• Description: This time I decided to try out SMF1 ver. E. I loved using some new tiles and objects. Have fun.

    Having trouble while playing the level? Check the playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez-GYC9R3PI

    This level makes use of custom music. Play it here and right-click the video and select loop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SCMgBkHb_8&t=71s
  • Contributors: Popthatcorn14 (beta-testing)
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What Others are Saying

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

A pretty good level for SMF1 standards, but I was mostly impressed with the design aspect of the level, in which I could tell that you were really attentive with, in terms of detail. This is evident when you tried tiling grass on the insides of the tiles using corner tiles like x:440 inside of the ceiling. The layout also made it quite fun to play through. The level does a good job at portraying an overgrown grassland/hilltop from the way the tiles were utilized, as well as some unique usages of the piranha plant sprite and things like that.

I suppose the gameplay was good too. Not the best I've seen in some areas, but I liked what the majority of it had to offer. The koopa/thwomp-bowling challenges had some thought put into it, which I liked. Quite frankly you could kinda work on your enemy placement, as some enemies and obstacles prove themselves to be rather useless. For instance, the spiney and goomba in the first screen don't really interfere with you in the least bit, considering they simply let themselves fall down the pit. If that was intended for some sorta decoration purpose, I guess it was kinda clever the way it was done, but I generally wouldn't utilize enemies like that regardless - it's pointless, and seems kinda dubious. I liked that the bonus zone was also pretty well-designed, but then again, then the red koopas don't really allow for really thrilling challenges the way they were utilized, mind you. The ones at the bottom in particular, didn't have any value to them in terms of challenges because you could simply omit them, thanks to the one cloud tile at x:100 in the bonus zone. A number of these obstacles you were intending could easily be skipped over, and I wasn't quite fond of that. I also think that there was an overusage of coins in some areas, but I didn't really mind. A reset warp would really come in handy for the puzzle at x:2980 given that there's a possibility of messing up in that segment and having to restart the level due to the fact that there wasn't a reset warp to undo the challenge. For example, if you hit the invisible block before hitting the mushroom block to the right, you're left unable to obtain the powerup thus having no other choice but to pull the exit card and this I wasn't particularly happy about. Oh, and if you time it right and jump when the mushroom is falling down, you could cheese that area without hitting the invisible block. I'm pretty sure the ceiling at the last section is cheese-able too, since there were only a total of three piranhas at the top. That's not nearly enough to prevent Mario (or Luigi) from doing a roofskip. Either way, I'd extend the row of piranhas to maybe 5 if I were you.

Great level overall. You should preferably add a reset warp for that one the challenge mentioned for fairness purposes. The enemy placements usually made sense. Sometimes badly done, especially so in the beginning, but the tremendously thought-out puzzles with invisible block challenges and stuff made up for it.

02/03/18 at 11:34 PM

cashwarrior1 | 100/100

Wow, okay. Could you maybe not be so good at making levels, please? Thanks! This level was outstanding, I was not expecting the puzzles, especially in SMF1. Outstanding job!

05/15/17 at 7:26 PM

Facundotendo12 | 100/100

Your level was difficult for me, but it is very very very very very very .......... EXTREMELY GREAT !!

                                                                      ♥ -Facundotendo12- ♥

05/09/17 at 3:49 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

Amazing level 7. I also loved using some new tiles and objects to make more creativity. I watched this level on YouTube and I still can't beat it. The design is perfect with some puzzles. Amazing challenges, great enemy placement and good gameplay. I don't find any flaws here, so you get a perfect 100.

Overall rate: 100/100 and medium difficulty.

05/09/17 at 1:04 PM