• Description: ~Boom Boom's Deep-space Base | Star 1: A Spectacular Entrance~
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What Others are Saying

Nikodem123103 | 100/100

Omg This was a hard maze or base to get to the middle, I kept raging pls kill meh rage anyways the level was a medium level for me but I couldn't finish it


12/23/17 at 2:45 PM

bananaramen | 100/100

Every time, I am very surprised at your level.
Gameplay that took advantage of creative gimmicks on tiling, which showcases intricate fortress strikingly.
I like Mario falling down at the same time as music intro.
In x: 1180, y: 640, I found one tiling error, but it is not a big problem.
Awasome job!

08/10/17 at 1:48 AM

Mario Blight | 98/100

Wow, what a spectacular level. Even the entrance gave off an amazing feel!


There wasn't much scenery in this level, aside from the occasional screws, propellers, chains, and blue fences, most of which fit in perfectly. I did find that the vertical screws could be confusing at times, especially with their placement, and could be mistaken for solid platforms, such as at x260 y1160 and x460 y320. You could have probably implemented them in better to prevent that misconception. The blue fences really added to the theme of this level, though, with the slight contrast to the main gray color pallet. A nice touch was also that you could see the entire level while dropping down at the beginning, giving you a glimpse of what lied ahead. On the other hand though, I did feel like this level didn't have much clear direction, often feeling confusing at times, despite the occasional arrows. It wasn't always clear what you needed to do to progress, but you could eventually figure it out.


Moving onto gameplay, I really liked the challenges this level offered, such as going back for the spring in the beginning, and getting all the advance coins, all of which were very strategically placed. Even pressing a switch was interesting, as shown at x580 y1260. One part I really enjoyed was x840 y0, with the challenge involving the saw, roto disc, and death blocks, all of which required precise timing to advance past. The implementation of the on/off switches to get into certain pipes here was also a nice addition, and I liked how it made some parts easier as well.

Can't wait until the next star!

-- Overall Score = 98/100 --
-- Difficulty = Medium --

07/21/17 at 5:19 PM

Luigibonus | 100/100

This is a very cliché start to a regular SMU review, but yeah, this is once again a pretty awesome level! This actually reminded me of World 7-9 in the original SMB3 game which had very similar tiling, and that was one of my favorite levels, so that's already a plus.
The tiling in this level is very simple yet really creative. That sounds weird, but what I mean is that even with only a small amount of tiles, you managed to make some area's in the level still unique and easier to tell them apart, which was more of a problem in the official 7-9 level I mentioned before. On top of that, it looks beautiful with that background, as well as with the atmosphere the custom music delivers.
Something else this level delivers very well, is gameplay. The backtrack in this level is phenomenal, making use both big amounts of X and Y space as well as tons of fun exploration that includes trying to find the right switches and the springs. This is also one level where death tiles are put to excellent use, often they're a bit annoying in most levels, not a problem here at all.
Also, this level in the series definitely has my favorite advance coin challenge! I actually refused to look at the editor until I found them all, since their placement is hidden but fair and spot-on.

Can't wait to see SMU's first boss battle soon!

