• Description: After 6 months of hard work, a lot of changes of plans, a lot of jokes, a lot of slow-downs or accelerations of the creation, a lot of planning for a good storyline, but for sure, a lot of fun, here I present, my biggest project yet, one of my proudest works, and as a sequel of my previous big tag, this time made with 8 great people from this community, including some participants of the previous supertag. Ladies and gentlelman, here is... THE LOST ISLAND! Featuring... TBK, Parbounli, Creator, LB, MBrother, a777, Lazor, Filip, and... myself, Iggy!

    The Lost Island. If you are in the LP official discord server, either this name, or its acronym, "TLI", might have been heard a lot of times there for you during 2018. This 16000x long level, made by 9 (originally 8) users, started to be worked on in the 9th of June of 2018, is intended to be a sequel to "The Lost Forest" (https://www.levelpalace.com/level?id=10826) , a 5 user super-tag which was made between 2017 and the start of 2018 by me and some of the users who also participated here. The Lost Island, despite being more long and that it had a lot of more plan changes or slow downs in its creations, was made 2 months faster compared to its prequel. This level, as I also explained earlier, was probably my most memed level (It became a meme because of me telling everyone to do it fast). Basically the same thing as DeadFesh's "SMOF" hack back in the day, which became a meme from him telling everyone to work on it. And also, this level, is a Summer (or in the case of most of you North Hemisphere people, Winter) special!

    Storyline for the level itself: After getting through the wet, hot, deep and windy Lost Forest and battling Boom Boom in his airship, Mario decides to use it and escape from that place. But after days spent in the long trip, he found an isle, which was in the middle of the ocean. He didn't know what it was, but he decided to land on the western rocky mountains. There, he found a mighty toad, who told him there was a local myth about a secret dungeon in the middle of the jungle which was really ancient, where suppossedly there was a red gem, which was guarded by some weird monster, and would give infinite honor and glory to the one who found it without getting harmed. Will Mario be able to explore the island and find out if that gem and city are real?

    List of parts:
    1-Rocky mountains - TheBlackKoopa232 (0x) and IggyHopXD (320x - 2000x)
    2-Rocky mountains - Parbounli (2000x - 4000x)
    3-Koopa beach - Creator (4000x - 6000x)
    4-Lost temple - Luigibonus (6000x - 8000x)
    5-Lost temple - Mario Blight (8000x - 10000x)
    6-Cavern of the green - Awesomeness777 (10000x - 12000x)
    7-Galoomba Jungle - LazorCozmic5 (12000x - 14000x)
    8-Lost jungle city - NESFilipGamer (14000x - 15620x) and IggyHopXD (15940x - 16000x)

    Thanks, but really, a lot of special thanks to the next people:
    -Everyone who was part of this project.
    -Luigibonus for the custom music.
    -Everyone who memed this project.
    -Bananaramen for teaching me how to exceed the level length limit.
    -TheBlackKoopa232 for making the first screen of the level.
    -Seven for his moral support and for being the original creator of part three, even though he later decided to drop.
    -NESFilipGamer who, even though he joined really late to the project, he gave me a boost and helped me to finish the final part.
    -Some of my real life friends for giving me ideas for the storyline.
    -Some people from the LP server for the feedback.
    -Luigibonus and Lazor for recording

    Thank you, we hope you enjoy this project, and of course, give us your opinion. Also, stay tuned, because I, IggyHopXD, am back, and coming with more levels in plan for the future!

    29th January 2019: Almost a month ago Luigibonus recorded TLI to Youtube, but only realized now! Link to his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riurECG9isk
    23rd November 2019: Updated some information in the description. Also, I have finally been able to beat the level legitimately in one run without testwarps or anything of the sort!
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What Others are Saying

BananaMan 248 | 90/100


but with some cutoffs...‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

09/25/19 at 1:33 PM

LuigiXD/_29 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/24/18 at 8:50 AM

Deadfish388 | 95/100

slope error somewhere in the begining, ok overall

12/22/18 at 5:11 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 94/100

My review:

TBK & Iggy | 99/100
Incorporating some nice good ol' backtracking is definitely a splendid way to kick off the level, which this section succeeded in doing. Not only that, but the visuals were fantastic. Minus a point for the fact that you can use the reserve mushroom to shortcut your way into the pipe. Nice job otherwise.

