• Description: ~Cliché Craze Galaxy | Star 2: Castle of Clichés~

    This is the place where all terrible level ideas are thrown away after being deleted from Pouetpu's spam section. Sorry, it can take a minute to load.

    **Rate freely, but please actually play through the podoboo section if you're wanting to remove points for it.**

    Video of level- https://youtu.be/nmqLybxhEjU
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CrashKandicoot | 95/100

Well, here I am, rating a level you wanted me to review 5 months ago! Better late than never, right?
Start off the level, see a flying koopa followed by Peach and Toad with switched heads... Alright, seems normal so far... and then I jump into the text box and I die of laughter. That is one amazingly executed joke. You're in a intimidating castle, with a bunch of weird stuff going on, and you expect to find some explanation of what's going on, but instead it's just the default text for SMF2. That's absolutely incredible. Mad props to you man.

The sunset in the background gives off a nice atmosphere, and the music is fantastic. You know, the thing about making a level where nothing has any logical explanation for it is that you can do things that you couldn't do otherwise. Podoboos coming from blocks forcing you to get a move on? Monty moles in a castle themed level? Never would I have seen this otherwise.

One small problem is that it takes too long for the music to start, and by the time it does, I'm already at half of the first section. Also, really clever how you put a falling spike next to regular spikes, the first time I played I didn't even notice it was there. Gotta pay some good attention in this level.

And the last part of the level, which, to me, is the best part of the level. It makes use of a cool gimmick that unfortunally can't be used because of monster overload... but this level is all about going beyond the rules!
Not many flaws, only a few problems and some unbalanced difficulty spikes, but all in all, it's a great and memorable level.

11/08/17 at 1:01 PM

Plume 4.0 | 100/100

Well this will be my 1st rate since I'm back let's review
Level 20/20
Design 20/20 the lava balls near end was creative
Challenge 20/20
Monsters 20/20 Lava ball spam I will let that slide since it was creative you had to run
Bonus Points 20/20
Great level Points 100/100 indeed Difficulty Hard

07/15/17 at 12:13 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 93/100

Well, isn't this an interesting level. I can see that it's definitely a step-up compared to the previous one in the series. In terms of gameplay, this level was quite awesome judging by those platforming challenges followed up with podoboos that were placed in rather awkward spots at times, but that doesn't take away from the awesome challenges the level had to offer. I like your usage of those things as well as the falling spikes along with platforms. Coins placements were spot on - they looked like how I would place my coins. In fact, I even went back and replayed the level collecting all of the advance coins. The placement of those were in good spots too, which added to the overall experience. Sure, there were some more precise jumps notably at the "CLICHE" letters area in comparison with the rest, particularly with letter E, but who cares :P Those made for some pretty awesome challenges.

So yeah, this level had some really good gameplay, even regardless of the podoboo overload starting at roughly x:6000 at the end. The platforming there was very precise, and just the way I liked it! My one and only complaint for that part was the fact that it caused some lag which made that particular part unpredictable resulting in some unfair deaths, but that's mostly a problem on my part so it's not something I would minus points for. I eventually figured out a way around it after getting used to the lag. Bottom line is, this level's gameplay was intensely fun and that was what mattered more than anything. (I ended up on Hiro's website because smf3 over there is significantly less laggier). Thankfully it's great that you even provided a 1up at the checkpoint area. The podoboo run seemed flat up until x:7440, which isn't that big of a problem. One or two pits or something from x:6040 to x:7200 would've made that section's gameplay a tad bit more effective as opposed to just sticking to ground enemies with the likes of spineys and koopas etc. Good gameplay, I wish I could say the same for the level's design :C

The aesthetics portion was for the most part, also very well done. Tiling was very intricate, and while most of what you placed seemed acceptable, I did notice a few cutoffs. The most obvious one being at the beginning where you mixed up the toad and peach tiles at x:60. Also over at x:1420 if you look closely, you can see a minor cutoff having to do with the castle scenery tiling.
Certainly a great level overall with areas for improvement in terms of design, but the impressive gameplay makes up for the majority of it. Definitely of replay value.
Also, was I the only one who jammed to the music while playing?

