• Description: This is a tribute to Luigibonus, it's unlocked by collecting 100 advance coins in SMU! I tried to do it in his style but idk if I succeeded or not :p
    Don't rate down for lack of scenery, it is caused by autoscroll.
    Video of level- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9SLu1bG-4M
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Nikodem123103 | 98/100

Ehhh...A lot is of the level is great BUT A TRIBUTE TO LUIGI BONUS HELL YEAW (Sorry) but I liked the level, I hated the puzzle tho, but luckily I made it through

12/23/17 at 2:53 PM

Dukeonkled | 99/100

Gameplay: 49/50 - Unfortunately I have almost no experience with any of Luigibonus' levels, so I wouldn't know if this resembled his style or not. However, I'll take everyone's word for it as this level is very well-received. Anyway, I had loads of fun playing this! You've established solid enemy placements and made some very creative challenges. What I especially like about this level is that it's easy enough to understand the concepts even when you first encounter them. I don't find trial and error in general to be a bad thing, but it's always nice to understand everything on your first few attempts. The level was also especially enjoyable because of how well you implemented the backtracking in your gameplay. You can see this at its finest where you involved the p-switches. The only other thing I have to mention is that I feel some gameplay got a tad repetitive, specifically with the water challenges that involve the Munchers (like at X3680, X4100, and X5220). Obviously these challenges are still quite well thought out as well as engaging (hence why I'm only taking one point off), but a little more diversity wouldn't hurt. Other than that, this level is fantastic!
Design: 25/25 - I must say that you did quite an impressive job in designing your level! The way you looped the gameplay on itself (like at the X1700 to X2840 section) is just phenomenal, and that shows that you're more than capable of making an amazing layout that does wonders for the level experience. You also put in a decent amount of scenery and managed to make your level look really good. It's understandable that you couldn't do much for decor in the autoscroll sections, so I won't rate down for that. Plus, the level still looks nice enough for me to not really care so much about the lack of scenery in those parts. Perhaps the one thing I liked the most is how the gameplay shifted from swimming in the waterfalls to getting on top of the treetops at X4420 Y100; things like this really solidify the jungle theme and it shows that you intended to make a lasting impression on the players. Overall, your level definitely deserves a perfect score in design for having such amazing aesthetics as well as a fascinating atmosphere to behold.
Creativity: 25/25 - It seems that what you shined the most in was your creativity! In addition to the backtracking and overall immersive experience you made for us players, the gameplay is nothing short of amazing. Challenges like the football-stomping to reach the palace switch (at X1220, Y20) as well as waiting to stomp the incoming Monty Mole so that you can pass the Muncher gap (at X4720, Y120) are what make this level so dang fun to play. There are much more instances of ingenious content throughout your level that I didn't mention. Even though I did complain about the slightly repetitive gameplay with those waterfall Munchers, each challenge is still nuanced enough that I won't take off credit for them in creativity (plus even if I had to, your score would still be rounded up to 25). The addition of the Spiked Balls at X3780 and X5360 as well as the Porcupuffer at X4140 made the experience in those waterfall parts more interesting as well. Overall, this level is simply magnificent! Its design as well as its backtracking gameplay made it so enjoyable that I'm inclined to favorite it. Outstanding work with this level, OT!
Total Points: 99/100 (Hard Difficulty)

08/14/17 at 7:16 PM

PrzemekXD | 100/100

No metter whose level making style you're using, your levels are always great! I had some problems with this level, altough it's not as hard itself. But "Y-space" and challenges with bactracking make this level much harder. Everything was already said below. Nice scenery, very interesting challenges and 0 reasons to take some points. Good job!

• Challenges: 10
• Design: 10
• Creativity: 10
• Difficulty: Hard

My rate: 100/100

08/11/17 at 3:01 PM

creator | 100/100


Let's freeze some fish!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must say that you nailed the normal style of LB! Just like in LB's levels, you made it a mix between open and more closed in, and ofcourse...the legendary function called autoscroll. Talking about autoscrolls, there are two here and there both great. The first autoscroll is around A3, and i love the build-up here. There is something really charming about the fact that you first let us be free, and there after you need too backtrack with A3 autoscroll, and the changes this adds too the landscape is again, charming.