Parbounli | 80/100
I didn't like how forced the backtracking felt, and by cramming everything in such a small area, you've taken away what was supposed to be fun. You can also see a cutoff at x:3720 due to the wrong slope corner tile used. Overall there was nothing particularly exciting about your part.

creator | 99/100
Level quality definitely picked up from here with some well thought out challenges and splendid visuals, a combo I like to see! Other than the vine cutoff caused by the p-switch at the beginning I feel like x:5840 was significantly more precise than the other challenges, and while it's a very good challenge, it's not enough to offset the difficulty imbalance of your section in my opinion.

Luigibonus | 100/100
Rather impressed by how simple but good this section was compared to its other counterparts. The typical LB-esque level, a fairly easy part in the level but also extremely fun to play. This is to me, superior to the other sections of the level, although I may be biased.

Mario Blight | 90/100
Arguably my least favourite out of the tag. Granted it's got some creative ON/OFF challenges here and there, but it doesn't compensate for all the badly timed challenges (e.g. rushing part in the end of this section, even if there is a reset warp, the intent of timing everything perfectly - from podoboos to burners to the cannon is too overwhelming for my enjoyment. This part really ruined it for me...

awesomeness777 | 90/100
The cutoffs and layering issues. You even had a slope glitch at x:11200, but thankfully most of these errors are minuscule and don't require much to fix. The x:12000 challenge is fixed (yw).

Filip | 95/100
Good level design overall. Unfortunately you can use the bullet-bill to get to the above platform meaning you needn't deal with the intended "!" switch challenge you were intending, and that's too bad.

Iggy | 100/100
Great boss battle, not to mention a way to end off the massive level.

Overall: 753/800
= 94%

12/21/18 at 5:11 PM

NESFilipGamer | 97/100

Finally, I waited for this to be released and it was fun, let me review each of the sections

(0X-2000X): IggyhopxD and TheBlackKoopa232:

Your part was amazing with great challenges, I didn't know how to beat it but u told me how to but it was too hard for me so I'll just review it, one issue I wanna point out is a layer error at X:640 since the coin goes behind the tiling above, I would recommend place the tiling above in Layer 2 to avoid Layer Issues!

(2000X-4000X): Parbounli:

Your part was good, I liked the fire flower backtrack you had. However, there are some issues, at X:2280, There is no challenge getting the key at all, It's just grabbing it and that's it! I don't find mixing tiling of Page 24 good idea and some of it was bland but still pretty good!

(4000X-6000X): Creator:

Your part had an amazing challenges with nice gameplay, I'm not sure about having desert tiling and scenery but I'll let that slide, overall, Very creative part, I don't see a mistake here!

(6000X-8000X): Luigibonus:
Your part was amazing again with great challenges, 1 little flaw I want to mention is a minor cutoff at X:6800, When you hit the Coin Block and jump on the switch and collect the coin, a piece of scenery floats, be very careful of stuff like that! Still, amazing!

(8000X-10000X): Mario Blight:
Your part was fantastic! It had great gameplay and nice design, No flaws, perfect work!

(10000X-12000X): awesomeness777:

Sorry dude, but your part was my least favourite part in the tag! Most of the part was basic! The scenery at X:10800 does not fit and is more fitting for castle/fortress/volcanic levels! X:11080 looks weird as there is no bullet bill cannon tile near the end in L2 which is bad, it did have some decent challenges but some of the level isn't that fun to play

(12000X-14000X): LazorCozmic5

You had perfect galoomba challenges, nice design and great gameplay! Very creative, no flaws

(16000X): IggyhopxD (BOSS FIGHT):

The boss fight was amazing and creative with a great challenge! No flaws here! Too hard for me but it's still great! Amazing job!

So overall, Great tag with some nice sections, Some of them weren't as great as others but they still did a good job! Here are the scores:

IggyhopxD and TBK: 98/100
Parbounli: 90/100
Creator: 100/100
Luigibonus: 99/100
Mario Blight: 100/100
awesomeness777: 85/100
LazorCozmic5: 100/100
IggyhopxD: 100/100

96.5 rounded up to 97! Amazing, I hope there's a new tag!

97/100 (Hard)

12/21/18 at 4:39 PM

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