07/09/17 at 5:41 AM

Dukeonkled | 78/100

Gameplay: 37/50 - This level was actually decent for the most part. The gameplay is enjoyable and I liked the way you designed some of the obstacles, such as the Thwomp/spike challenge at x1940. The backtracking with the key and the dependency on the trampolines also made the experience interesting. However, what I don't really like is how some of the gameplay got repetitive (such as with the specific parkour jumps at x220, x3280, x3900, and x4200). You did make different variations of those parkour challenges (like with a Monty Mole and a Chuck), but I don't feel like it was necessary to reintroduce that concept as much as you did. Anyway, while most of the enemy placements were good, I can't say the same thing for the Chuck at x4420 -- most of the time it's just kicking a football into the wall and when you actually get on the cloud platform it still doesn't provide much of a challenge. Plus, the map felt unprofessional (judging from how you decided to spell out words using coins and tiles), so that also impacted the experience for me in a negative way. While the first half of the map did have some flaws, it wasn't really that bad. The second part however has a noticeable drop in quality -- I understand the concept with the Podoboo run (and it is actually interesting), but I feel like certain aspects of it could have been done better. For example, the gameplay between x5900 and x7300 is completely flat and all it does is have you jump over enemies periodically. The rest of the obstacles in the Podoboo section are okay, though I didn't really like the gameplay at the very end (especially with the last Koopa at x9260) -- I found myself having to rely heavily on luck just to get past that part, it was frustrating enough that it kinda ruined the experience for me. While the level as a whole is flawed, I still find it to be decent anyway.
Design: 20/25 - I think that you used a great tile palette for this level as it made this level aesthetically nice to look at and it makes for a nice theme. However, that doesn't negate the fact that you implemented some unprofessional decor (especially with spelling out letters using coins and blocks), and in those spots you actually didn't implement much scenery at all. I also feel like floating spikes (as you can see at x1160 and x2300) looks kinda weird for this level, so maybe you could have done something else. Last flaw I want to point out is how you repeated the same exact castle scenery in the Podoboo run. It's okay to put some filler in but next time I think you should vary your scenery more or it's going to get too stale after a while. Anyway, I still like what you did with the level design and I think it fits the castle theme fairly well. It also supports many of the challenges well so I think you put in a nice amount of effort into the design overall.
Creativity: 21/25 - First I wanna start off by saying: what have you done to poor Toad and Princess Peach?! I'm not going to take points off for it, though I certainly didn't expect to see that. Anyway, despite a bit of repetition with some of the challenges, I still found myself enjoying the first half of the level. In fact, I'd probably have to say that (in terms of gameplay) the best part of the level is between x2040 and x3260 -- I find the concept of backtracking with the key to be very interesting, and having to figure out to bring a trampoline with you for the obstacle at x2400 was also a nice inventive touch to the map. I also find the locked door at x2040 to have an intriguing placement as well. The gameplay between x3700 and x4800 is also interesting but less memorable in my opinion. After x4800 however, I find that both the content and design of the level dropped considerably in quality. First of all, I find it unnecessary to spell out "RUN!" in coins when you could easily use a text box for that. Second, the coin spelling made that part of the level look so unprofessional and even empty -- in fact, adding in some castle scenery could have alleviated some of the unsightliness. Now, in theory I don't think that a Podoboo run can go bad, but I feel like you could have done it much better in your case. It has a mix of some unprofessional gameplay (especially with the beginning part of the Podoboo section) and some unfairness to it (particularly at the end). Anyway to sum things up, I would say that you put in a decent amount of creativity into the level for the most part, but failed to maintain the quality of it with the Podoboo section. Nevertheless, the level is okay and I think that it's a decent addition to the Cliché Craze Galaxy. Nice work.
Total Points: 78/100 (Hard Difficulty)

07/07/17 at 1:39 AM

Luigibonus | 95/100

What an interesting level! To me this was definitely a vast improvement over the first one. Compared to star 1, which was just overall a little too frustrating because of kinda mediocre and slightly unfair jumps, this level offers some really wonderful (and especially fun!) challenges that are even more brought to life by the visuals and overall theme of the level.

So let's start off the review by reviewing these challenges! The most notable ones are the ones involving clever placement of Podoboo's, I especially love the one at X:1500. I also loved the spikes in this level and how some of them had a falling spike on top. That's a clever little thing.
The literally cliche challenge (where you're on the letters) may have felt a bit bland because the challenges are kinda mediocre and there's a lack of scenery. But it had some fun backtracking, and I do love how you made full advantage of every letter's layout to add some creative and fun platforming. (I have no idea what Pop is talking about regarding precise jumps. Maybe the letter E had 2, but that's it. Pop, you're just bad at Mario :P)
Moving on to what is definitely the highlight of the level... yes, it's the Podoboo run!
Most people will probably hate it because enemy overload, but I loved it and it's nice to try a new kind of challenge. Maybe the challenges inside the Podoboo run could be a little more creative, but it's nice and very fun nonetheless. I love how if you time your jump right, you bounce off the 3 Koopa's. I don't know why I find that so funny, but yeah I do :p

Onto the visuals, and this is where the level is both meh and excellent. Most of the outside castle area's looked visually stunning thanks to the usage of various but fitting tiles, and the castle scenery looks beautiful with that background in the... well, background. Then yeah, there's also some sections that are kinda lacking in scenery, like the cliche-text area and the Podoboo run.

Despite others and their low-rate review, to me this was definitely one of my favorite level in the series. This level is far from the norm (enemy overload, bland cliche-text section, thingies like that) which people aren't used to seeing and are considering it a flaw. However to me it's always nice to try something new in levels and see what works and what doesn't and that is exactly what this level offers! The Podoboo run was a fantastic idea, but it's the enemy overload that kills it for most people because they're used to rating down for it because some Canadian dictator said so in his rules. To me, as long as the concept of enemy overload is executed well (like in this level), it's completely fine to me as long as it doesn't lag the game.

I actually loved this level so much, that I replayed it! It's got so many re-playability thanks to the unique challenges.

