• Description: UFO attack

    There were minor improvements:
    1) Added reset pipe at 0X 0Y
    2) Added 1X2 wooden-airship column at 0X 0Y
    3) Updated Alien Leader's letter

    Story in description and in text box (keep reading first before making plans how to beat challenges)

    This level is tribute to FullMetalDragon because I worked on his mega-tag called „The Spatial Realm".

    There is a reset pipe at the start of the game. Red coins at 1700X 240Y show you dangerous places you don't need to touch after you click on on/off switch. Also, you need to swim out of camera to reach the area.

    This level is 100% possible.

    Custom Background is made by me due to lack of space backgrounds.

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  • Contributors: Popthatcorn14 for images
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