• Description: 100% possible
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What Others are Saying

Deadfish388 | 95/100

this tastes hard, but i can see how you made it a medium, the scenery was plentiful, and the game-play was decent. the autoscroll added a nice touch, but this didnt really look like a desert tbh. besides that you get a 95 for your efforts

03/22/18 at 8:19 PM

ApeStar | 93/100

I know i'm not a good mario player but this level just doesn't deserve a medium difficulty because it is much harder than that. I enjoyed the level nonetheless.

03/21/18 at 1:02 AM

UltraSonicFan | 99/100

This was really great! Add more scenery and your good. And as everyone knows, i couldnt complete, but great job!

03/20/18 at 8:13 AM

Strongiron450 | 98/100

This level was fun and challenging. You were missing a part of the level, scenery. You could add the scenery where mario is so it follows him no matter what. Also there was some enemy spam here and there but it was ok. The ground wasnt much besides pipes but that didnt matter as much

-2 For enemy spam

03/14/18 at 6:08 PM