• Description: ~Heaven | Star 2: City of Gold~

    Mario is up in the Holy Land... but all is not well. The angels requires his help.
    Checkpoint order (place doors to use): 3,2,4,5

    Video- https://youtu.be/tAeEhu9iHpQ
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What Others are Saying

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

Good level, loved it! The gameplay was quite fun, and obviously designed with virtuosity. Combined with a heavenly (no pun intended) atmosphere, the third installment of the SMU Heaven trilogy offers plenty of unique gimmicks that range from excellent use of parabeetles to puzzling switch challenges and even ending it off with some good old autoscrolling. The ON/OFF switch challenge at x:2360 y:80, deserves some praising because you have to hit it a number of times. The fact that it revolved around respawning/reusing the falling platform was quite a good challenge. The puzzles in particular, were really well done, and the last section doesn't fail to impress. It makes some great usage of the A3 autoscroll with the parabeetles thrown in there. The A5 section was good too I guess, the fact that you recycled the area and turned it into an A5 to conclude what's left of it. The problem here though, is that the gameplay is kind of barebones because you're essentially just waiting on the A5 to do its own thing with moving the spikes up and down, so it's a bit of a tedious waiting game. Besides the occasional red beach koopas, there was a lack of enemies. I see piledriver microgoombas or other obstacles such as hotheads being a great addition to the segment as opposed to the very limited variety that you've included.

The visuals/design albeit some parts were in fact, pretty bland as far as it goes. Namely the autoscroll section was devoid of any scenery. While the autoscroll limits the ability to include some efficient design with the scenery part, it doesn't hurt to add a select few pillars or something here and there. The autoscroll doesn't excuse the lack of scenery given L1 being the default layer. Other than that, the tiling and aesthetics added up nicely. Good job!

05/09/18 at 5:02 PM

sm63ologist | 90/100

Levels are so hard these days, it's hard to see much of them...
Ok. I can see that this is a gameplay-oriented level, so I'll waste less time on the deco, which was pretty bland.
The gameplay, however, was really good! I enjoyed about as much of it as i could actually play through. I had to take a look in the editor in the end. Unlike many levels these days, which are painfully long, tedious, and full of backtracking, this one was straightforward and that's something I like in a level. If I had one suggestion, it would be to add more decoration and maybe change change the song. Good job, you get a 90!

11/13/17 at 11:00 PM

luigiXD | 100/100

nice level! great scenery chalenges tiling enemy placement a was just downright fun!!

100/100 / A+ / gold / normal

11/11/17 at 5:49 PM

WJT | 92/100

Godly atmosphere OT. Loved the choice of background, but the music could have sounded more holy. The challenges up until the last part were pretty good. Parabeetle ride maneuvering was probably the best part. It was unique, yet so simple to build. The amount of warps really cut the action since I'd rather see a background with as pauses as possible. The thwimp and spring challenge was excellent and took me many tries, and got me pissed of at how unfair the thwimp's appearance was. That was also a very short section making me disappointed. All the star coin challenges were very good-using the parabeetle for some, and then mixing the star coins in other hard to reach places. I thought the level would have a lot more Y space considering that you're supposed to be in heaven and all...

11/10/17 at 5:51 PM

TheBlackKoopa232 | 98/100

Another excellent level, OT. All of the usual stuff: Great gameplay, extremly creative, and the scenery is decent. The fact that you didn't use the same music also helps. A lot. Let's dive in.

The first section I didn't really think was as creative as the rest of the people make it seem. A lot of the enemy placement is mediocre in that area, like all of the red koopas placed in there. It's also pretty easy compared to the rest of the level. Still, when compared to even the most creative levels of our friends Filip and Vileplume, it's pretty creative. Still, you could've done better. The second section, however, not only curves in difficulty but also in creativity, which is the standard the rest of the level would follow. The second section is arguably the best part of the level. I loved it. It probably took me 6 tries to beat it, but it's worth beating since you're rewarded with a great amount of satisfaction. Other notably good challenges are: Every other challenge in the level. In short, good job.

As for scenery, WHO CARES ABOUT SCENERY!?!?!?!? All I'mma say is that it actually looks gold. So good job with that.

