• Description: World 1-1 of Super Luigi the easiest level to teach the player the ropes
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What Others are Saying

Softendo | 96/100

This level was way better than your "Hard Mode", i think that you aren't that good with hard levels, this level had a classic feel that the hard one didn't, the challenges were great and the scenery....very classic i must say, in fact, there was some cutoffs, but a classic one no doubt.

08/28/17 at 4:49 PM

VeeTHis | 95/100

All I really found bad about this is that I found a few cutoffs and some bad tiling, but other than that, the gameplay was pretty nice. I did feel like some of the enemy locations were a bit bad, and you could've added more enemy variety. I also liked the "falling platforms" in the overworld and bonus world to get to those pipes.

The tileset could've also been improved. It was a bit bland with only the grassland textures and underground stuff. In the end, I think this is a pretty good level!

My rating: 95/100 (Easy)

08/28/17 at 1:02 PM

Pichu | 90/100

Just found some cutoffs/bad tiling. The level is okay, but i think you could improve the enemy placement and the world tileset, no much to say about it.

08/28/17 at 10:38 AM

Filip Underwood | 95/100

I thought this level was very exciting to play, I will discuss the positives then the negatives, The positives are enemies were placed neatly and scenery was flawless and I have to agree with Nathan nathan about the challenges and I like the parakoopa at X:2120, It was a cool challenge aswell and I also liked the bonus zone! :)

Now there is a couple flaws, I did not like the design at X:1900. To fix the flaw, All of Tile16 should be replaced with Tile 196. I also do not like X:900 because If you fall on the platforms, You see a cutoff there.

However, Amazing level and very Close to a perfect level! :)

08/18/17 at 2:56 AM

Nathan nathan | 100/100

This level was okay. It was slightly easier and it had good scenery. The challenges were okay and the enemy placement was good. It's okay. I'll give it a 100/100. Nice!

08/17/17 at 11:53 AM