• Description: If you're stumped on the puzzle at x:2000 you can watch the video: https://youtu.be/MJcEKLRsEGg

    My first tribute level in a while. This one's dedicated to IggyHopxD, a fellow Argentinian level maker.

    Important: Please note that the second yellow pipe's a reset warp which'll take you back to the first if you somehow screw up the switch/shell challenge

    Anyway, so this is a kind of like a filler while I work on another filler and possibly a non-filler.
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IggyHopxD | 100/100

Re-playing and re-rating this because the previous rates were deleted lol

Awesome level and tribute to me! I love the design and the challenges used here, they are definitely nicely done, and must admit, represent very well how I design and how I make the puzzles/challenges lol

03/22/20 at 7:04 PM

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