• Description: Home sweet home! Time to rest in Peach's Castle after another Princess rescue. Right?

    Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsWHAqsFBUU

    Full Collection: https://www.levelpalace.com/collection?id=201

    Thanks to Przem1994 for the original un-edited background.
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What Others are Saying

LaserTrap_ | 97/100

Seriously... The difficulty in this level really hit me. I was considering taking marks off for the first autoscroll section since there's little to no reaction time and you really have to know where you're going. It's kind of hard to tell the first few times too. In the end I only decided to take off one mark. The others come from the bad cutoffs mentioned below. I wouldn't trust Vileplume's review if I were you by the way, it seems suspiciously like a revenge review as he hasn't actually stated what you did wrong.
The Boom Boom fight has honestly got to be one of the best I've seen. So simple yet so creative. I really liked that you sort of added a time limit onto it because the autoscroll continued onwards during the battle. But then I killed him and it serves him right if it's supposedly because of him that the castle was how it is. It was pretty gosh darn hellish.
I'm giving this one a 97. #HarsherThanTheOthers™

11/13/17 at 3:56 PM

Plume 4.0 | 97/100

Great level I already review it so I will take off 3 points for the flaws great level though Points 97/100 indeed Difficult Medium and Hard

07/18/17 at 2:48 AM

MarioMario7001 | 99/100

Very nice work! It is too hard for me, I couldn't do quarter of it but I watched the video so I could see all the rest of the level. It is very creative. I liked how you often have to jump on enemies otherwise you fall on the spike ball floor. It must have took you a lot of hours to make and especially test this. Even the Boom Boom battle is on a rising platform. The only thing I didn't like is when I arrived at the first pipe the floor came and killed me less than 1 second after I arrived in the room. Also I didn't really know where I had to go. Difficulty : Extreme

07/15/17 at 5:13 PM

William | 98/100

Compared to your previous SML level, this is easily my favorite one so far, and the flow throughout this level had a better pace. For one, I like the auto scroll ideas portrayed throughout this level as it brought creative gameplay ideas into the picture. In one area I was bouncing off a chuck as the scroll was rising up, trying not to get hurt, and then another area I was doing the same thing with a galoomba. I thought the beginning had a bit of a slow start to it, but it wasn't anything too major as it was introducing you to this castle. The design throughout this level was extraordinary and unique, and it's rare you get these type of themes, especially from you. However, I did spot a few bad cutoffs in a few areas, those being 280x4080y when the vine is running up as it creates a cutoff with the scenery you placed, and your checkpoint makes some slight cutoffs as well. Still, it wasn't anything too bad and stuff like these could have easily been fixed. Leading up to the checkpoint, the dry bones did seem overloaded, but understandable throughout this flow of gameplay, so I won't deduct for that. Lastly, I admire what you did for the Boom Boom battle, having to fight him as the scroll was still moving up. You also don't get level ideas like these today.

07/13/17 at 2:22 PM

Orangetack | 100/100

Damn, this was actually pretty hard! The difficulty did surprise me, although it was necessary for it to be hard for the type of challenges that this level offered. The creativity here is outstanding, it feels like every challenge is something I've never seen before. A running idea is how you have to use enemies to stay on spikes or death tiles while waiting for platforms to come down. This is put to good use, but for some reason it took me several deaths before I realised I was meant to stay on the jumping chuck xD
The big mole part is my favourite, it's so good how the mole stays alive for a while and is directed around the stage by various tiles. That must have taken a while to carefully design! The part where you have to stay on the goomba and drybones to stay above the spikes is creative too. And what can be said about the boss? It's just- wow. I wasn't expecting that. Not only do you have to adapt your strategy to the downward-moving nets, but if you don't beat him quickly enough the ceiling comes down. What a creative boss fight! :D

The scenery is... very pink. I see even pink palace switch tiles have been used to match the theme. Somehow, I imagine this is what Peach's Castle would actually be like, just without all the death traps. :P The red aesthetic works very nicely, it's not the average castle theme you see so that's good.

