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  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Published: 07/22/17 at 6:11 AM
  • Description: ~Boom Boom's Deep-space Base | Star 2: Boom Boom's Gravity Games~

    Mario must face Boom Boom for the first time. But to reach him, Mario must traverse precarious gravity-based challenges. In this level, several unique concepts combine to make one deadly set of challenges.
    Don't rate down for lack of scenery as I could not use layer 2. Also, A3 in the boss room meant I couldn't lock the screen. Lastly, layer 2 is intended to be in front.

    Watch the video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1HJOb9CoWI

    Play in this hack- https://sites.google.com/site/orangetacklevelpalace/home/smf3lowgravity

    Hack takes time to appear
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What Others are Saying

Zeldamaster12 | 90/100

The gimmick was very cool and something I've never seen before, but I honestly didn't enjoy this level as much as I thought I would. The design was obviously fantastic as it always is, so I'll go straight to the level itself.

The level overall was pretty fun and different. However, call me a hypocrite, but I wasn't a fan of how the entire level consists of precision jump after precision jump. If I failed on one of these jumps, then I'd end up having to try again over and over, and it wasn't too much of a problem at first, but I kept getting more and more annoyed with it each time, and with that, the fun factor kept decreasing. The end where the boos was probably the worst part of all. This part of the level generally felt very clustered due to the amount of things going on around me. It was hard to avoid being hit with the gravity constantly switching back and forth, along with boos and the bullet bills chasing me. I spent like 30 minutes overall just trying to beat the last part, and believe me, after I finally got through it all, I was more so relieved that I didn't have to do it anymore than I was for actually beating it. Don't get me wrong, the level was excellent and I'm impressed you were able to pull off a level like this, but I simply wasn't a fan of some of the implementation. My last complaint is about the boss battle. It wasn't terrible, but I feel like you could've done more with it. I found it to be a bit too easy, and the thwimp wasn't as much of a problem as I expected it to be.

Now that I've gotten my whining out of the way, I'll go ahead and talk about what I did like about the level. As I stated before, it's really cool you were able to make a level like this. The gravity shifting gimmick was insane and you never fail to impress me with these fresh gimmicks. Monster placement was alright, with the exception of the clutter at the end. Design looked perfect, and I always love dark-themed levels like this. I'm very glad you were generous with powerups, because this level wasn't easy at all, and every powerup helped, although sometimes it felt like more of a chore than a benefit to stay as big Mario due to parts being cramped.

Overall nice level, just wasn't really the absolute most enjoyable level I've played.


08/15/17 at 1:42 AM

TheBlackKoopa232 | 98/100

I'll make this short since the hack had miniature lagspikes all around it. It made me enjoy the level less and just want to get it over with :{ The level is quite creative with the gravity concept. The gameplay is perfect and what makes it even more impressive is how open the level is. It's quite hard to make difficult challenges in an open space. The creativity is wild here. Of course, I expected this because well, this is you we're talking about. As for aesthetics, you nailed it. The tiling works great and the grey and black tiles just add to the awesome atmosphere that the music sets up. The scenery doesn't exist much besides through the look of the blocks, but this is a good thing. The emptiness brings to mind space and also adds to the amazing atmosphere. Can I also just take a second to say that the music is VERY fitting for the level. It's half calm and half dramatic at the start and then just turns into an intense and dramatic song. I love it! It's just the perfect choice for this level. I usually prefer gameplay over the atmosphere of the level, but really, this level is worth playing just for the atmosphere. Overall I'll give you a good old 98/100. (BTW, I didn't fully complete the level because the lagspikes really annoy me)

Btw, that key jump is a real b****

08/01/17 at 3:34 AM

Luigibonus | 97/100

This level... just... dang! It's so well designed. While it may use the same gimmicks found in Gravity Play, the challenges build around the gimmick were different enough in this level to set it apart. Every second of the level was just a blast to play. I died a million times, but didn't lose any interest in completing the level. Now that's a sign of fantastic challenge design!

As challenges are the main highlight of the level, I'll go through each section individually in this review.

First, the first area, that focuses on backtracking while making your way through insta-kill blocks with the help of low-gravity. The great usage of keys is also worth mentioning, and I've actually never seen a challenge with the key like at X:900 Y:0! That was awesome! Not much else to say about this section, other than that it is a nice way to start the level.

