• Description: (Note: Do not attach a low rate to this level due to unused areas.
    This level was unable to predict the area to be used for the first time and it was impossible to erase the unused area due to the warp zone.
    As for the scenery, the four parts were very vast and could not insert big scenery,
    Do not make a big deduction for insufficient landscape.)

    After passing through the door, Mario surrounds the season.
    Level to trip beyond four seasons! This level was created over a long time ...
    Also, at this level secret exit is also hidden!

    Mission: Collect 5 Advance Coins.
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

Darnell1 | 98/100

What a cool level and I liked the custom music you used. There were some doors that take you to different worlds witch were like seasons. I liked the bonus area to it was filled with lots of coins when you hit the p-switch. The enemy placement was good too. I will rate this 98/100.

03/23/19 at 10:27 PM

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