Fixed some glitches (Thanks Lazor)
    Removed in-creation leftovers that were unneccesary
    Checked grammar and fixed random things in description
    Capitalized "5 Users Supertag" in the name
    Updated some messy phrases from the description to be explained in a better way

    In April/May of 2017, I was bored and feeling kind of down because of personal life issues, so I decided to talk to some people in the site if they wanted to do a tag with me. So four people decided to enter, those being LC5, a great creator in the site, who is #1 in the XP ranking and one of the people with the most rates and friends in the site; Creator, a memer, but still a great creator, who has created a lot of good levels, with its most remarcable works being "The storm" and "Vinstok Traeer Pibe"; BY0014, A nice level maker and glitch-preventer, creator of the series "Super Mario World Tour", and Parbounli, the creator of the harder versions of SMB: Special and SMB:ANN. So after all this hard work, all of us present to everyone: The Lost Forest, my biggest project yet!

    Tag made by:
    LazorCozmic5 (0x-2000x, forest section)
    Creator (2000x-4000x, underwater)
    BlueYoshi0014 (4000x-6000x, orange forest)
    Parbounli (6000x-8000x, Brown Cave section)
    IggyHopXD (8000x-10000x, Boom-Boom's airship)

    Special thanks to bananaramen for making the +9980x long template for the level :D

    Thanks to everyone mentioned up here for collaborating in the level, and specially for you, yes you, the one that is playing the level :)
  • Contributors: See the description to see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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