07/18/17 at 9:49 AM

Dukeonkled | 98/100

Gameplay: 48/50 - This is quite a delightful level! It's clear that you tested it well judging by the very accurate enemy placements. I also really enjoyed the challenges that you implemented, such as where you made creative use of the Thwomps and Bullet Bills for gameplay as well as having us figure out what we need the activation of the various palace switches for. The only thing I have to criticize is that it can get confusing on whether or not some metal tiles are just scenery or actual solid tiles that you can stand on (see this to understand what I mean). I get that you can tell which one is solid by seeing how they're rotated, but that idea isn't immediately obvious and it'll only come clear later in the level. The unnecessary confusion slowed me down in completing this level, but I wouldn't say that it was such a big deal anyway. The only other thing that inconvenienced me were some blind jumps, but they're minor things that don't really impede on the level quality so much either.
Design: 25/25 - For an airship level I must say that this was designed very nicely! I really like how the map branches off a lot and that it forces you to think about where to go rather than having you go along with the usual "go right" routine that many levels adopt. Because of that, the gameplay was not only enjoyable but also very thought invoking. For a space level you also did a very stellar job with the scenery, it made the spaceship all the more daunting for the player as well as it made it much more aesthetically pleasing. Only thing that I have to say that was a tad annoying in regards to the level design are the blind jumps, but again, they're pretty slight issues anyway. I won't take any points off for them since the superb level layout makes for some outstanding gameplay, so it makes up for those mistakes.
Creativity: 25/25 - I'd really have to say that you did an awesome job designing the level's challenges and especially its design. The branching nature of it made it feel much more rewarding to collect the advance coins, and I also liked the placement of the 1-ups. The power-up quantity I feel was just a tiny bit much, but I wouldn't say that it disrupted the gameplay balance in any way, so I don't count it as a mistake. I also like that the level design loops back on itself in a few places, and how it can even force you to backtrack. This kind of gameplay is a perfect example of what I'd call innovative, and I sincerely think that you put in maximum effort into this level judging from what it had to offer. Last thing I wanna add is that I also really enjoyed the soundtrack, it fits the space theme quite well I must say! Awesome work with this level, OT! In fact, I'm going to favorite this since it's such a blast to play!
Total Points: 98/100 (Medium Difficulty)

07/17/17 at 11:52 AM

pedrosorenan | 98/100

This level has been confusing for me several times!

I did not know what to do, I passed several times in the same place, I lost lives without reason, and I did not know which way I should go first! But this is my only criticism on the level, in other respects it excels!

The challenges are good, there is a very large variety of them here, from simple jumps on enemies, to passing through tight locations quickly not to did by a Grinder.

The scenery is not impressive, because it is not necessary at this level, only the custom background scene has an interesting depth to the level visual.

The enemies are in good quantity on the level, they are positioned in a way without there being overloads and no empty sections.

It's a very interesting level, a bit confusing at times, but it's fun and enjoyable to play!

It's what I think!

07/17/17 at 11:40 AM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

This was great level. I don't often see space levels of Mario. It's nice to see a really "galaxy" level made by
Mr. Orangetrack. Scenery was great and challenges were awesome. Some challenges were easy and some were hard. Music was very good and It's miss good old movies.

My rate: 10/10
Difficult: Medium.

07/17/17 at 8:50 AM

William | 97/100

This is an amazing level, and I'm glad you could let me beta test it. :P

I was finally able to beat this level, and it was very confusing for me to understand at first. The theme was executed perfectly, as well as the choice in music. Just a minor game flaw, but sometimes, the BGM doesn't automatically start at the beginning of the level and usually delays for a few seconds, and to fix this, be sure you place a music 19 changer at the beginning. I won't count off for this as I know it's not your fault. The level itself had creative gameplay with the ON/OFF switch towards the top, as well as switches at the beginning that were a little confusing to follow at first. The enemies also provided challenges, most of which were strategically placed. My favorite challenges were the chainsaw challenges you picked out, especially the one at 340x540x. There's a slight layering issue that makes Mario do a weird pose here, and that's because you didn't layer properly here. The top part (http://i.imgur.com/1CAlUB8.png) needs to be in Layer 2 to prevent that from happening. Another flaw I found throughout this level were a few blind jumps, and it was mainly at 700x800y that made this level frustrating for me to play when I reached the checkpoint. I died around 4-6 times in this area without expecting the black blocks to be in the way, and I even tried entering from the left side thinking I would be safe. Other than that, the jumps seemed to be fine for the most part, and the first time I had the trampoline at 260x160y, I thought I had to jump to the left, and the black blocks came out of nowhere and killed me. Luckily you patched this up, but it's still something to be careful about. I don't think I mentioned this, but I really loved your advance coin placements throughout this level, and they were tricky for me to get.

07/16/17 at 9:05 PM

Plume 4.0 | 100/100

Fine Medium Hardish level no flaws found great level not 🅱oothiful to get a 200/100 though great level though. Points 110/100 indeed Difficulty Medium and Hard

07/16/17 at 7:07 PM