• Description: The Mario crew continues their journey as they go from a secret sky island back to land. They don't know where they are tho, even though this place seems familiar... Can you guess what it's themed about?

    Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0feTjymP8c

    Collection: https://www.levelpalace.com/collection?id=201

    Original Custom Background by Markeyruiz97.
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

LaserTrap_ | 70/100

This was, yeah, disappointing. Nice idea, but the execution lacked. It lacked way too much. The first half was far too easy to just breeze right through. I mean, great if you want to speedrun this, but for casual gameplay it's just boring. It got even more boring once you offered the fire flower. I have nothing else to say about the first half.
The second half was creative. I'll give it that. The dungeon idea was cool, the idea of revisiting it was nice, but there were still many problems. There were WAY too many powerups on offer. And why would you even add the star? To just make it pointlessly easy? Yeah, it took away from the gameplay quite a bit. You already offered powerups from the switch blocks, but you offered yet another one on the roof? Sheesh. That's way too much, especially considering that you would get another chance to get powerups from the switch blocks inside the tower. Now, inside the tower, you had a nice idea with getting the P-switch but at the end of the day it's just guesswork and it's not all that much better off than pick-a-warp. Also, if you hit one of the colored switch block while the P-switch is still in effect, you're screwed.
On the roof, you could go through the bonus tiling at the bottom corners. This is because you forgot to place the special tile behind them, and I would have thought you knew how to do this. Either you were lazy, or you forgot. As for the rest of the level, well, it was nothing special.
There are loads of flaws to be found here. In my opinion, this is a weaker level than level 11. Take a 70.

11/13/17 at 1:28 PM

MarioMario7001 | 100/100

Very nice level, your style, as always a very complete scenery, beautiful. It is well made, as always, and fun.

07/02/17 at 6:40 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 96/100

It's no secret that Super Mario Legends is a fan-favorite series and one of the greatest of all-time! This level had spectacular design and gameplay. Obviously this was an amazing level that consisted of exploration challenges and of course a section dedicated to autoscroll that kept the experience engaging. This wasn't too challenging, but the gameplay was certainly creative, proving that levels don't need to be hard in order for them to be good, and so was the design which had great visuals thanks to how you utilized the tiles. But what I favored most about this level were the challenges which took place inside the castle portion of the level. We're looking at the palace switch challenges there as well as the Grinder challenge up top. Another unique challenge being the fact that you have to use Yoshi to get to the up pipe. Not quite sure as to why, but those challenges stood out to me more than the other ones that took place at the exterior part of the level did. I also love how you actually incorporated the fitting Zelda music into this level.

However, the area at roughly x:5100 would more or less be considered a blind jump or at least what felt like one, because what lies beneath could be unexpected for the player regardless of if it is safe or not. Some others wouldn't mind this, but I think it woulda still been better had you placed an arrow, or something as simple as coins leading down or something. That's pretty much the only complaint I have for this level though. Otherwise, you sir are doing a fantastic job. Oh my goodness, can you believe it?? This is the first SML level of yours that I played and reviewed! Didn't think I would ever get around to it, lel.

Anyways, good work LB. Can't wait to see what's next for this amazing series done in smf2. :)

06/19/17 at 11:27 AM

Mario Blight | 94/100

Look, I'm reviewing tonight, as promised, lel. I really liked this level, especially the Zelda theme. I can tell that you definitely experimented with themes a lot in this level, as a lot of them were mixed in with each other. However, this didn't result in any clashes, and instead looked pretty good. For example, you added cave and castle tiling in with the grassland but made it fit, which isn't so easy to accomplish. The placement of all the scenery was also stellar, and it all fit together perfectly.

This level, at least to me, did feel a bit unorganized though, and there were parts where you could go into other sections, which probably wasn't intended, (such as at x5100 y0). As stated below, there was also nothing to signify a dropdown at x5100 y0 to the checkpoint area. You should have put at least a down arrow or two there to make that clearer to the player. The gameplay, as OT said, didn't exactly match that of the previous levels in the series, but still offered some variety. I would, however, have liked to have seen more of that. Also, I didn't like how easy it was to be able to trap yourself in the switch challenge area at x6320 y240, where given that you had hit the pink switch, you could hit the the pink block in the middle area when the P-switch was still going, and collect the coin. While this may have been intended for added challenge, I still was not a fan.

