• Description: Greetings! I am happy to be here to post my first ever Super Mario Flash 3 level!
    You'll need to get the cape in order to progress here.

    Having trouble with the level? Watch the playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SF4TsI5xNY

    Enjoy the level!
  • Contributors: Popthatcorn14 (beta-testing)
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What Others are Saying

LazorCozmic5 | 100/100

What a marvelous level and it was also quite challenging as well given the ever-moving lava and the excellent placement of some enemies. Since you fixed the ceiling cheat in the second half, this level gets a 100/100 from me. I like the usage of the palace switch which was creative of you. The rest of the challenges too were executed perfectly to the point where it felt as though it were a different altogether during the backtracking phase and so was the autoscroll with the lava allowing just enough time to escape from the lava. Well done!

06/12/17 at 9:06 PM

LightSage1331 | 100/100

This is a very nice level with, as always from you, extraordinary challenges and scenery that make the level absolutely a blast to play. Excellent work.

06/06/17 at 3:44 PM

Popthatcorn14 | 95/100

I loved how you ended your first section with the backtracking along the way. I usually don't see backtracking done like this and had fun venturing back. The 2nd part was also just as good, having the same concept, making it a little puzzling what to do at first. However, I found 2 problems in the 2nd part, one of which being layering. You had everything put in Layer 2, and it might have been better to place your tiling in Layer 1 to prevent much of this tiling coming out in front of you and the enemies you placed along the way. The second flaw I found was the cape at 3120x can easily allow you to skip the 3120x-4400x section, but the only true section you could have skipped was the 3580x section as you had to backtrack, so this was very minor. I also loved how you ended the level, creating a suspense of flames leading up to the Boom Boom fight. Besides these 2 flaws I mentioned, this level was great, had fun gameplay, and creating thinking of backtracking.

06/02/17 at 12:20 PM