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    Boom Boom takes five hits.
    Janos's room (entrance 15) is a very challenging bonus fight that you get if you go through the door with a 1-up beside it. If you can't beat all the bosses, \I encourage you to set doors to each fight. In the final boss battle, you don't have to kill both bosses.
    Video- https://youtu.be/huujgcGthEI
  • Contributors: in order (In level editor, not gameplay): Orangetack, Mario Blight, Multi, Janos, Luigibonus, pop, tristaph, LazorCozmic5, Lord Luigi2014, blueyoshi0014, qwertyquop, Mariomaster7771, Orangetack
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MrGerund | 100/100

th fact the key could go flying off the map and the odd jump mechanics were... frustrating.

other than that this is extremely well crafted, the flaws are on edge of me going ham on this level like a butcher (eheheh see what i did there?)


03/01/19 at 7:30 AM

Marcus | 97/100

Who wasn't excited for a League Tag! This is the first of me hearing about it of course . I'll rate the level in order of the editor, as it was listed.

Orangetack: This was definitely an interesting room; the one way gates made for some challenge seeing where you had to jump. The one problem with this is that, because of the layout, Boom Boom's jump pattern could be figured out easily, making it an easy clear. (6.5/7)

Mario Blight: This was one of my favorite rooms! I like that neat mechanic that make the lotus's move, and the timer with the shell was brilliant. Not going to lie, I beat that room first try, but I can imagine it will be difficult for other to clear. Didn't know you were up to making something so creative (7/7)

Multi: I found this room rather difficult at first, mostly because of the lag I was encountering. Keeping that fire brother hidden in the back behind a gate made it surprisingly frustrating to take Boom Boom down, but I managed. Nice room! (7/7)

Janos: Yea, didn't take me too long to figure out the trick to getting hear, mostly because of a YouTube video posted by LC, but the aesthetics in here were great. As long as you keep in mind that not holding anything will allow Mario to bounce higher made this room a lot simpler. Definitely not as difficult as Orangetack put it out to be. (7/7)

Luigibonus: Not too much of a struggle. Neat design with the dolphins; really had to be careful with those jumps! (7/7)

Pop: Thanks for destroying my computer Thanks to the large amount of NPC's, I was able to play this room in slow motion! But, it was fun, with all those hammers flying! (7/7)

Tristaph: Neat concept, really have to watch where you step in this one! Enjoyed it. (7/7)

LazorCozmic5: I knew the moment I got to this room, it was yours. I struggled the most in this room, mostly due to the saw going back and forth. Loved it though! (7/7)

LordLuigi2014: Simple kickoff to it. It was rather easy to jump back and forth clearing this room very fast. (6.5/7)

BlueYoshi0014: I liked this one a lot as well. That fish got me quite a few times. (7/7)

Qwertyquop: This was one of my favorites as well! Very simple concept, but still, enjoyed that boo stream in there. (7/7)

MarioMaster7771: As LazorCozmic said, this one was kind of a disappointment due to the fact you can stay on the vine. (5/7)

Orangetack: Of course Bowser's here. Nice way to spice it up. (7/7)

Final Rating: 97/100

02/28/19 at 11:14 AM

przem1994 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

02/28/19 at 2:03 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

LL14 (x3060) 10
Nice way to kick things off. Nothing outstanding, but straight to the point as the first room should be.

LB (x1700) 10
Clever dolphin side challenges, but let's take a minute to appreciate the abundance of wonderful scenery.

MM7771 (x4100) 7
Nothing particularly interesting here. You stay on the vine, and pick up the easy win. Only "challenge" was riding the spike platform. Boss fight could've been executed better. This part really ruined it for me.

Multi (x1020) 9
This room had one of the better setups. The only drawback was that you can stay on top of the platform most of the time which already makes it easier. Otherwise, well done.

Pop (x2040) 9
The unstable donut blocks was a innovative approach, but monster placement may not have been exemplary; middle piranhas don't hinder the player much because you already got the top & bottom ones with slightly longer reach doing the job.

OT (x320) 8
One-way gates idea was brilliant; like a mirror maze but with creativity sprinkled in. Now if this were a first section, I'd feel different. It felt like a regular boss battle with the player repeating the same hit pattern every time.

BY (x3400) 10
Another good one. Micromanaging so you don't get hit by the fish or above munchers was harder that it looked, but also a brilliant idea involving correct timing. The right amount of difficulty was also delivered. Nicely done!

qwerty (x3760) 9
Not much to be acknowledged here other than the mediocrity; typical boss battle with the boo trail formula seen a legion number of times, but at least the spikes compensated.

Tris (x2400) 9.5
You kept it simple, and I kinda liked it. I do feel, the overgenerous shrooms is not something I can get past. As if I was expected to struggle.

MB (x680) 8
Two sliding lava lotus. Typical MB. Looked looked like he tried too hard to make it hard, but what's interesting about it was that there was sort of a time limit to bestow a pressure on the player, I'll give him that.

LC (x2720) ?

Janos (x1360) 9.5
Already played both versions and I'm glad you changed it, but this is the part where I complain about your redundantly overcrowded scenery :/

OT2 (x4440-) 9
Bowser and Boom Boom in one room. Odd combo, but a clever one at that. Also, fix x:5680 scenery & the box cutoffs from the left-hand side of MM7771's room)

I liked LB's section - his unorthodox way of utilizing dolphins really shines.

02/27/19 at 8:55 PM

LRaySki | 100/100

This level was very cool and interesting boss run. Good and creative battles and awesome scenery. I don't really see anything wrong with the level

02/27/19 at 8:12 PM

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