Overall, however, this level offered a lot of creativity, beautiful scenery, themes, and decent gameplay mechanics. I think it's a very nice addition to the SML series!

-- Overall Score = 94/100 --
-- Difficulty = Medium --

06/15/17 at 11:46 PM

Orangetack | 78/100

I admire the ambition in this level... but I find the end result a little disappointing. It constantly seems focussed on the big picture instead of the experience of each part. Ideally, it'd be both but the enjoyability of each challenge is more important, and that's where this level slips. However, as a whole this does feel like a quest, starting with an grassy overworld and entering into what I assume is a dungeon.

But the actual challenges matter too! SML has delivered some excellent challenges but this one doesn't. Much of it is flattish, with "wheeeee jump over the repeating koopas!" challenges. That doesn't quite do it justice, as it's still better than most levels on LP but I hope you see what I mean. It's just not up there with the first ten SML levels. Even the autoscroll section, usually the highlight of an LB level, wasn't particularly memorable! There is one other flaw to point out, there was no sign showing where to fall to reach the checkpoint area. When I was standing on the edge, I thought it was a dead end and tried to go back, which was virtually impossible because of the munchers. Annoying.

Aesthetics are very nice though. A bit too much going on at some points (x6500 y0, x6500 y240 are both examples) but on the whole the scenery is very well thought out.

Overall good level.

06/11/17 at 1:18 PM

creator | 100/100

such a great level!

let's first start with the challenges, since that is the only part i sometimes had problems
with. Sure, for the most part, these challenges where awesome! But there is still a bit of garbage left. For me, there where 3 little parts that didn't live up too the level of the rest of the level. Mainly, X 2040 Y 0, X 4100 Y 200 and X 5480 Y 0. These parts all felt a bit out of place, since the where first, ofcourse pretty uncreative and personally where not so fun. And as for the last part, X 5480 Y 0, you may be confused i didn't then find the spike challenge in the beginning boring. Well that is because it is a shorter part, and the spikes are different from hight. Sadly enough, this part doesn't do any of the two. But after that all i must still say that except for these parts, i really enjoyed the challenges! There are some here that are some of the best of the hole series, like X 3760 Y 240 or X 2320 Y 80.

then, we have the tiling. Like Always, it is visually stunning. The combinations fit so wel, that the level looks like heaven. Not only that, you used a lot of different combinations here. From ghosthouse tiles too typical grass tiles, there are even bonus zone tiles! These all added too the uniqueness of the level.

the scenery is some of the best i have ever seen of you. It is all so colorful, yet it doesn't feel like it is trying too be too overtop, and cause scenery overload what is where a lot of other creators fall into.

the design is especially amazing, some of the best you've ever done. A great example of that is how you used the castle after the midpoint. First, you have too go trough the castle without a yoshi, what would enable you too go into another pipe.

overal, wonderful level! My final score is 100/100. If you ask why, i find that those little uncreative parts really are too much of a nitpick too rate down for. Not to mention, the rest was absolutely fantastic.


06/11/17 at 12:27 PM

bananaramen | 100/100

This level is Zelda World itself.
I always like this level. The scenery is good, the difficulty level is also good.
Good job!

06/11/17 at 11:57 AM

rrou | 100/100

This is very good level challenges and scenery are great and i didn't found any flaws.My rate is 100 and medium difficulty.

06/11/17 at 6:16 AM

RacerJ4KE | 100/100

I would have to agree. This is yet another amazing level from you with the great scenery and challenges so I have to give you a perfect score.

06/11/17 at 6:04 AM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

This was again great level made by legendary level maker called LuigiBonus. Scenery was very good and pass
to this level. Challenges were cool and I enjoyed puzzle with four p-switchs and yellow blocks in castle section.
Music miss me good time when I was a kid and I play Mario games in internet like SMF. This level has some backtracks. This level is sometime difficult and of course like most Luigi's levels there must be auto scroll.

My rate: 10/10
Difficult: Medium.

I'm maybe first person who rate this level. :D

06/11/17 at 4:48 AM