Mario has stumbled upon the fabled Forest of Enchantment, but he should be careful not to be fooled by its cheerful and whimsical theme, for the challenges present in it are not quite what he'd expect...

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    PLAYTHROUGH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KePG73KbcL0
  • Contributors: LazorCozmic5 for CBG
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What Others are Saying

Lyric_TheLegend | 100/100

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07/31/19 at 11:49 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 95/100

Already rated it in the 3rd LP contest, why not rate it again. So this level was definitely an interesting take on this particular theme with the choice of tiling and the music. The mini overworld bush tiling from page 2 don't quite mix with the ground due to the jagged surface. The other problem is unintuitive enemy placement e.g. high lotus X280 because it's so easy to just speed past it before it even becomes a viable threat for a player such as myself. The switcharoo challenge felt forced and ppl overlook the fact that if you abandon the screen the shell contraption is defunct. You didn't really include powerups in the second half either but I guess it didn't matter since most of it would've been too tight for big Mario anyway.

07/31/19 at 9:33 AM

boii | 100/100

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07/30/19 at 12:02 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 100/100


full persistency, i kept dying and dying, to reach the checkpoint without any cheating.

then at the thwimp after the bony beetle i.. well... started to cheat as it was quite a death.

splendid work, you're retired from lp as i write this review but... its nice to still have you around in some form whether its by old levels or messages on discord occasionally.
this review will also turn into some memory so.. well.

thank you for everything, including being part of our community, your works were amazing and the design and atmosphere on these babies heavily outweighed e potential rushabilities a few challenges had.


07/28/19 at 8:16 PM

BIG OOF | 88/100

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10/25/18 at 5:59 PM

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