• Description: It was over a decade ago, and a tornado hits a calm cavern, spreading all of its blocks and tiles all around! One day while walking, Mario falls into a hole and then realizes that he fell into this abandoned cave. He must go through a variety of puzzles, baddies, and even waterfalls to try to escape. What has been lurking in this cave for a decade? Only Mario will find out, so help him leave as quick as possible!

    TIP/BONUS: There are 10 Advance Coins spread out throughout the level. Some may look a bit easy, but they are actually more challenging than they are, whether they are hidden or directly present. Just a fun thing to do, so happy hunting!

    Good luck to you all! I put several hours into the making of this! :D
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What Others are Saying

twisterjoyful26 | 88/100

Nice cave, that was a cool design! But some flaws are seen...

As the guy below mentioned, the tiles do not match the background.
Minor cutoffs that can be fixed with Layer 2, and random Tile 654s placed more than TWICE in the level. That bugged me a little.
You did lack scenery a bit, but not in the water.
Invisible blocks are just weird placed like that.

Overall, cool level!

Difficulty: Medium

11/12/18 at 4:02 PM

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