• Description: A tag level made by ZeldaMaster12 and me. This was our entry to the Tag Level Contest.

    Mario, after messing around in the grasslands, found a weird cavern in the way. After entering, he was told that it was the enchanted cavern of Ihzm Xodarap, the old king of that place, whose soul transformed into the animals that are inside the cavern. Will he be able to escape and solve Ihzm's puzzles? Let's find out!

    My part: 0x - 4000x
    ZM's part: 4000x - 8000x

    Enjoy, and give us your opinion.
  • Contributors: ZeldaMaster12 (Second half of the level), William and Laser (Organizators of the tag contest)
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Build | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/05/18 at 4:21 PM

Deadfish388 | 90/100

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10/05/18 at 3:18 PM

William | 79/100

Design: 21/25
Without a doubt, the design in this level looks great. While Iggy stuck to a few central themes, and ZM mix and mashed, both sections looked appealing to the player. 3120x-3580x had a new approach to it, which actually made this section of the level challenging in a good way. In ZM's section, there's a slight cutoff at 4180x. The design with the yellow block placement towards the end looked a bit on the sloppy side and could have gathered some more ideas, creating a low difficulty spike leading up to the end.
Gameplay: 20/25
Starting off with the beginning, this level offered some unique challenges. While most of the challenges in this level required constant backtracking, this level knew how to approach it differently. However, as stated for the design towards the end of the level, the difficulty sways because of the lack of ideas portrayed, but still put up some great challenges leading up to end regardless. The backtracking in ZM's section knew how to be challenging, but failed to make proper indications. Same goes for Iggy with his 1020x area, giving off a vague message leading to ZM's section.
Effort: 23/25
Not only does this level have a proper theme usage, but it also has an interesting story to make playing through this level more interesting. However, minus points for the ending, as mentioned in the other aspects above.
Fairness: 15/25
Unfortunately, this is what brings this level down by a a bit. Iggy's section failed to make the pink switch area clear at the beginning of the cave, and the amount of precision needed at 2480x is just uncalled for. ZM's section was the worst with indication, not telling you how to use the p-switch and where to drop the key at. Both of these sections fail to use reset warps of any kind; to give the player an advantage if they mess up somewhere down the road. Also, with ZM's sections, it was never clear that you had to preserve the chucks.
Final Score: 79/100

09/22/18 at 3:06 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 85/100

Often precision-demanding and dubious, but well-designed nonetheless.

No one's rated this so far and probably no one else will in a long time, due to its sheer difficulty. The first half, not so much. But definitely some of the second half which I'll get to in a bit. There's a lot of good things to be said about it. Starts off with a fairly rustic layout exhibiting some unique challenges relying on the mushroom powerups to access blocked areas, and after that it's taken us into a cryptic setting of what appears to be a cavern full of boiling chocolate beverage mixed with thoughtful backtracking. What I did notice however, was the backtrack being somewhat of a lackluster experience due to no enemies besides muncher obstacles seen around the corner. It is essential to incorporate a few of the unkillable enemies to the mix as well. How's about a falling spike somewhere or a few boney enemies, I think it'd work in favor. Unfortunately the monty mole that spawns in this area also kills himself if you're quick enough to proceed past the set of munchers in that area. I liked the falling platform idea but again, no enemies :/ I think a podoboo somewhere in between there, would be just about enough to suffice that area.

ZM's part also delivered good challenges, but one aspect that felt a bit shaky I'd say, would be the area where the counter-clockwise boo-clock comes into play with the fence-climbing challenge. For that challenge in particular, you needed to be extremely precise, and while it was manageable in my playthrough on the LP channel, it's way off-balance compared to other parts. I can't tell you how many times I died on that one challenge alone. Another issue is softlocks, I believe there was another term for what I'm getting at, but you know what I mean, as there were instances where you get stuck after killing the chuck. You'll notice I got lucky in my playthrough footage of it by bouncing on its football, but it's a risky maneuver that can penalize the player and in the process it minuses the amount of enjoyability in general. Good level guys, could've done a better job at designing and testing the level tho.

09/09/18 at 7:25 PM

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