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darknesu | 100/100

SPOOOKY nice idea whith the autoscroll and invisible blocks just Genius!! the scenery in forest and in the mansion was amazing the music fits too this level was soo mystical and i had some smw hack vibes awesome level!! for its 100/100 dfficulty medium

01/06/18 at 3:34 PM

Filip Underwood | 100/100

Did LazorCozmic5 and Orangetack actually play the level?! Anyway, It was an amazing level tristaph, It deserves a perfect score, Not 90 or 91.

08/22/17 at 1:55 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

I'm really sorry to be raining on your parade, but it doesn't look like this level is getting a perfect score from me and it's all due to a few reasons. Don't get me wrong, this level is pretty damn amazing and fun to play, especially for a ghost level with really cool visuals, but I've come across some flaws that I feel the need to mention here.

First and foremost, while the background and music were nice to have, the gameplay wasn't nearly as impressive at certain areas of the level. Just like OT had already mentioned in his review, the level's challenges that come after the ghost house were a bit underwhelming, and as much as I hate to say this, the only reason that part seemed quite impressive was because of the magnificently-built scenery. While the ghost house was enjoyable, the gameplay in that forest area on the other hand, could have been better, seeing as you've only included the simplest of enemies and then Boos in addition to that, which was slightly better than the generic enemies there, but nowhere near as impressive as the ghost house section.
The other problem that I feel obliged to address that wasn't mentioned, was the hidden easy cheat of the level that I've come across, having to do with the puzzle in the second half of the level and it's something that really tends to ruin the level quite a bit as I see it - The player has the ability to skip the koopa shell challenge where you had to grab the red-koopa's shell to bump the flip tile in order to grab the springboard, believe it or not. That shell challenge where you had to actually use the shell to get the springboard, was what you intended for that particular challenge to be. However, there was a faster and easier way of doing it, and that is stepping on the p-switch, grabbing the key, and as Big Mario, you can simply just bump the flip tile, and just like that, the challenge is passed, instead of going the hard way. There we go. Without even using the shell of the red koopa, that's how I beat the level. As well put-together as the level and the key/springboard puzzle challenge were, I feel that this shortcut basically defeats the purpose of including the red koopa there in the first place. I also did not like how that one boney beetle in the ghost house kills itself - gets crushed by the platform of S tiles.

With all that minor flaws and shenanigans aside, come the positives! And there were quite a few, I must admit. To elaborate, the design was nothing short of amazing judging by the remarkable scenery work next to tiling. The level had quite nice pleasing aesthetics when it came to that. Not only was the background a good choice, but the level had awesome scenery and tiling that actually went well together when combined, despite using different tiles that would normally work better in other backgrounds. I can tell that you've invested a lot of hard work designing the level, and for the most part, it paid off!
As far as the overall gameplay experience goes, this level had various different creative elements - one of which would be the fact that you've implemented A3 autoscroll, while at the same time, using invisible/special tiles as the platform in layer 2 that scrolls up and down in the ghost house, giving the gameplay a somewhat weird feel as though Mario were levitating in mid-air or some sort of crazy thing like that. It was in my opinion, the highlight of the level. Definitely something that took the level to a whole new level. Yeah I know, right? Never in a while have I seen anything quite like that, so props to you for coming up with that. It was in fact, quite an idea, and so were the sprite challenges in that particular part, so it's still a great level regardless. Oh and the music choice was also fitting!

Again, I apologize for deducting a few points for this. I understand that you might disagree with my review in some aspects, and that's fine, but you know...I had my reasons too, so please don't hate me for this. And don't be too hard on yourself over it, because I've known you since day one and I also know that at the end of the day I have nothing but respect for you, because you're an amazing level maker and one of my personal favorites as it is.

EDIT: And yes, Filip, I did play the level - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kemNYyn2iQ

06/25/17 at 8:36 PM

Orangetack | 91/100

Well, isn't that a unique use of special tiles. Having a row of invisible blocks go up and down would usually be out of place to see in a level, but in this case it works. That's because of a combination of the facts that it's a ghost house, which is an excuse to do weird things, but also because of the bleached background which gives off the feel that Mario is in a land of weirdness. Something like that.
Anyway, what the invisible blocks add to the gameplay pretty insane. You have to pay attention to where they are based on Mario's position.
The second section is a bit less impressive but it still has a good puzzle, and it's nice how it contrasts with the ghost house section. I like how the flying koopas have two purposes: first you have to avoid them when getting to the red koopa, then later you have to bounce on them to get to the higher platform. Here comes the moan: That whole section doesn't have the best challenges, other than that one I mentioned. The enemy placement is pretty fillerish. In fact, without the scenery I would actually say it was bad. Sure, the focus is on the puzzle, but I wouldn't say the puzzle makes up for the mediocrity of the challenges. This is a flaw considering it makes up almost half of the main level, excluding the breathing areas.

As for scenery/design... This is the saving grace of the woods section. And the whiteness inside the ghost house is a nice twist as ghost houses would usually use the dark effect.