Now let's talk about gameplay, since I'm SURE that I haven't discussed that yet. The minipuzzles were really clever for how simple they actually are. I was quite satisfied when I solved each one of them. And now we approach the parabeetle section. It was really, really hard. Like REALLY hard. Moving on them is like moving on a moving conveyor belt (Confusing, I know) Going left makes you go fast and going right makes you go slow, which really makes you think more about the enemy placement. And of course, the A5 section. Really well done. Short but intense. I did manage to beat it second try, so I'm not sure how hard it really was, but I'm just assuming that I got lucky. Awesome job with that.

And like that, I just beat your level. Having helped the angels, I depart triumphantly, clutching yet another star in my hand. As I leave I write this overly dramatic paragraph down, satisfied that I made a not-too-subtle self aware comment about myself. And so I walk off into the sunset, wondering why I died so many times in heaven. I leave the scene as a silhouette against a background of gold, slowly shrinking. Then I'm gone.

11/10/17 at 11:57 AM

Brawler Day | 98/100

GREAT LEVEL <) just a couple blind jumps here and there otherwise a good and fun level :) _ BD

11/08/17 at 9:54 AM

Plume 4.0 | 100/100

What a fun level no flaws I'm too lazy to type a long review. The level was good no flaws creative challenges, challenging, good and fun. So Points 100/100 indeed Difficulty Medium and Hard
Class: Platinum
Rank: S

11/08/17 at 9:21 AM

cr8torGalaxy16 | 100/100

I really enjoyed playing this level. The scenery and design and that Custom background were really nice and the gameplay was very entertaining. The challenges and puzzles were great and the idea itself was amazingly well thought out.Well done! :) (I'm gonna be honest, I had to watch the walkthrough because I didn't have the brain capacity to work it out myself lol)

11/07/17 at 1:20 PM

LaserTrap_ | 95/100

I have never seen A5 used before EVER! And I didn't realise it could be used as creatively as shown here. For the whole level, the design was absolutely through the roof. In a good way, of course. Your backtrack was spectacular in the first section, I thought that was a wonderful use of a parabeetle. I also liked your use of a boomerang bro, and I know you said this level was made a long time ago and it was originally a koopa, but I'm glad you got a chance to make it into a boomerang bro because the challenge with it can be slightly more creative.
Entrance 3 was a fun little puzzle, and certainly kept me on my toes. The brick block was a huge pain in the buttocks, but added a decent challenge that gave something to do while waiting for the P-switch, which is something that many people forget to do. However, this section was very short and I would have preferred if you had added it onto the end of entrance 1 rather than making a separate entrance just for this one small puzzle.
Entrance 2 had a minor flaw right off the bat. Sometimes when hitting the checkpoint, you can lose the power-up immediately because of the low ceiling. I don't know if this is a common occurrence or if I was just unlucky, but it did happen on my first time getting here which I do have to count as a flaw. Nevertheless, we had some more clever backtrack, which the complexity was taken one step further because you successfully used two different types of switches. Well done for that.
Moving on to entrance 4 - My goodness OT. It's like you managed to add 2 autoscrolls, which you technically aren't able to do because of the role of layer 2, but this use of parabeetles along with A3 was nothing short of impressive. Very fun, very challenging and creative. As for entrance 5, I already mentioned how I had never seen A5 used before and I was rather impressed. I also really liked how you used the same part of the level twice with these two entrances. Unfortunately it was a little bit lacking in the scenery department. Well, I say a little bit but I mean almost completely. I know it's hard with autoscroll and the fact that you had spikes everywhere, but I spotted a couple of spots that could have had some.
This level isn't quite in my perfect Heaven of levels yet, but it was a damn good one, as to be expected from you, OT. Just fix those minor flaws and you'll be invited up. Therefore, my rating stands at Purgatory out of 100.

11/06/17 at 4:05 PM

NESFilipGamer | 100/100

What a noice level to play! The background looks beatiful! And the tiling fits well so guess what? You get a 100, Good work!

Rating: 100/100
Difficulty: Medium (Almost Hard)
Class: High Gold

11/06/17 at 3:46 PM