This level was made as a Christmas special in 2014, being my second one, the first made in 2012. This level actually has some neat challenges in it that I'm sure you guys will enjoy. As I recall, I was going for a newish design too. If you need any help, let me know via my comments section. Happy level making!

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Segomac | 96/100

I feel like a pro. I made it to ML X: 2520 before I got my first death (stupid thwomp hit box.)

I really found your level to be quite an adrenaline rush. Most of the obstacles and the difficulty were in the zone where it made for a nice challenge. The obstacles were simple, but also made you think for a second before you made your move; I also found them to be fair (at least for me it was.) My one problem with the obstacles is that some of the obstacles had too little room, making a few parts frustrating, mainly at X: 3240 with having very little time to properly position yourself between the thwomp and koopa. Also at X: 3000, having 3 piranha plants in that setup can be a bit excessive. The rest though I really didn't see much wrong there. The level looked great as well; it gave off a "town with a mario twist vibe" from it (meaning, of course this down has death pits!)

So overall, it's a nice level. The obstacles there were really enjoyable and the monster placement was a nice "twist" in things (X:660 with the spiny.)The 2 obstacles I mentioned did seem a bit cheap, though the adrenaline rush was real with this one. The scenery looked nice as well. There was just enough to help blend with the background.

04/28/16 at 8:25 AM

Markeyruiz97 | 100/100

Now this is a nice urban level, the tight cramped space does make it a great challenge to go though but it also makes it annoying to fit though tight spaces like the one at the very beginning of the level, especially since you can't duck in SMF1, and there's a ton of tight spaces throughout this level. As for monster placement they were placed pretty well in and also in a way that gives the player a great challenge, like kicking a koopa though a thwomp, but the cramped space combined with SMF1 pyshics make them very difficult to avoid. Also I like how you styled this level, the tileset fits very well for being Christmas themed as with the level theme you used as well; best thing is there was no cutoff throughout the level at all. I have no real complaints with this level and it provided a great challenge.

04/27/16 at 8:15 PM

8power8 | 100/100

First review by myself on levelpalace

This level looked really great; the background and scenery was not too complicated and gave your level a snowy, but urban-style level.
I agree with Brendan's rating below, but I'll let this one slide since it's my first review :3

04/27/16 at 4:40 PM

Brendan | 100/100

Now THAT was an SMF1 level... I would probably consider this extreme just because I suck at playing SMF. Even the bonus zone was a challenge. What really got me was at 400x, where there's only 1 tile of space between the ceiling and the pipe. I tried like 15 times to get through it, and once I did I died 5 seconds after. I think what I really like about these levels is how compact they are. You have to make just the right moves at exactly the right time to move on... it's pretty intense. Plus, all the enemies serve a specific purpose (e.g. the koopa right before the thwomp, if you mess up you're screwed). At one point I actually had to move the start point because I couldn't pass it. And then at the end, I didn't think just regular jumping would be so intense. xD

As far as design goes, everything was pretty much perfect. The background fit nicely with the theme, the scenery was nice, no tiling errors... the same old stuff. Well, I suppose if I really wanted to be picky, there was a slight cutoff throughout where the castle tiling was falling off the edge of the land tiling (like at 2000x), but that's not really noticeable unless you start at it. And then there's this: http://prntscr.com/axctjg

I thought that was a cutoff but it's really just the blue navbar above the game, it kinda blends in with the sky background :P

Nice level title too (in the game). 1400 characters is as good as I can do I guess (at least at 2am). Anyway, awesome level. I'm not sure if I should be rating 100 because I have no complaints, or like a 97/98 because it wasn't the most absolutely amazing level I've seen. Maybe that's a drawback to this out-of-100 system, idk. I'll go with 100 I guess.

04/27/16 at 2:04 AM