• Description: The End of the World. Unless you find the orb. Hidden underground. In the depths of hell.


    This level took me 3 weeks to make

    The orb is at the end of this level, and is in a "box"
    If you are in a perilous situation, you can use a reset pipe, but they aren't labeled.

    FOR JUDGES -----------------------------------------------------------------------I beat this level (in sections), and I suck at smf

    FOR EVERYONE ELSE----------------------------------
    At the end of this level, a p-switch should be pressed
    Also, look around for items that may help you.
    Don't waste items that you find/use, or you may DIE or need to use a reset warp.

    Results --- 18th place :O
  • Contributors: LazorCozmic5, for recording it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puwXnYkrPec
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