• Description: Who knew that Hyrule was so close to the Mushroom Kingdom all along? Well, whatever the case, it's time to continue the journey by climbing your way through the mountains... literally! Watch where you walk (or climb) tho, since there's a lot of spiky objects and creatures in these mountains. Also, watch out for Super Koopa's... since they're hiding in these mountains somewhere too!

    Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFKS7vklcc4

    Full Collection: https://www.levelpalace.com/collection?id=201

    Thanks to Markeyruiz97 for the original CBG!
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What Others are Saying

LaserTrap_ | 96/100

Now that's more like it. Great challenges and scenery, and overall much more like the first few SML levels. For me, I thought the scenery was all fine and I don't think there were any bad clashes or unnecessary tiles. The net autoscroll was probably one of my favorite sections of the level as it was creative and was actually harder than expected. You really have to stay on your toes (or sit in a chair and be lazy, whatever) and pay attention the whole time.
The ending was, as OT said, underwhelming. It really wanted to be a good challenge and it looked cool but it wasn't hard at all. I also agree with Pop to be careful at 5100x, as you do need to know what's coming, otherwise it's basically a blind jump.
But really, those flaws aren't very much in this big level. This is much, much better than levels 11-13 and I hope that when I review the rest of the levels they'll all be this great. Well, we'll find out very soon. For this level, I think I shall give it a 96. Great job. But still only one 100 so far...

11/13/17 at 2:34 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 100/100

Never got around to actually reviewing this level but, better late than never, right?

Anyways, this is yet another amazing Super Mario Legends level that is deserving of a 100/100 if you ask me. I mean, there is just so much to like about this level! Great usage of the Palace switches. It offered some really creative ideas along with other cool stuff. Of course the best part was the moving A2 autoscroll using the breath-taking fence-climb as a way to dodge enemies and obstacles. This level was without a doubt, an amazing experience; Sure, the A2 was slow-paced, but all of the challenges were brilliantly executed, and the superkoopa sprite generator was put to good use at a certain part of that section. Even the A3 part was well-done. In fact, the whole level was, to the point where I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Good job!

Regarding the aesthetics, the level was also nothing short of excellence. A variety of different tiles were placed, without making the level look too awkward or clashy (that's nothing new :P). Well, I don't know about others, but personally didn't see anything wrong or unfitting with the tiling. I like how the scenery was complex, but remained natural at the same time, and this made the level pleasing to play under.

Overall = 100/100
(Medium difficulty)

Recorded a playthrough of this level also -
Be sure to check that bad boy out :)

08/25/17 at 9:09 PM

UltraSonicGamer | 100/100

This level was awesome!! Great scenery, great music, and this level was pretty challenging. im looking forward for other levels from you.

07/29/17 at 7:58 PM

MarioMario7001 | 100/100

Very cool. As always, the scenery is nice, the challenges are cool and all that. The auto scroll part is cool too. Difficulty : Hard. I think you should make more Easy levels.

07/15/17 at 5:22 PM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

This was awesome level in good old Luigibouns's style. I enjoyed mix of autoscroll and Super Koopas generator. Scenery was very good and I feel I really was on clouds.
Challenges were nice and sometime a bit diffcult but however this level was easy to beat.

My rate: 10/10
Difficult: Medium.

06/27/17 at 4:11 PM

William | 92/100

I see bananaramen inspired you at 5320x. Don't think I didn't catch that. :P
Anyways, as far as the level goes, the flow of gameplay was pretty good, and it's your typical LB gameplay you would expect. This level had a nice theme overall, and it also had a nice lead-up including various auto scrolls into one level. However, I did spot a few flaws, but they were only minor. At 6200x, the green dirt tiling is unfitting to the theme, and it looked out of place for your scenery to be moving up and down like this. Try to lower it down a bit. Another issue was at 960x, you threw in castle pillars for some reason, and it just didn't fit as well. 1540x is also a minor issue I found where you overloaded monty mole patches a bit too much. Now, as far as the auto scrolls go, the first one I thought was executed well, providing for some nice challenges, but at the same time a little repetition between the koopas and piranha plants. Another thing that you should be careful doing next time was at 5080x, and this can easily be classified as a blind jump if you don't know where you're going. This next auto scroll also had some nice ideas as well, but as I mentioned earlier, the green dirt tiling got in the way.

It's still a great level overall, just with a few minor flaws here and there. You had great gameplay ideas here and there, and it was also fun to play.

06/27/17 at 6:29 AM

MarioMaster7771 | 94/100

I'd never guess that Hyrule would be that close to the Mushroom Kingdom either.
And the landspaces seperating both kingdoms here is quite some sight to behold. The tiling here is just great and consistent through the whole level. The scenery looks pretty nice too, but it looked cluttered at some areas, and the green dirt tiles don't fit at all with the tileset color you chose. You could simply add that same dirt tile color for decorating that part.
Not too far from the start point, there's a minimal roofskip to the left but this is really minor so not a big deal. The challenges you provided here are really fun and addicting, with the exciting autoscrolling part with the climbing fence and the starman run. This creates a true slow paced mountain adventure with its ups and downs... pun intended, I guess. :P

Overall, this is another great level you've shown to us once again! It has a fantastic visual appeal and great gameplay. But keep an eye on how much scenery you add and make sure everything is layered correctly. I'm giving this a score of 94 out of 100. Well done!

06/26/17 at 4:33 PM

Orangetack | 97/100

What un excellente level! SML is back on top form. First of all the scenery still looks wonderful, so great gameplay has been achieved without sacrificing any of it. A theme that sounds generic on the face of it is brought to life by that background, clouds, vines, blue ground and pillars and more all mixed together. Despite using so many tiles together, it looks cohesive, not clashy, because of the flawless execution. The way you construct the scenery in general is just really impressive! :D

Challenges are a delight and each area has many new ideas to offer. This level has a slow pace, similar to something you'd find in Yoshi's Woolly World, but that's not a bad thing. There are some pretty tense moments, mainly the autoscroll section with the net. Having to survive the super koopas is no easy task that makes your fingers sweaty! And then the lakitus come along and the last one kills me by throwing a spiny! D:

The way the checkpoint is in the starting area is a nice touch. :D

The last part of the level is kind of underwhelming. I see what you were going for, but it's not interesting to play and recycles elements found earlier on in the level. Overall though, this is an astounding level. :D

06/26/17 at 3:22 PM