• Description: Muncher Valley was once a snowy area full of life, but Bowser definitely wasn't joking when he said he wants to cover everything with lava to turn everything into his kingdom! You gotta stop him fast! Going by Muncher Valley is the quickest route, but be aware, these aren't your usual amount of munchers you come across!

    Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZPLnnBMtCc

    Full Collection: https://www.levelpalace.com/collection?id=201

    Edit: fixed an issue where you could skip a portion of the ghost house challenge
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What Others are Saying

bananaramen | 100/100

This is a complex, good level!
The tiling is unified, and the BGM of Yoshi's game is very atmosphere.
I give 100/100 to this level.

08/05/17 at 11:10 AM

Q22 | 100/100

that's an amazing level by you here :o
this somehow remind me of markey's levels,but being a bit easier

nothing more to say with great design and scenery, 100 for u :)

07/25/17 at 1:19 PM

creator | 97/100

so, since nothing seems too go good today, i have deceided that i should just first get some inspiration and have a little bit of fun by playing a Lb level. This is what i thought.

the challenges for the most part, are pretty great. Honestly, i love munchers, aside of monty moles and chucks probably my favorite enemy. If you use them well, you can get so creative with them, and there pretty fun honestly too dodge. So this level was right up my alley. A level based around munchers? That sounds perfect to me! As for the actually challenges with munchers,while for the most part just good, there are times, that the muncher challenges really stand out. A good example is the incredible chuck challenge at X 480 Y 120. Another great one is at X 0 Y 0, with the combination of first vines and then munchers, too make for some tight movement. Even though that i am gonna guess that you where playing one of my levels when making this part:P However, this may be all good now, but if you are gonna try to steal the title of "master of vine challenges" from me, then we are gonna have too have a fight.

however, there is one problem with the challenges, and it is the challenge with the mushroom on munchers. While this was fun the first time, i felt that after you came back out of the pipe too get the green switch, and you had too backtrack trough this area, this became boring. however, back on the postive path, the autoscrolls where excellent, like normal. While i'm not a huge fan of the A3 autoscroll, the second autoscroll, was perfectly set up, and while the enemy's there are only munchers, the unique placement was good enough for me to say this was a pretty great autoscroll. That, or i'm just biased, because munchers are one of my favorite enemy's. Oh well:P

the scenery and tiling was also outstandingly good. Normally i do these two apart, but since there are soo many different themes, the scenery needs too fit also in, so the two are relying on each other. Anwyay, both the scenery and tiling where eye-poppyingly good. I have too say, i applaud you for taking such a big risk in the tiling appartment, since this could easily look messy. But somehow, this didn't happen and instead each room has an unique feel. As for scenery, i really liked the layering of the bushes here. Special mention goes out too the ghosthouse theme that you used later in the level, since the scenery is pretty spectacular, since the scenery has this perfect combination of clocks, fences and normal ghost house tiles.

So, let's see what is the final score.

-3 a bit repetitive challenge with mushrooms on munchers

overal, this was just another awesome level! Also, this review is one of the longest i ever did, clocking at a staggering 2800 characters! That's something there. Anyway, keep on making these levels! My final score is 97/100.


07/25/17 at 9:41 AM

Orangetack | 94/100

This really was something. The tiling is unique. There's a lot of tiles in use here, and it often comes close to being clashy but just misses out on it. The inclusion of lava makes sense considering the story but it's a daring thing to include given the amount of themes already. However, for the most part the tiling looks really good because although a lot of themes are used overall, there aren't too many in any one place. Each area feels distinctive.
Challenges are a combination of new and old, both implemented well. Some of it, like the mushrooms on the munchers, is a classic SMF challenge which is in itself fine but is probably repeated a tad too much. There's also the problem that I didn't even hit the blue switch yet I was able to enter the pipe taking Mario to the checkpoint just fine by duck jumping and bouncing on the springboard. And while the final autoscroll section is a good idea, the fact that you're only avoiding munchers makes it an underwhelming ending. Other than this, I enjoyed the challenges a lot, including the backtracks involving P-switches and a starman.
Great work!

Also, have you noticed Pop has quietly dropped his rating down for no scenery drop-down? :D
Well, tbh pop, you used to take off whenever there was a case of no drop-down, so this is clearly a retreat.

07/25/17 at 5:28 AM

Popthatcorn14 | 100/100

"Also, have you noticed Pop has quietly dropped his rating down for no scenery drop-down? :D"
No, I only take off when it's super cluttered. Don't listen to this guy. ;)

You fail to disappoint me LB! This level was amazing, and had great gameplay throughout each section. I struggled through the first section at first due to how precise you had to be in order to make it out, but at least you provided a reset warp here and at the midway point. I like the tiling mashup throughout this level as it gives it that ruins feel, and my favorite gameplay idea you had to offer was the ghost house section. You are indeed the master of auto scrolls, and the idea that went behind this was spectacular. I also love the mushroom gimmicks you used throughout this level, as well as the creative jump at 2140x0y. The enemies were also kept in line, making you stop quite a bit throughout this level. I also like the cape section at the beginning, and what made this challenge work out was how you even prevented the player from skipping over the level at 300x0y (yw btw ;)). What also made this level unique on terms of gameplay was how you set up certain jumps throughout this level. The one at 3080x0y was pretty cool since not only does it give you indications, but it also prevent any blind jumps from occurring. The scenery placed throughout this level also made a perfect match with the theme, and despite throwing in many themes to make it feel like a ruins theme, it all looked great. Nice work LB! This is definitely something different to see and I'm looking forward to your next levels.

07/24/17 at 8:20 PM

CEDECRY | 100/100

I can't review to save my life but I liked the constrained spaces and and the 'wacky' experimental tiling. Fun level and nice use of 5 minutes of my life

07/24/17 at 7:32 PM