There after we have the A5 autoscroll, what while i ain't the biggest fan of it, i tip my hat off for you for using this kind of autoscroll, since this is a really, REALLY hard autoscroll too use. Otherwise, this is a autoscroll that felt very normal, not something amazing, but good. Another thing i found excellent, was the switch backtrack.While not anything outstanding, you used the four switches all incredibly good.

The scenery was also pretty good, even if you were limited by the autoscrolls. A good example of scenery was the ending, X 6180 Y 240. The combinations are really good, with bushes, flowers and dirt scenery. Not too mention, the flowers here where also layered excellent. This also shows the tiling. The alternation between grass and dirt tiling was pretty nice!

overal, this is an awesome level! I enjoyed this level a lot. Overal, my final score is 100/100.


08/08/17 at 6:01 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

[Updated review]

A tribute to Luigibonus? Well, it's pretty awesome, I'm telling ya. Spec-Tack-ular level, I guess you could say. (Yeah, I know I'm hilarious lel) Anyways, I like how the gameplay was in fact, pretty good. Some challenges were quite ordinary, like the shell-less koopas that walk around near the beginning while other unique ones like the football chuck at x:1260 y:60 were significantly better. You really used that to your advantage, and it's the same with the fish in the waterfalls, a generic but good challenge to have. Also the fact that you've used the different colored Palace switches in the level was really creative of you as it provided for some fun exploration throughout. Anyway, that's all for that. :P

As for the tiling, also spendid, with excellent scenery! It's damn amazing seeing that you've mixed a variety of tilesets to make the level look appealing, and nothing looked weird or out of whack. This actually kinda resembles Luigibonus' level style which is pretty fantastic if I can be honest. I think he'd be proud of it also. For the most part, it was pretty much flawless. Best part is you even included A3 autoscroll and it was used really well. The only real issues I've stumbled upon in regards to your tiling would be close to x:1040 y:240 in which you can fall through and grab the p-switch due to there being no S-tiles placed under the top slopes.
If you go directly in between the tree tile and the closest waterfall tile this is what happens: http://prntscr.com/g41rzq which means you can pretty much skip the second part of the Palace switches and get to the A5 autoscrolling part and I think this ties in with gameplay as well, but I get what you were going for.
Other than that, great level and I quite liked it. Looking forward to your next levels!

(Oh and just for the record, you can update the description in the video now lel)

08/04/17 at 11:36 AM

Q22 | 99/100

i somehow fall down to the p-switch area at 1020x240y
i guess it's tiling error anyway

that autoscroll use at last part is really great :o although its superhard

08/04/17 at 9:19 AM

bananaramen | 99/100

This level was used creatively, palace switch and A3, A5 very challenging!
It is a suitable level to tribute to Luigi Bonus!

As the only failure, I found one defect.
From this place you can go through the ground.
This means that shortcuts are possible.
It is probably a flaw that can be repaired, so many do not deduct.
Https://puu.sh/x1 mgV/dbb05574d2.png

08/04/17 at 7:57 AM

Mario Blight | 95/100

What a great tribute, and I think you definitely succeeded in matching LB's style, good job. :P


The jungle scenery all fit well here, complete with bushes, land streaks, vines, flowers, trees, water, and so much more. I also liked the creative overlapping tiling you went for around the beginning with the land, although some of it looked a little unnecessary. The music, along with the rainy background, also definitely helped shape the atmosphere you were going for here, and it felt very well executed. Even with the autoscroll section, where you were limited scenery-wise, it still didn't feel too empty.

I did find some tiling errors though, like being able to access the entrance 5 P-switch early at x1020 y240 due to the slopes having no S-tiles. This is a pretty big oversight, and allows the player to skip quite a few sections.


The first part was very interesting, and well thought out, with the challenge of hitting all 4 colored switches to unlock the next part, and then later on, backtracking to use a very hard-to-obtain P-switch to advance to the next section. Getting to the switches was quite challenging, especially the purple one, but kept me intrigued throughout. I especially liked the idea behind getting to the yellow switch; using the chuck's footballs to boost yourself up to the platform. While this has been done before, you did it in a very interesting way.

