• Description: This one took way too long.
    Anyway, the world 1 finale is here! Mario stumbles upon a factory full of candy before having his first confrontation with the menacing Bowser.

    Video: https://youtu.be/bkx2u25ybng

    Note: This level was intended to have a lot of mixed candy tiling, unlike most of my other ones.
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What Others are Saying

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

What is need to make perfect level in great candy hack of SMF1?

1. Fantastic scenery. This level has a really well made scenery. I wanna to eat candy after this level. Design is very good in all details. Idea with mixed candy titles was good.

2. Great challenges. This level was very difficult but however puzzles are really interning.
I didn't beat this level but however I had a lot of fun here. Monster were well placement.

3. Amazing gameplay. Thanks to music and background I really feel climates of factory but however author don't forgot about candy titles.

Summary: This level meets everything I exchange in points. I hope next words will be great made like world 1 (a lot of scenery, candy climates, difficult challenges and puzzles etc.). Really good job. Companion Lazor.

My rate: 100/100
Difficult: Extreme.

09/24/17 at 1:26 PM

Softendo | 99/100

AAA-wesome Level Neil, the challenges were ""fantasticly"" (if that word exists) made, it was very fun, the music, the puzzles and the monster placement was fantastic, but i didn't like the fact that you kept mixing different tiles for this, but it was still fun (and very hard i have to be honest).
In Overall: Wew awesome.

And this was my reaction when i was playing the level: See the first three letters from my review

09/23/17 at 2:53 PM

Filip Underwood | 100/100

Lazor, Your level is perfect. I like your puzzles, You gave me an idea for 1-2 of Filip's Challenge Island which I am working on.

09/23/17 at 5:00 AM

IggyHopxD | 99/100

Cool level! I couldn't get far, those challenges made me keep dying and failing from various ways a million times. So after this, my rate is 99% (Some tiles don't match and look bad mixed, but not a big problem) and extreme diff.

09/22/17 at 6:36 PM