• Description: Mario goes retro! Welcome to Retroscapades, a 5 levels long series filled with 8-bit goodness!
    This level has 2 exits. Can you get to the secret one?

    This level makes use of custom music. Click here to play it and make sure to right-click on the video and select "Loop": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcoqPzRt1OQ

    You can watch the playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STXLXW1meGA

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What Others are Saying

SZOKERICHARD98 | 100/100

Szerintem teljesen jól meg van csinálva ez a pálya. Csak egyetlen egy hibát látok benne, hogy a sivatagos rész keverve van a zöld fűvel. Tetszik hogy van egy titkos kijárat is benne.

05/17/17 at 3:20 PM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

This was really good level in good retro style. Gameplay was awesome and I miss Super Mario Bros 3 8-bit and other good old games on NES. I found the secret exit and it was easy. Scenery was good and I feel I was on holidays. Challenges were easy but great.

My rate: 10/10
Difficult: Easy

05/17/17 at 9:23 AM

Michael | 100/100

Flawless SMB3 level, and of course way better than Nintendo or its Entertainment System could produce. Level design is balanced and fluent, enemy placement is convenient, great design (although common I like the illusion of depth with the water and the platforms behind it). Secret exit looks pretty e🅱ic but also a bit redundant since it would be easier to finish the level normally (unless secret-level continuum stuff that nobody cares about). Anyway good job 7Su🅱er🅱ario🅱ros7.

05/16/17 at 4:42 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

Awesome nostalgic island level. I watched this level on YT and it looks great with using the custom music and SMB3. The beach design is perfect with awesome SMB3-stylish. The enemy placement is very good, awesome scenery and P-Switch backtrack was great to get secret exit. This level is perfectly done with using SMB3 and good start of a new nostalgic series. Good work 7.

You get a 100/100 and easy difficulty.

05/16/17 at 2:37 PM