• Description: You can jump if you want to, we can leave the up key behind. Cause your friends don't jump and if they don't jump, well they ain't no friends of mine.

    Don't be surprised that jumping ends up killing you or does absolutely nothing to help. In this level, you'll have to rely on other enemies and platforms to navigate through the level. Oh and hidden blocks are everywhere to ensure that jumping will be fatal.

    Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E76IPPWFbO8
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What Others are Saying

Xaktratax | 100/100

Holy crap this is clever. Often times I jump as a reflex when I see an enemy, so this really made me step outside of my comfort zone. Goes straight to my favourites.

10/10/17 at 11:19 PM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

I don't often see levels with rule "No jump" so I'm nice surprise.
This level has really hard challenges witch some could be really easy if not piranhas and hidden blocks.
Hidden blocks witch make gameplay more difficult are use in troll levels. However hidden blocks aren't here to make players angry in unfair way but to make jumps impossible to make their.
I don't will comment scenery but I see this level was made in older version of SMF. However scenery was here great and I don't will rate down for brown fireballs.

My rate: 10/10
Difficult: Extreme.

07/08/17 at 1:53 PM

MarioMaster7771 | 99/100

Wow. "Disabling" the player from jumping brings a whole new level of gameplay, as it adds a new kind of challenge, makes the player stop and think and at times and you have to act quickly. I have to admit that this is a very creative idea regarding this level's playability, it's simply outstanding, and I have never seen an idea like this done in Super Mario Flash before.
Anyway, the scenery here took special care, as it fits in a castle level and it didn't look too overloaded. The tiling is very well done too, although I agree with Parbounli: the placement of tile 175 isn't really castle material but I understand its use before Ver. E, but I think you could replace those with tiles with a repeated sequence of tiles 27, 29 and 28 or use the new 233, 234 and 235 tiles. The block holding the firebars could have a different color, grey in this case, which would be Fire Bar 3, as it says in the level editor. Still, these are not really that unfitting, which means these are very minor flaws.

I always thought there wasn't anything new left to add in a Super Mario Flash 1 level, yet you proved me wrong! This is quite a memorable level that uses a whole new concept of gameplay, which I love to see in levels. This gets a score of 99 out of 100 from me. Great work, Sego!

07/07/17 at 11:49 AM

Parbounli | 98/100

This one took 33 lifes to beat this level, so I set extreme difficulty. Idea of not jumping is excellent and let players to take some time and lifes to beat some incredible challenges with using moving platforms instead of jumping. Interesting! (Warning to kids: this is not a troll level, so read description before playing!)

However, tiling is old-fashioned because you use tiles which are possible in 3.0 version, that's why there is brown unfitting color. I mean about firebar base color, not about scenery, which is pretty great. You could add firebars with grey-based tile in objects section. Ghost tiling, according to present-day technologies, looks a little weird because of their color. But there's no need to change, unless there are ghost treetop corners at the bottom of tile 175 (like in SMF2 Ver.C). If you don't wanna use new tiles, don't. There's no more flaws except the firebar base color. Awesome work!

Level calculator:
Main rate: +95
Idea of not jumping +5
Wrong firebar base color (there's brown instead of grey) -2

Overall score: 98/100 and, I said at the start of reviewing, extreme difficulty.

06/29/17 at 5:16 AM

William | 100/100

Excellent level as always Sego! The gameplay throughout this level was phenomenal, and I don't think I ever saw a part that looked rushed. I love the challenges you included with the UP platforms, as well as hitting the yellow blocks that makes many of these challenges time-based. Not to mention that an idea for a level like this is very creative.

Featured, and added to my favorites. Nice work Sego!

06/28/17 at 12:16 PM