This is actually one of my favourite SML levels so far, if not my absolute favourite. It's probably the hardest one yet, but it's also very creative and unique!

07/13/17 at 9:49 AM

creator | 99/100

ok, so i am gonna say this, the one thng i found a problem with is highly personal, and possible may be controersial, so if you are easilly triggered, skip the block of text below and read the block there after.

the one problem i had with this level, was the first A3 challlenge, at Y 6000. I can't be the only one wh found that if you go blind into this, you can't react fast enough to this, right? Right?! Maybe this has something to do with thati not really am someone to speedrun, but before i saw the video, i just couldn't do this part. I was aways to slow. I just think i don't have enough time to
1. get there
2. figure out the way out there.
i wouldn't mind it if you got two or three seconds to think, but the fact that it drops you right in the action kinda messed me up. Anyway, let's actually start, since this hole rant is almost a rate:P

so, let's first start with the challenges. Except for the start, this level can be used as a argument for anyone who says that LB can't make creative and unique challenges. Excepfor one the are all fair, and require skill, but not only that, there just so much fun! I'm especially pleasently surprised by the use of big moles and chucks.

i actually don't have a lot to say about the tiling, but the do there job extremely well, and the combination of brown and white blocks where a nice addition aswell.

the scenery was very nice. I don't know how you do it, but you're one of the only users here that can actually make castles visually good! While that maybe it could use a combinatio nwith something else, you used ghost house tiles in the best way possible, by placing them in nearly perfect places where it needed them.

sorry if this review seems rushed, but don't have a lot of time to rate now, maybe i'l rerate later. Anyway, this was a fantastic level, and an amazing level in the super mario legends series!

my final score is 99/100.

07/13/17 at 8:18 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

Nice! I'm the first person to review this level and to be honest, I didn't think I would be. Well anyways, I'm here to talk about the level so without further ado, let's get on with it. This one was without a doubt, incredibly fun and intense!

Nothing disappointing at all, in terms of the epic gameplay, consisting of a variety of interesting challenges that were full of fresh new things too, which ranged from stepping on enemies, riding on the mega-mole, to fence-climbing, and they couldn't have been any more fair. And the best part was that most if not all of the challenges during the vertical scroll phase were those last-minute just-in-the-nick-of-time kind of things always keeping you engaged and on your toes requiring you to think and move fast. I can't even remember the last time I saw someone make such effective use of those chuck sprites. The vertical autoscrolling part was definitely the highlight of the level, which was most of the level, lel. I gotta say I was deeply impressed with what it offered, that is the numerous unique challenges, that of which include the springboard/bulletbill challenge too. I don't know how but you always manage to come up with new and interesting things it's unbelievable. They were quite a struggle for me to get through at first. The Boom Boom fence battle in particular was pretty brutal, but after a few good attempts, I'm able to beat the level relatively easily now that I have it down to a science.

It's safe to say the aesthetics portion of the level was also quite amazingly constructed, just as the gameplay was. The level had great visuals and attractive design, and that alone really brought the level to life. I personally really like your pink bonus tiling along with ghost scenery tiling that you mixed with, which blended really well with the custom background. I actually only have two complaints in regards to tiling, and they're very minor. The palace switch blocks at x:0 y:5960 should have been at the front layer - L2 should've been the default layer instead of L1 just so that the hazardous tiles like the sharp things are visible, and I think this kinda ties in with the gameplay aspect as well. The reason being is because the player may not know if the sharp things could be right underneath or how close they are to it - it's sometimes difficult to make out. For example, you are unaware of those sharp things at x:4100 y:140 due to the bonus tiles being at the front layer. I also think that it would've been better had you placed arrows leading left at the start of the vertical scrolling. Not something that I'm counting off for, but that would really help too especially if it's someone's first attempt playing the level although I suppose a little bit of trial and error wouldn't hurt. A minor cutoff was also visible during gameplay when climbing up the vine.
Other than that, this level was flat out remarkable!

Overall score = 98/100
(Medium difficulty rating)

07/13/17 at 4:22 AM