The autoscroll section after entrance 3 was also a great addition, and while not being super unique, it still offered some nice switch-pressing challenges and platforming. The part after the checkpoint, in my opinion, was where the difficulty really started to spike, especially with the parts that included navigating through muncher-cluttered waterfalls, although I did like what was offered here. My favorite part was what the player had to go through in order to reach that P-switch to unlock entrance 5. The autoscroll after entrance 5 was even better than the one after entrance 3, with some very challenging gameplay, such as trying to keep up with the screen, making some tricky jumps on enemies, and navigating through even more waterfalls, which took me quite a while to get through.

-- Overall Score = 95/100 --
-- Difficulty = Hard --

08/04/17 at 1:45 AM

Luigibonus | 100/100

What an awesome level is this! Not only saying that because it is a tribute, but this level also managed to make some fantastic use of Jungle Edition, because this level uses its tilesets in a very creative way!

You definitely captured my usual style very well. In fact, this level has some vary similar traits as the first level of Mario's Jungle Journey (which is actually my first LP level), which also had waterfalls alongside with trees and the Find-all-four-palace-switch challenges. :p Coincidence or not, it is a sign of a great ability to imitate another one's style.

Let's have a paragraph about tiling, because I've got lots of (definitely positive) things to say.
First, I like how some of the trees have more tree tiling inside of them, giving them a more realistic 3D look (I assume that's the intention, if not, it looks great nonetheless).
The combination of grass and the brown cobblestone tilesets also was an excellent choice. I didn't actually know they'd work so well together! I was surprised nobody below brought that up, so it's my job to do that now. Really, the tilesets work so well together with the background that's also made of green and brown.
Scenery is simple but effective, there's not too much and not too less. There's not much to talk about scenery, it just does its job very well in this level. I love how some scenery is occasionaly placed inside the tiling as well, as it makes the jungle look more realistic. One thing worth mentioning that's scenery related are the jumps at 3900x 0y. I just love how vines were used there to make them look like they're keeping the blocks in the air :P

Now let's talk gameplay, and this level definitely has a lot of varied gameplay (backtracking, autoscroll, etc) yet even with that much variation, the level never suddenly felt different thanks to similar challenges used in all the different gameplay elements (which is a positive). For example, in the backtracking section there's waterfall challenges, but in the autoscroll sections (which is a completely different gameplay style), there's also waterfall challenges but instead used in completely new ways, which prevents the level from going off-track. I hope anything I said here made sense since it's difficult to explain, but in my opinion this is what a level should be if it has different gameplay challenges.
The first half (the Palace Switch backtrack) was a nice way to start the level thanks to its fun exploration-based/open-world elements, as it lets the player known and get used to the level (like the waterfalls) before getting into the true action I'll get to in a little bit. The Palace Switch placement was pretty clever, I gotta give a shoutout to that yellow Switch placement as using a Football (while it technically isn't football but this review doesn't exist to anger americans) Chuck isn't a concept that's used often, and using it to reach one of the 4 switches was an excellent idea. The fish placement in the waterfall felt just right as well. Just mentioning that as it may have been a hard time finding the right spots for the fish in the waterfalls while developing this level.

Now let's talk about the real deal. Of course, if you're going to imitate my style, you need to put some cool autoscroll in your level. And man, this level definitely delivered that... Twice! Both A3 and A5 are put to absolutely excellent use. So let's get into that.

The A3 section was... well, obviously pretty great if you've read above sentence - It puts the Thwomp stones to good use, and the challenges build around them are IMO pretty flawless, like how you had to wait at 2500x for the Thwomp stones to go off-screen and then jump to prevent getting hit. It's also clever how it didn't start at the beginning of the area, but when you've already made progress through it, which causes the autoscroll to open up new challenges in an area you've already explored.

Seeing A5 being finally used after a so long was also actually quite a surprise, as it's one of SMF2's more unexplored elements. It is relatively difficult to build challenges around A5 because of it's timing (and it involves lots of testing), but despite that this section had some nice obstacles making use of A5's possibilities, especially in the waterfalls.

