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    Place: 4th

    Time Trials:

    Please do not take off for these:

    1. Green Scenery. I just felt like mixing it with Autumn Scenery and Grass one because I wanted to do a concept like Laser did in his A-2 level

    2. Green Scenery at End of Tiling. Because it's not a minor cutoff.

    3. Challenges being too hard for you. If you find the challenges hard... Don't be a baby and take off lots of points coz it is fake rating.

    BTW, Hope you like it!

    Please do not take off for the same reasons as Yolo did because I wanted to mix the Orange Scenery and Green Scenery to make it look cool but yolo just wanted to take off for no reason
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yolo | 69/100

Fillip. You're level is interesting to say the least. Whilst I admire you enemy placement as a generic defence, and your use of back-tracking. There didn't seem to be an original challenge. (backtracking became unoriginal about a year or 2 ago. Only LC can use it in an original way) However, I'll admit your backtracking was consistent. But there was no wow or oomph to your level. None that I could see anyway. Some enemy combos were a bit bizarre and contradictory. For example, in 3160 X your Para-Goomba moved right due to the nipper plant therefore Mario needn't face it. I also have to mention its shortness. Whilst it remained an adequate length of 4000X I found it to be short in play-ability. An average player would take 10-15 minutes to beat this level (including deaths and mistakes) whilst a decent level takes about over 20 minutes to complete.

So I rate game play 52/70. Not too big nor too small. (I don't do number ratings usually but I must as it is well known fillip hates me and the idea of prejudiced may come into play if people see it without it).

Now for the scenery. I rate 17 out of 30 due to 2 things. First of all. The leaves moved with the Y axis meaning it had a bizarre and ugly effect. However, before saying it was unavoidable first read these solutions
a) Manually putting it in.
b) You can see that the whole level fits if you don't go up the Y-axis. Meaning the level could have been one-screen tall.
c) Not including leaves. This gives leeway to other scenic possibilities. Maybe even better than leaves

The second reason is due to the greenery. I understand coniferous trees exist. But one thing that can annihilate good scenery is having one type of scenery like a plant but have it only once or twice in your level. (unless you had something like a great oak in a park) . Had you had more than 2-3 green bushes I would have let that slide, but it wasn't just bushes. It was those green pillar things too. It therefore detracted from the autumn theme making it look like an odd one out. Lastly, a lot of your scenery was pillar-like such as tree trunks or hills. Horizontal ones would have been nice too (I'm not talking of ground tiling but the tile 508, 509, 510 type. Not type as in theme. Type as in the bottom of ground.)

11/02/18 at 6:27 PM

NovaStar | 94/100

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10/10/18 at 10:51 PM

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