• Description: Cool down in Sherbet Road after another adventure... Or actually, you're here because this is the right way to another one of Bowser's Castles! Bowser wants to cover the whole Mushroom Kingdom in lava. Obviously, you should cover Bowser in punches for that!

    Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w71kfQS1VZ8

    Full Collection: https://www.levelpalace.com/collection?id=201

    Edit: custom music is now hosted on dropbox
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LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

Wow, I'm utterly impressed, and I mean it. This is just, so well done, in pretty much every factor. So first thing's first. The gameplay above all else, was phenomenal. I mean, there's a lotta variety with the challenges; one moment you're stomping in the heads of koopas, and another, you're traversing through water, avoiding muchers and even something so much as lava. Now I could go on listing out every one of the uniquely designed challenges of the level, but that'd be a complete waste of time, lol. But like I said, gameplay was tremendously done. I liked that there's also good versatility among the water challenges, like in that A3 scrolling area where you pretty much use the water to progress through parts of the level while simultaneously avoiding water-based obstacles be it munchers or cheep-cheep fish. However, I'm conflicted with the cheep cheeps at x:800 'cause they weren't really much of a challenge but rather like a freebie for extra points. No real purpose of including those there if all it takes is to run through them.

Aesthetically speaking, this was a load of fantastic stuff! I feel like it's gotten to the point I don't think I even need to provide much of an explanation as to how wonderful the visuals were, lel. Tiling, scenery, excellent caliber overall. Can't quite remember the last time I saw the castle tilng used so well together with the skin 6 frosty grasslands tileset. It almost gives off the feel as though I were taking a massive tour through Everest or some cold mountain ruins of some sort. My sincere apologies for the late rate, lol.

Anyway, to conclude my review, this was in fact, an excellent level with an eye-catching theme and great challenges of an admirable caliber. For the record, I don't wanna sound like the reviewers below, but here's yet another 98. Great work, LB!

04/07/18 at 10:32 PM

LaserTrap_ | 98/100

LB you idiot, you call the level Sherbet Road, you use SHERBET LAND music, not DK SUMMIT, you silly goose!
Anyways. Golly, what a level. At first it was odd being on the snowy outside and suddenly you're in a lava-filled cave, but then it occurred to me that it's not all that uncommon to see things like that in a Mario game any more. I'm a stupid bean. So, that aside, the themes you put across were so damn nice. Wonderful scenery, and I thought it was about the perfect amount - Not too much, not too little. Gameplay was always really fun, I thought. The fish out of water at certain spots like 800x were odd, as they weren't actually a challenge. Although I can't say I didn't enjoy knocking them off the screen.
The only flaw I found is one that's sort of a pet peeve in mine when it comes to level making. The checkpoint was too close to a tile above, so it wasn't hard to lose the mushroom it offered as soon as you hit the checkpoint. Always leave plenty of room if a jump leads up to or follows immediately after a checkpoint.
So, really very nice level otherwise. You deserve a 98 for this wonderful level.

11/14/17 at 11:59 AM

Michael | 98/100

I wouldn't expect anything bad from you, great level as always. What better way to start a lava flood arc than with an ice level? Actually I've done similar before.
I thought that the way you avoided some enemies like the fish by hovering half-outside the water was kinda cool. I know that's not an amazing or rare thing but I thought it was cool. Small error with Mario jumping in the top tiles of the water at x1420. Mixing the ice castle tiling with the ice grass tiling was completely flawless, which isn't common with mixing castle with anything that isn't castle.
On to the second part. The upside-down podoboos are, umm, interesting. Not rating down for them. And this is where the lava theme comes in, now it makes sense.
On to the third part. You mixed water and lava, which made for an essential spikes challenge but with liquid physics, so that was interesting though it wasn't doing much. The checkpoint here doesn't always work in the player's favour because Mario can turn big, then not have enough space and turn small again.
And the fourth part. The dropper is a fun idea, with some flying enemies added into the mix I wouldn't mind a standalone level based around that.
We fifth part now. Water and autoscroll is something I've seen you do before, but the fish are interesting here since they activate and deactivate as the water moves out of their range.
Sixth part. Nothing groundbreaking, you did what you could do to optimize the space.

07/21/17 at 6:11 PM

William | 98/100

This is an awesome level once again LB! I like how you mixed together the castle tiling with the land tiling throughout this level and thought it made a great bland. Same with the cave sections. The level started off a little slow, but that's alright, you had to fit the text box there. I was expecting you to use an auto scroll in this level and I wasn't let down. You are definitely one of the users on the site I know that can really get creative with auto scrolls, and the one you portrayed here had creative gameplay since the water kept moving up and down. For a height, I wasn't able to find any blind jumps, but you did have a few minor layering problems, one of which was with a podoboo at 4460x. Still, I'm impressed with what you did with the podoboos, and usually you don't expect this kind of atmosphere in levels. I won't take off for them because they do the exact thing the other way around, and again, it make some great challenges at the same time too. The only thing I didn't like about this cave section was you had some scenery that didn't necessarily fit with the theme, such as castle and ghost house pillars. The checkpoint at 5240x can be a little tricky to get as well since you can easily get hurt in the process due to how close the ceiling is.

Definitely an impressive level that had its own uniqueness. I only found a few minor flaws, but besides those, this level was solid.

07/20/17 at 7:20 PM

Orangetack | 100/100

O_O Once again, you have created a masterpiece.
Scenery/design is really good, and inspired. It feels like playing through Sherbet Land in MK8 because of how cutely everything is set out. Things take an unexpected turn in the lava area and even more unexpected when lava is mixed with water. This is a striking concept but because of how it is executed it just... works. If anything, I'd like to have seen more of it.
Obstacles are also excellent. In the first part, I like how water is stuck to the sides and tops of walls so you have to carefully move along it while avoiding cheep cheeps. Another thing that's worth a mention is the placing of podoboos underneath lava instead of above it is something I've never seen before. It's essentially taking the typical podoboo challenge and turning it on its head. But the most impressive part of the level is the last section. The clever autoscroll ideas never end do they lel. Every time I start playing an SML level, I'm thinking "what amazing thing has LB done with autoscroll this time?" and I'm never disappointed. Without a doubt, you are the best master of autoscroll that SMF has ever seen.

btw you're still using puush for bgs and music. That's risky as if no one plays for a month everything will
d i s a p p e a r .

07/20/17 at 5:33 AM

Plume 4.0 | 100/100

The level was good and Challenging at points I couldn't win I did watch the play through let's review
------The Good
Nice Scenery
No cutoffs like the last one

------The Bad
Nonething here

Level 20/20
Design 20/20
Challenges 20/20
Monsters 20/20
Bonus Points 20/20
For all great level Points 100/100 indeed Difficulty Medium and Hard
Sherbet road was that close to Bowser's Castle and Peach's Castle too Also adding to favorites

07/19/17 at 5:50 PM