on making corrections in the future with your layering. Seriously it was hard guessing the lava behind the scenery making blind jumps... not far I jumped into ceiling lava when you could have put a down right arrow.

06/15/17 at 12:31 PM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

Cool level. I felt like if it was a "The floor is lava" challenge in SMF.
I died uncountable times, and I couldn't beat it, but it's still a good level.


No just kidding a 100% 4 u. Also awesome that ur series ar back.

06/15/17 at 12:31 PM

Zohan | 90/100

Crazy, different, creative and very nice design....it is hard for me, but really cool anyway...I liked it

06/15/17 at 11:25 AM

William | 80/100

Great idea for a level. Now I know you're just mocking me, silly Orange. :P
It usually depends when you do a theme mashup like this, because often times not done correctly looks horrific. The way you did it was alright, but it wasn't bad. I do think you could have done it better as it was tricky to tell where exactly the lava was at tucked beneath the scenery. Some of these can actually lead to blind jumps when you don't know where to go, and I found several instances at the beginning. This is why I usually keep my lava in Layer 1 so I let the player know where exactly the lava's at. Nevertheless, besides some horrific placement in scenery that I'm sure you were intending with the theme, let's talk about the gameplay now. I would like to point out that I liked the bonus room you had, showcasing blue coins obtainable for you to grab. I also liked the Thwomp challenge at 200x0y; I thought that was nice. I also liked the way you placed each advance coin throughout the level, making it difficult to get all of them. Unfortunately, 2860x-3080x actually has floor glitches within the land tiling if you're not careful enough.

I would be careful layering your lava/land tiling next time because there were plenty of instances where I found myself dying without even knowing lava was in Layer 2. I didn't like the design either as most of it looked sloppily placed and unorganized, like the ending for example. I did like your gameplay here and there, but it needs to shine more in order for this level to be perfect, because I feel as if this whole level was only revolved around design, and these are the type of levels I don't like playing.

06/15/17 at 11:07 AM