• Description: The 2nd level of the sub-zero world! Our hero Mario entered some sort of cave, which turned out to be abandoned ice mines! What surprises await for him? Play this level to find out.

    IMPORTANT: the arrows in the level indicate which direction the Mega Moles are heading; the area blocked by the golden bricks holds a 1-up mushroom and a reserve shell, in case if you lose the one you were carrying.

    The area blocked by the bricks has a reserve shell, in case if you lose your current one.

    Having trouble beating this level? Watch the playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EadBmfkMTu8

    Enjoy! ;)
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What Others are Saying

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

N(ice) level! Anyway, what do I have to say about this? Well, I had fun with this one, the tiling was excellent, the story was unique in it's own way and it's proven challenge after challenge, that the gameplay was in fact, pretty enjoyable. I really liked the shell challenges given how cleverly thought out they were. This level probably also makes the best use of the moving Mega-moles so far from what I've seen. Oh, but it doesn't just make put the Mega-moles to good use, because on many occasions, it depicted excellent use of the chucks as well, albeit they were used quite often throughout the course of the stage, and were therefore a bit drawn out as the level progressed. The beginning had a chuck, and shortly after at x:160 y:0, you used yet another chuck, which I wasn't too fond of because it was just a clapping chuck used to get on a higher platform. Another sorta thing I didn't quite like was the many times the p-switch challenges were re-used, especially towards the ending because the last chuck next to the goal orb looked like it was merely shoved in just for the sake of being there. Nothing wrong with using those enemies, but then it does matter on how you utilize them.

The design was spectacular, judging by the way you've consolidated the icy cave tiling with what appears to be ghost pillars. This style of tiling really made it feel as though Mario were travelling in an underground mine. Generally the cave tiling was excellently built to the point where it makes for fantastic visuals. Only problem here is, a few areas could use S-tiles below the ceiling slopes, like at x:1260 y:0 and x:1720 y:140 just to prevent that infamous glitch from occurring, where Mario could potentially get hurt or catch a death from the slope tile(s). Otherwise, a fantastic level with a pretty chill concept to it. Nice.

01/23/18 at 4:44 AM

Dukeonkled | 97/100

Gameplay: 48/50 - To be honest, I initially succumbed to some rage with this level, until I figured out how to kick shells up vertically. The challenges themselves are actually very good and have nothing wrong with them, it's just that I'm not a great player. What I would say though is to ease on the use of Chucks, I feel like they were overused just a bit, though I'll point out some of the instances where you used them correctly (like at x = 1400 and 3740). In addition to them, the general enemy placement is marvelous and lead to some very interesting gameplay. The only other thing I want to mention is how relatively easy it is to accidentally get caught in the pipe at x = 1480 and go back when you didn't want to. That reset pipe is still useful don't get me wrong, but maybe you could have placed it one tile higher.
Design: 24/25 - The level design is excellent and looks aesthetically nice. The progression that the level layout leads you on is generally straightforward and not too hard to comprehend (except for the shell challenges that go from x = 1440 to 2000). Despite that, the level is structured properly and it rewards you for keeping the initial expectation that it gives you with the Mega Moles. The scenery is also very good, albeit a little monotonous with all the horizontal and vertical pillars. Still a pretty good level design to say the least.
Creativity: 25/25 - This invention of a level is excellent, even though it frustrated me quite a bit at first. The challenges are very creative and you successfully implemented the use of p-switches, Koopa shells and even a key and trampoline. Additionally, the level design is structured very well and it looks very nice, so overall I think I can say that you put in maximum effort -- in fact, the last part of the level is evident of that since you displayed brighter lighting to indicate that you have actually reached the surface. Very commendable work, MM7771!
Total Points: 97/100 (Hard Difficulty)

06/17/17 at 6:38 PM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

What a cute level I have played. Challenges with mega moles and koopa shells were and I don't beat this level but there challenges were also amazing. Scenery also was very good but however landscape scenery could be better for me however I don't will get minus point for that. It's my suggestion, not level flew. I feel a bit Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's island climate here but maybe CBG miss me that game. Music pass to this level and I enjoyed that music. I don't beat this level because but however I can rate it and I say this was very good level.
Author should have medal for design and creativity challenges.

My rate: 10/10
Difficult: Hard

06/17/17 at 6:10 AM

Orangetack | 85/100

So I see you fixed most of the problems. The unexpected invisible blocks remain, and they can still cause you to die if, like I did, you hit them at the wrong time. This could have been sorted by removing enemies from the areas. Coins aren't enough of a sign, as coins are found elsewhere in the level too. Sure, it's a different pattern, but that doesn't mean anything to someone who is playing the level blind.

(copied from previous review as it's still present) The ideas were a bit too thinly spread- a lot of big mole and koopa jumping without a huge amount of variety to add spin to the challenges. And some parts e.g. around x3800 y0 just felt like flatness with enemies thrown on it. Not bad, but not inspiring either.

Also, you don't need the springboard to get into the pipe at x4400. Looking at edit mode, I think I remember how I did it, you just have to bounce on the jumping koopas, easy. It's actually than obtaining the springboard imo.

But you fixed the other issues, so I'll give a higher rating this time. Great level 7!

06/17/17 at 6:04 AM

William | 100/100

An ice level (t!t pun) using the blue effect! You don't see this done often, and it matched up perfectly the way you did it. Gameplay along the way was creative, using mega moles along the way to help you progress, as well as koopa shells that was confusing to understand at first. Some jumps weren't clear, but you did place some coins to help the player out. I also liked the ending as you portrayed light coming out of the caves and back up to land. Nice work 7!

06/16/17 at 7:33 PM

The X Khraken | 95/100

This level was pretty good, and I quite liked it.
The only real errors were very minor.
The level was pretty good. The challenges were well made, and I don't see many levels these days use the big Monte Mole as the focal point of the level.

Real review:
That Chuck at the start was not a good idea, But I wont take points off for that
You put a mole on the left. (MINUS 8!!)
You also had a spiny at one point (I hate spinys -4)

100 - 7 = 64 × 15.4 = 2^8 ÷ 6.3 = 95
The X Khraken 7

06/16/17 at 6:13 PM