And that's the review. If you think I'm rating down for the sake of it, either you don't understand my review or I haven't done a good enough job of explaining it. Bottom line is: I enjoyed this level a lot :p

06/25/17 at 11:36 AM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

It's was weird level but it was amazing too. I was stock because this level has low gravity and a lot of effects.
Scenery was awesome and challenges were a bit difficult because was autoscorll and a lot of boos. Author of this level should have medal for: creativity, very good concept and challenges. This was one of the most interesting ghost house/forest level and who know not one of the best levels in Super Mario Flash ever.
Background and music prefect pass for level climates and concept.

My rate: Automatic 10/10
Difficult: Medium

06/09/17 at 7:25 AM

Plume 4.0 | 100/100

Wow it just surprise with the auto scroll invincible blocks the ghost house was crazy with the invisible blocks just wow Points 100/100 indeed tristaph Difficult Medium

06/09/17 at 3:54 AM

Waluigi68 | 100/100

This level is just... PERFECT!!! 8D I'M AMAZED!!! 8D

-The auto-scroll challenges are more that original and great;
-The scenery is perfectly decored;
-The custom music is cool and match with the level;
-The custom background is cool and match with rhe haunted forest.

The only thing that I hate on this level is that the warp pipe beside the end is useless. It is unfair for a curious that just has the kea and think it's a bonus. But i will forgive this little mistake ;)

I will also put this level on my faves!! BRAVO!!! 8D

06/08/17 at 1:32 PM

RacerJ4KE | 100/100

This level has to be up there with the best I have ever played because the invincible tiles worked incredibly well with the ghost house and it was also an amazing challenge, the tiling lived up to the level name in both the forest and the ghost house, the scenery was excellent too in the forest area and finally this level has changed my view on ghost houses it was an idea which has never been used ( i think ) and it paid off really well.

06/08/17 at 5:23 AM

MarioMaster7771 | 100/100

I have to admit: this is one beautiful level indeed, be it on tiling, gameplay, well... everything! The effects you used couldn't be a better role for giving the perfect atmosphere, it definitely captures the essence of spookyness and grim. I love to see that in levels. The tiling is truly splendid from start to finish. Everything is laid out with every bit of detail combined with the complexity of the scenery, which is really well done. I specially liked that entrance design at x2900, it looks really awesome and it's really detailed. I really had to mention this remark. :P
Gameplay wise, oh my. It's not too hard but definitely engaging. That invisible platform movement alone made me hold on to my toes. It's the only part I find a little bit sketchy, to say the least, but once you figure out the pattern, you can perfectly handle it like a champ. So I won't take any points off for that.
The challenge is consistent and that last part does make you think about how to get past the parakoopas. Good call on that reset warp.

What else... I have to say this is one amazing level! Tremendous job you have done here, sir. It gets a 100 from me!

06/07/17 at 1:10 PM

William | 100/100

I must say, I really loved the level idea behind this, and I have never seen as such iconic gameplay in this one compared to any other ghost house levels I've played. What I loved was when you were inside the ghost house, you gave it that mysterious feel and also provided a row of invisible tiling that made for some great challenges along the way. Tiling was neatly set up, and the theme was just perfect. I also loved the gameplay in each section, making you think of what you need to do for each section. The only thing I'm iffy about was your transition as you left open some unused space at 3140x and I can also see a little of 4080x by jumping, but I'm sure you needed as much space as possible for each room, so I won't count this against you.

Great level tristaph, and I can't wait to see Hiro record it! :p

06/07/17 at 11:04 AM

tatallys | 100/100

Meu amigo, não e facil para um brasileiro como eu, o nitendinho saiu depois de uns anos no brasil, e ainda tem este site ai e uma coisa adorei o nivel TOMA MEUS 100 Pontos!

06/07/17 at 8:51 AM

Zohan | 100/100

Interesting hard, those effects u use...I never tested it but I guess I'll try to start using and exploring those effects...by the way
I saw u put a custom music....I know u need to put the 19 track and change in the code to a mp3 song, something like that, but, I don't know how exactly u do this....can u teach me this? or anyone else that knows how to do it? I'm new in this site so...anyway, thanks and nice level, nice design, etc. I'm noob so for me it is hard

06/06/17 at 10:26 PM

Dinosaur | 100/100

Jesus. This is actually made me sit and think. That ghost house section, at first I was so confused. I looked in editor and I got a entire new appreciation for the level. Although the section was trippy as all hell, it blew my mind. And I loved the way you built the door to exit 3, it was truly Bootiful. 100slash100. And a favourite.

06/06/17 at 10:01 PM

SavaXiller99 | 100/100

Wow! I'm literally speechless... This level is simply amazing! First off, I really like how you used the Effect changer and autoscroll as both of these made the level have an eerie, spooky feeling to it.. The challenges in this level is also enjoyable, fun and challenging. The design is also amazing. I like how at X:3500 you used the Light Effect changer.. I thought it looked as if Mario was in a foggy, strange place. Also at X:4260, I was bewildered about the Boo "falling." When it goes back up, I realized it was the autoscroll. It's a great level! I really don't have any complaints for this level, although some people might consider that an enemy overload at X:2100, but I'm not counting that towards you. I would've added this to Featured, but someone else apparently did that for me, even without rating the level.. :/ Man.. 12 users (including me) and not one reviews... (excluding this one) :( Oh well, doesn't matter.. Your total score is 100/100! :D Great job!

06/06/17 at 9:08 PM