• Description: if you are a fan of cannons and buster beetles... this level is for you! why not take a trip to the bowser foundation and have a look around? the ocean may be off in the distance, but not a single drop of water is in the level!

    of course, this level isn't a nice walk in the park... it's tough, but not too tough!
  • Contributors: Lusamine
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Jann75 | 100/100

This is great! You never see these types of levels on LP anymore because if it's not a fashion bomb or if if doesn't have a caved ceiling or if Hammer Bros. are placed in reasonable places, it's bland. This feels just like I'm playing Newer SMBW.

more than 100 out of 100

11/24/18 at 11:55 AM

Blueyoshi0014 | 80/100

Holy fricc, this level has been in Pending for almost 2 months! To put it bluntly, I can kind of see why. Let's review:

- Let me just summarize my main problem with the level right away: it feels bland. Don't get me wrong, I've played a lot of your levels and I understand your simplistic level design, but when playing this level, I felt somewhat bored. Like "Boiled Egg Zone," this level feels way too long for its own good. But the comparisons to that level end there. While long, BEZ made sure to keep things fresh and exciting-- just when I thought I'd seen everything, the level added something new like the backtrack Banzai Bills or the flying platforms. This one... doesn't really do that.

- Another way "The Bowser Foundation" differs from "Boiled Egg Zone" is that this one doesn't do as much with its challenges. You heralded Buster Beetles and cannons as the level theme, but I feel like for most of the 9,980X (seriously that's way too much) you didn't do anything interesting with either enemy/concept. What about a section where you have to precisely bounce off a cannonball to avoid getting impaled by spikes, or a section where you work with the Buster Beetles to his a series of ON/OFF Switches? On top of that, I wish the secondary level gimmicks (the Bullet Bros and the throwable blocks) were used for something interesting. They arguably have more creative potential than either of the "main" level gimmicks, but are used here as little more than obstacles or to obtain a few somewhat unoriginal Advance Coins.

- Yet another issue I have is certain aspects of the level design. At its best, you get some genuinely fun and challenging sections. At its worst, it can feel counter-intuitive to the player. The first powerup being a Poison Mushroom, the slope at X:2780, the Grinder at X:8460, etc.: these can be unexpected and punish the player for not knowing the level beforehand. Also, the Bowser at the end feels completely unnecessary. The player has already gone through so much, and tacking on a difficult boss fight at the end?! It's the reason why most people only use Bowser as the final boss of a series. Not only that, but you gave the player a Super Leaf/Cape Feather beforehand, which not only gives them no advantage against Bowser, but allows them to backtrack and break certain spots of the level. As a rule of thumb, Cape Feathers should almost never be used, unless you're sure that your level is cheese-proof (like you did in "Forgotten Ghost House of ghosts", a level I'll be getting to very soon).

- One more, slightly subjective problem I noticed was a sort of emptiness in the visual design. Normally you're a master at making a level feel alive without too much going on in the background, but you kinda dropped the ball here. The clouds and airship tiling both help remedy this issue, I'll give you that. Outside of those, though, something was definitely lacking. For example, you could have added some water at the bottom of certain parts (preferably tiles 210 and 35), while making it low enough that the player can't us it to skip sections. Not only could this act as a forgiving safety net should the player fall in unexpected or tough areas (cough cough the slope at X:2780), but it'd also be an opportunity to add some underwater enemies and dolphins for interesting platforming segments.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Let me end this review by clarifying that I don't hate this level. Heck, I don't even dislike it. I enjoyed snippets of the level here and there, and I felt some glimmers of potential strewn around. Compared to your previous levels, however, "The Bowser Foundation" is painfully mediocre.

My final rating is a score of 80/100, with a difficulty of Hard.
Bonus Nitpick: The music is another, minuscule problem I have with this level. You wasted your precious custom music slot with a boss theme, which is pretty unnecessary since Bowser already has one preloaded. As a result, the main level uses the generic, unfitting athletic theme, which gets grating very, very quickly (and that's not factoring in how much you'll be hearing it over the course of 10,000X and multiple lives).

09/14/18 at 11:10 AM

LaserTrap_ | 83/100

Congratulations, you're getting my 200th rate on the site!
This was a pretty nice level. The feeling of it to me was very casual and quite pleasant considering it's a Bowser level. I don't necessarily think you needed more scenery, because it didn't feel bland to me. You don't need much and there was a foreground changer anyway. Challenges were basic, nothing groundbreaking, and you certainly did like cannons and buster beetles, but you avoided it being repetitive for the most part. Maybe some areas were a bit too breezy (excuse my pun) to get through, generally leaving a bit more to be desired.
Now, usually I have a lot of points to stop off in the levels I review, but surprisingly, I don't have many here. In fact, the first one in particular is right near the end at 8500x. That grinder is rather unfair. You can't predict it coming at all and you have to know to make an immediate jump after landing on that platform. The only other point is the Bowser fight. Well, I get it's a Bowser level and all, but this seems like an enormous difficulty spike, especially with the one way gates! The challenges up to here had been easy-medium and suddenly, woah! Bowser! I'm afraid I'll have to take off points for that.
So, all in all not bad but let's recap on what you can do better next time:
A few breezy areas that could be more interesting (-10)
Unfair grinder (-2)
Large difficulty spike with Bowser (-5)
That's an 83. I have that feeling that I should be rating lower but I can't find any excuses so just take it! Even with the breezy areas I still enjoyed the level and it's only a hard level because of the length and ending with a Bowser fight.

08/20/18 at 2:34 PM

Nitrogamer | 98/100

bravo! excelent level, i loved everything but i did feel like there could've been some better choices of sceenry is some parts. or more scenery. but i loved the challenges!!

08/06/18 at 4:59 PM

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