• Description: so i haven't made a level in a few years..
    thus i made a new original creation, i've tried very hard to make the experience of this one as interesting as possible (hateable yet worth playing)

    descend into hell and pay the price for every level ever you thought wasnt good enough because it isn't 10x better than nintendo levels which makes it come to the point that its extremely boring and tedious! long challenges effect gameplay y'know...

    note: if you dont know how to springjump this level is unbeatable for you, it also wont be possible for you if you can't solve puzzles nor can properly do trial and error, so keep that in mind while playing!

    so ye, enjoy! or don't.
    idc tbh
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What Others are Saying

Orangetack | 44/100

This is, to put it most politely, a mess. I'll start with the part that isn't awfully annoying... the part before when it becomes a troll level. It's okay, but it's not amazing and I can see there isn't a huge amount of effort put into it. The challenges are brought on pretty randomly, with nothing feeling like it's part of the same level as anything else. And a lot of it seems generally thoughtless, like the on/off switch where all you have to do is hit the second switch and move onwards, like what is the point of that xd :s

And then comes the troll level... ye no thanks. There's nothing fun about hitting an invisible block that sends you plumetting to your death, nor is there anything fun about hitting hidden solid blocks behind scenery, or invisible death blocks before the goal point. It's not good level design, and it isn't even creative trolling. It's also basically impossible to beat without looking in the editor or trying it for a ridiculously long length of time.

As for visuals... eh there are too many different colours all the time, and way too many styles thrown together in a way that looks random and weird. Better to stick to one style.

Ofc you know all this because it's an older level :3 I prefer your new style =P

08/16/19 at 10:54 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 91/100

How dare you unleash this hell upon a fellow player like me. You... you... sinner!!!! Gotta hand it to ya. It was fairly well done as a troll level. You've managed to make it as trolololish as possiblel, though certain parts were more predictablel than others, like X2080 (anyone can do that in a troll level). But my main gripe is what you did to me at the goal post. It'd gotten really annoying there, and to a point where I had to study the layout in the editor to sort my shit out, and so it quite ruined it for me, like there's literally no way for anyone to figure it out on their own without looking through the editor, and even then it's still annoying af unlike the doable ones that took place before it. You could've done without that last part and it still would've been a great troll level (not that it wasn't, but ye I'd take bananaramen's troll over this)

08/16/19 at 12:41 AM

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