And then the second area, which is very familiar, as I've used that gimmick in a level before. Even with the exact same blocks :P however, there are some really cool new challenges build around it here. Nice! Also, that star coin in this section is just plain mean :L I heard there was some controversy around the over usage of Boo Clocks, but I didn't have a problem with it as it makes the challenge more tense.

Then there's the final section, which is pretty much dark Dark Matter 2 and Gravity Play combined to create the final ultimate nerve-wracking challenges just before the boss fight.

Sure, maybe the boss fight was a little on the easy side compared to the rest of the level, but at the same time it makes sense as it's the first boss in the entire series.

My only real problem with this level is that the scenery gets way too repetitive after a while. I'll give the last section a pass because it uses autoscroll, but in the first area's some scenery diversity would be nice to see, such as pillars or some of the scenery in the galaxy before this one would fit as well. There's not a lack of scenery, it's just that the same scenery tiles are used over and over again.

07/30/17 at 7:28 AM

Dukeonkled | 96/100

Gameplay: 47/50 - I must say that I've never seen a level anything like this. I like that this hack shows the capabilities of gravity-based concepts, it makes for some very interesting gameplay. The enemy placements seem to be very good, like the challenge with the Thwomp and Bony Beetle at X940. In fact, it seems that you've used Bony Beetles quite a lot for your level, and while you did use them quite nicely for the obstacles, they did get a little bit repetitive. I feel the same with your Thwomp usage too, but to a much lesser degree. Anyway, I do think that it's a bit unusual to see Boo clocks stacked on top of each other at X3180, but the entire challenge by itself never really bothered me so much. After seeing the edits you made, I also found the boss fight to be decent -- in fact, the gravity element to it made it very interesting. Anyway, I really enjoyed this level and I like the effort that you put into it.
Design: 25/25 - Even without a lot of scenery, this level turned out to look very good. I like that you made use of shifting black tiles so that players can tell how strong the gravity is, and you did it in a way without compromising the level's aesthetics. I also wasn't expecting to see concealing black tiles in this level, but since you didn't let it cause any unfairness within the gameplay, I have no flaws to mention about it. Anyway, I especially liked the interior design you made in the stone walls and floors at X200 to X1760 -- I kinda wish that you did it like this for other parts of your level, but it's just my opinion. That's really all I have to say regarding the level layout, you designed it well and accommodated it sufficiently for the gameplay. Nice work!
Creativity: 24/25 - As I've already said, I really like that you took advantage of the gravity hack! You've managed to implement some very nice concepts associated with it (like with the white ceiling tiles that you can stick to in the second primary section of the level, and the alternating normal/low gravity element in the latter half of the level). I never felt like these concepts were drawn out too much, and I found them to be lots of fun! While there is no question to your creativity within this level, I still have to take a point off since a couple of enemies (especially the Bony Beetles) were overused a bit. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoyed the challenges regardless, but I feel like you could have kept the gameplay a little more fresh if you had balanced out your sprite usage more. Despite the level's shortcomings, it's still a very nice addition to your series and it's clear to me that you put a lot of effort into this. You made an excellent choice in using the low gravity hack, it made for some very unique gameplay (especially with that low-gravity key jump at X660 to X900) and it simply fit the space theme all too well. Awesome job overall, OT!
Total Points: 96/100 (Hard Difficulty)

07/26/17 at 8:31 AM

creator | 96/100

Excellent level as Always, OT!

the challenges are for the most part excellent. You used a lot of different elements, like low gravity, Banananaramen's A3 gravity, LB's magnetic stones and you're black fog. the surprising thing is that you managed too mkae all these elements work in harmony, and not one felt like it was too overplayed. Everybody has it's time to shine here, while not staying too long. As for the challenges themself, the where excellent also. Doesn't matter what element was used, you managed too use this element too it's fullest use. However, there is one that i feel deserves his own mention. And that is the utterly-outstanding key challenge at X 720 Y 0. Perfect combination between fun and creative here. However, notice how i said in my first line that the challenges where for "the most part" amazing? Well, here's why.