TL;DR a pretty darn well-made autoscroll filled beautiful level. There was one flaw mentioned below about the tiling at one place, but TBH I just can't see why that's an issue to rate down for. Tho, that's just an opinion, so it's not that much of a deal. Put this 100/100 on your trophy desk, even if it wasn't a tribute this would get a 100 because it's so great (see review). Thank you for this great level!

08/03/17 at 6:10 PM

Bowser498 | 90/100

Wow, I think this is a great level! And rip me, I'm in the galaxy with only 0 Advance Coins. :P

First off, you were able to maintain a constant amount of fun gameplay throughout the level. You definitely had some interesting challenges, and I think your A3 and A5 were great contributions to the level and had a lot of unique ideas with them. For example, I liked how you actually combined both the A3 and A5 in the section at x4600. You did a great job with it, and honestly, it doesn't even need scenery to be good because of its exceptional gameplay and how creative it was. I also liked how you put in the occasional 1UPs, challenging the player to get them. Your scenery was very nice and greatly contributed to the level. Your use and background tiling was also excellent and well-done.

However, I did spot two flaws. For one, I didn't really like how you used the Trees right next to the waterfalls at places like x1020 y100, and you could've either put water behind the tree and serve the Tree as Layer 1, or make sure the water is Layer 1 and the tree is Layer 2, not putting them in the same layer. I guess it was ok to do, but certain players like me wouldn't really be able to notice it. Also (and this is the biggest one), I found a tiling error at x1040 y160. If you move very slowly on the left of the ground tiles, you can actually fall through, grab the P-Switch, and then proceed left to go all the way to the autoscroll, which skips getting the switches, the platform moving room, and the checkpoint room. That's how I was able to get to the autoscroll easily every time. Other than that though, it's not that bad of a level, and I think Luigibonus would like this.

90/100 (Hard)

08/03/17 at 3:49 PM

William | 95/100

Well, I did find flaws worse than Bowser498 pointed out with 1060x, but I already DM'd you all I could find on Discord, so they don't need to be explained since you patched them up. Another thing I don't get that Bowser498 counted off for was not using water tiling underneath the tree trunks. Seriously...that's not a flaw.

The only real flaw I found besides that 1060x area were some tiling errors at the beginning since you didn't properly tile a few things, but really that was it. I like how you guarded the green switch at 820x with the red one to prevent the player from reaching the pipe on the far left at the beginning, and you made great usage of auto scrolls in this level. It's definitely something LB would do in his levels. The only minor change I would make if I were you would be to add just a little scenery, and I know you can fit some in, but that's all I have to cover there. It had some creative jumps and gameplay ideas, and it was impressive to see.

I trust that you can fix that 1060x flaw, so I won't take off as much as Bowser498 did. The only thing I disagree with that he mentioned was not using the water tiling beneath the tree trunks. Overall, excellent level, and I can't wait to see your Heaven galaxy!

08/03/17 at 3:48 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

This level is perfect with using Jungle Edition hack and creative design. The tiling is wonderful, interesting puzzles, backtracks and challenges. It was hard for me because of hard challenges and backtracks. The waterfall is awesome and there was actually added some scenery. Pretty sure that LB will like this level. No flaws found, so no reason to rate lower than 100.

You get a 100/100 and hard difficulty.

08/03/17 at 3:12 PM

Softendo | 100/100

Disappointed that you didn't make this in Woah... Woah... WOAH! Edition for the real Luigibonus experience :'(
-0 (jk)
This is a freaking awesome tribute level and probably the most creative level i have played in a while so far.
Whatever i'm not a big fan of puzzles cuz they make me depressed, not really, but the challenges in fact are awesome, but the tiling tho...that's some great level material. But tbh your "Luigibonus style" is in fact very similar for me, i bet you're his clone. (lolno)
Also, sry for not playing/rating your levels that much, but i'll try my best to play your SMU series soon.
I'm not gonna rate down for lack of scenery because i don't care about scenery lel.
But it is in fact, a fantastic tribute level to our "favourite user", Weegeebonus.
And i bet that somebody is gonna hate me for saying this^

In Overall: 100/100

08/03/17 at 2:51 PM