TL;DR unappreciated level, fantastic work

07/01/17 at 4:46 PM

TheBlackKoopa232 | 70/100

Okay, at first I thought people were overdoing it when saying this level was infuriating. They weren't. I'm going to start with the positives. The tiling/scenery was great! The mix between gray and brown castle tiles worked out really well. I actually laughed at some of the cliches here. The word 'run' spelled out in coins, what a cliche! The first half was fun. The part where 'cliche' was spelled out was annoying so I cheated it, but it's doable. What infuriated me was the second half. It starts off fine. It's based on memory. I liked it. Then I realized that there was a flaw here. From X:8360 to X: 8860 there was just this massive flaw. It's totally based on luck. Maybe after your 500th playthrough there you can know where you have to jump, but for me, it was luck. The rotating platforms just aren't made for a 'RUN!' section like yours. I made it past them many times though. Every time I did though, the red Koopa at X:8860 killed me. I kept forgetting about it, and if you realize it's there too late you would die. I got past it once. There were only those platforms and koopas left, which were obviously meant to be placed in a manner where you could just hold right and you'd reach the end of the level, but I died. Yeah, I fell only a few pixels short of the last platform and was sent careening into the abyss! I just couldn't beat the level. It seems to me that you rushed that bit, which is never good. After the midway point, the level ended for me. You might as well make the second half it's own level called something like 'EXTRM PODOOBOO CHASE!!!!!!'. Well, at least you gave us a 1up mushroom to make up for all the deaths we had! It's a damn shame that the second half was so maddening. If you had just not included those rotating platforms I would have enjoyed it as much as the rest of the level. Too late for that now though.
I would give the first half a good 95 but the second half ruined it so yeah.

06/30/17 at 7:10 PM

CEDECRY | 95/100

Fun level, big fan of outside castle scenery so you get an overwhelming amount of points for that ;)

06/29/17 at 4:17 PM

Bowser498 | 80/100

Pretty creative idea for the level; like how it's like SMG in a way. (Several "stars" in a "galaxy")
This level was fun but also aggravating to play through. While this level does have challenging points, some were just too unfair. For example, the Football Chuck at x960 was pretty much a guaranteed hit if you don't pay attention. However, sneaky you, you put a little spike by the Volcano lotus. Smart idea there. However, right after, I tried to get the ? block just above the cloud, but I saw that the cloud fell. I thought this was unfair because it made it seem impossible to get the ? Block. (x1320) Then, at x1460, I do agree that the podoboo section was a bit unfair, especially because the cloud fell. If it stayed, I think it would be much more fair because it would allow the player to think about the timing on when to jump. It's ok to have a hard cloud section, but make it so it's possible to survive afterwards. I also don't really see why you need the blocks at x2760, as jumping on top of them guarantees you a death. Finally, I see where you were going at the end, but it seemed like you were squishing some enemies together and the jumps were actually a bit too precise. Also, the castles at the end were a bit too superfluous.

However, I did like your block design. Your castle designs throughout the level (more towards the beginning half) seemed appealing, and I especially loved your designs at the beginning. Very well-done, and I like how you used several types of tiles throughout the entire level instead of sticking with just one. Overall, a decent level with some unfair spots.

80/100 (Hard - almost Extreme!)

06/29/17 at 3:46 PM

William | 60/100

As much as I hate to say it, but I preferred your previous Cliché Craze level for plenty of reasons. This one does not add up as well, and plenty of areas didn't look like much effort and thought was put into, and I'm talking about the 2640x-3180x portion, as well as the 5120x portion that just wasn't needed. The "CLICHE" section requires a lot of precise jumps that made this section the most frustrating part of the level to play, and for a theme like this, I would have expected you to use more lava tiling considering you added plenty of lava balls. They felt out of place the way they were presented throughout this level, and some of these challenges as well as the fire chomp challenges got a bit repetitive. You also had some slight cutoffs at the beginning, and for 840x, it might have been better to use the other arrow since there's no bushes in this theme. I can also say the beginning's scenery looks sloppily placed and unprofessional, but for the most part had a decent design throughout this level. The transition could have been a little better as well, and the way you ended this level just wasn't good at all. I get the idea you were trying to portray after the checkpoint, but the challenges could have been better as a lot of them got pretty repetitive, as well as the fire balls getting overloaded. The ending was just like the beginning as there was nothing too special about it and simply looks sloppily placed as well.

Although you did have some nice gameplay ideas here and there, but for the most part this level was not good. I know most of the flaws in this level were most likely intended, but you could have done a better job at it.

06/29/17 at 1:27 PM

NESFilipGamer | 94/100

The level was Spot on! :)

Challenges were Very Nice and Design, Creativity!

Putting Chuck at X: 960 was a Bad Idea because that makes it almost impossible to get hurt!

Now I played through the Podoboo section and I would not survive when I'm small Mario and also that was Not a good idea if you ask because that can lead to a painful death.

Ok so:

Unfair Pododoo Section (-2)
Chuck at X: 960 due to Painful Death. (-4)

100 - 2 = 98
98 - 4 = 94

So, 94/100 and Medium Difficulty! :)

Filip Underwood

06/29/17 at 11:35 AM