As amazing as these challenges are, there are two minor problems i have with them. The first one is the boo circle challenge at X 3100 Y 160. While on it's own it isn't a bad challenge, the real problem here is the overloading of the boos. I ain't gonna talk too much about this, since there are many that gave done a better job at explaining than me, but the problem with this is that one would of have done the same job. So this overloading is pointless. This next problem is pretty personal, but i find that i need too say this, since this was a problem i had with this level. The problem is that i find that the black death bloks blended in with the CBG, what caused for a few unfair deaths. However, for the most part, i accually didn't have a problem withhis, since you olaced them well at places like X 80 Y 160. You see, you palced these black death blocks in the underside of the CBG, where it is more blue, and because of this these death blcoks where still clearly visible. But black death blocks like at X 220 Y 60 where harder too see, because the color of the background where they where is also black. These black death blocks caused me 3 lives. Howveer, i realize this is a very personal problem, so i'm only pulling of one point.

So, that's 2100 characters written about the challenges:p I guess i'm now gonna talk shortly about the other things, even though i'm gonna keep it really, really short. Honestly, while the rest is good, the only thing that i found special was the tiling. I love the fact that you put little blocks into the tiling, what gives it at some points, like at X 2400 Y 160, a chaotic feeling. As of the tilesets used, nothing too weird or experminental here, it is rather standard combinations. As for the scenery, it is nothing special. Don't worry, it does it's job, but it isn't something i'l remember from playing this level.

Oh yeah, and before i go, you probably want too hear me say something about the inprovements. Well, the saw you mentioned was never a problem for me, so i'l not say anything about that. However, wit hthe boss-fight a really had a problem here. So, how have my opinions changed? Well, it's.................decent. Yeah, i can't say anything negative about it now, but on the other hand, i also don't find this amazing. You can very easily just go into the corner at the right and beat Boom Boom there. I still feel, that for a Boom Boom fight with so much build-up, it deserved a little bit more, but i am not gonna rate down for it now.

so, after this enormous rate of +3500 characters, let's see what's you're final score.

-3 slight Boo circle overload
-1 problems with the sight of the black death blocks
man, this is a giant rate. This is more than 3500 characters! But ohwell, the first boss level of SMU deserves it!

overal, my final score is 96/100.


07/25/17 at 8:36 AM

Ubfunkeys7 | 90/100

This is one of the few best levels I've had time to play. The challenges were very hard, and unique. The backtracking was also VERY good. However, there were a few flaws to this level I'd like to point out. As great as the challenges were some of them felt very lacking when compared to the others especially that challenge around 3100x with the boo circle things. Though the biggest flaw here was the disappointing boom-boom fight. All the challenge before were building up to this moment, the grand-finale, something really hard, but alas it was a pretty easy fight, with limited vision, leaving me with this feeling of "unsatisfied" and that there really could've been something better and more filling. All in All, a great level with a disappointing ending.

07/23/17 at 11:38 AM

Plume 4.0 | 100/100

The level was great I couldn't win but great level though, the level was Challenging,great backtracking, and etc. Also I say the play though. I'm to lazy to type a long review so I will give you a 100/100 indeed Difficulty Hard and Extreme.
Also this reminds me of Vileplume's Challenge World The Finale

07/22/17 at 9:26 PM

William | 88/100

It's nice to see a Boom Boom for the first time in this series. This level was also pretty good, having many creative challenges to offer with the gravity effect. My favorite one was the challenge where you had to drop a key while you were in midair and then land on it; I thought that was pretty cool. The design also made sense since you were entering Boom Boom's space base, but the transition could have been better throughout this level, and it should have been something like the ending. While many of your challenges were extraordinary, others were lacking as well. One example of this would be at 3160x since the boo circles were unnecessarily overloaded, and when I was swimming in this area normally, they came out of nowhere and killed me. Not to mention that the platform doesn't do you any good since you barely have any time to react. Another challenge that you can tell doesn't put much thought into was at 3740x, and it's literally a chainsaw you can skip just by holding up with the auto scroll scrolling up. The top part at 4900x wasn't neatly designed either, and you could have at least stuck some gameplay here to make this section a little more challenging. Maybe you could have done a brick break only section to get this advance coin like you did earlier in this level. Now the Boom Boom fight wasn't that good either, and it was very sloppily done. I get that it's a limited vision battle, but seriously, I waited months just to get this kind of battle? At least throw a generator in or something to make this hard.

07/22/17 at 1:03 PM

CEDECRY | 100/100

Boom boom does not have the mental capacity to make this sort of course, sorry but that means you're getting a 1/100

07/22/17 at 10:43 AM