• Description: Just a normal level, nothing special about it.

    https://youtu.be/fzMCVs9CT7U Link to the video
  • Contributors: Luigibonus, for the custom music
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Adyj | 95/100

50th review!!! I guess I should congratulate myself?

The gameplay on this level was very engaging for the most part. Many of the enemies in this level were challenging (in a good way) to get by. Getting past the dolphins while dodging the piranha's flames was fun and the beetle to get into the pipe was creative, though respawning it after dodging the piranha's flame here was kind of annoying.

I do agree with LazorTrap_'s review about Entrance 4, since the goomba boot was a waiting challenge, the chuck was a reflex test, the bullet bill was kind of random, and the lotus wasn't that big of a deal. The two hammer bros here were a challenge to defeat, though not too difficult, which is good. The mushroom (good placement, btw) in the previous section did help. As for the diamond platform after that, it is possible to get killed if you inch past the platform really slowly, but since nobody really does that, this doesn't warrant much point loss, if any.

The lakitu after the checkpoint was really weird, since it was an easy defeat after kind of getting trolled by trying to jump in front of the vine (I somehow killed, but also got killed by the lakitu trying to jump on it in front of the vine). X:3100 was kind of unusually calm after dealing with a football chuck, fire-breathing piranha plant, and bullet bros before that, and the poison mushroom couldn't really be hit, since the lotus was there, rushing me into the pipe. The final warp was kind of simple, but good nonetheless. It was kind of a homestretch with the football chuck, adding a final challenge before the end.

Overall, very good, though with all of the action in this level, it didn't feel much like a summer STROLL, rather than summer dodging. Then again, slow-paced levels aren't particularly fun, so maybe that's a good thing.

Design/Scenery/Tiling (Oh god, I might not have enough room for this.)
First and foremost, I did not manage to catch any visual cutoffs, so that's good. The scenery really did feel like a summer walk, which was really nice. The swirly clouds made this feel like a dream, while the trees were very good scenery. I'm not an expert on scenery (or gameplay either), but as far as I can tell, there wasn't really anything bad about the decoration of this level. Very good job!

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 95/100

After playing through DrBrain's garbo and making a troll level myself, I forgot what a good level felt like anymore. Now, I remember :)

09/01/19 at 9:33 PM

Nitro | 100/100

First off, it took me way longer than it should have to beat this level (which is entirely due to how bad I am at the game so I'm not docking points by any means for this). Disregarding the pain I had to go through every time I died at the same exact spot a thousand times, this level was phenomenal. The level looks really nice, and the scenery was really plentiful/beautiful, but at the same time, not too overwhelming and overdone to the point where it becomes a hindrance. The theme of the level was consistent all the way throughout, and it felt like a very coherent and well-planned out level (which I'm sure it was). As for the enemies and the challenges they presented, I really enjoyed them. There were a few areas where I felt that you could totally avoid the challenges an enemy might present by just being really quick without stopping and jumping on/killing them before they could do anything, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that this is probably a thing in all/most levels and it's too minuscule of a "problem" to take off points for. There was no area where I felt like there was enemy spam, and the number of enemies was kept to a reasonable amount throughout the level.

Now for some of the things I really enjoyed:
- I love the part with the flying beetle (idk the actual name for it) and using that to get into the pipe. Really creative.
- The pipes being above ground presented a nice challenge for me, and at those parts I was always so zoned in and focused (and panicked admittedly) considering there were fire plants/enemies around to send me to my death if I make a mistake.
- I love how it's not just a "one-level/story" (sorry idk a better word to call it) level. The level isn't just going left or right. There are parts where you have to jump and go upwards before you can progress to the right, parts where you have to swim and go down in order to progress, etc. It really shows variety and keeps the level from being bland/dull.

I was more happy than I should have been when I finally beat the level. Overall, it was a splendid level and I really enjoyed playing it. Great work. Definitely deserving of a 100/100. c:

07/31/19 at 10:57 PM

Nuozzu4 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/31/19 at 9:54 PM

ButterDude | 90/100

Really well done level, pal. It really gave me the feels like im playing the original NES smb3 game.

{Enemy Placement} The enemy placement was excellent! But the only enemy that bothered me was the bullet bill at x: 1740 y: 0. Also the cloud lakitu was weird, i was confused why was it there if it's so easy to defeat it and gave no purpose whats so ever. Very creative way use of the para-beetle in the second part of the level (x: 1000 y: 0)

{Cheese} No Cheese Was Found.

{Design} The level it self isn't anything special, just a normal level, just like you say in your description. The scenery was kept at a minimum which is good, it doesn't distract the player that much, very creative tho. In a another part i'm inside a waterfall and the next i'm on top of mushrooms! All tho, i really didn't like the use of the hammer bros like that. It's really cheap way to make the level harder. Also having two hammer bros at the same part of the level.

{Gameplay} The Gameplay was quite fun, i enjoyed all of the original ways to pass each level's parts! All tho the part i died the most was on the third part with those two hammer bros. (I already talked about it, so i won't go on with them anymore.) I just wish the level had more power-ups to play with.

I'll give it a MEDIUM difficulty rating and 90/100

07/29/19 at 1:11 PM

Okay | 98/100

You have asked me give my rating on this level and i'm doing that. The level was quite good, however there was almost too much going on in the foreground and background to the point i found it hard to tell when things were mid ground, foreground, or background. Good LEVEL

04/20/19 at 7:00 PM

Jann75 | 90/100

From 2540x to 2980x there was enemy spam, but that is my only real complaint.

90 out of 100

11/22/18 at 12:41 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/15/18 at 11:13 AM

NESFilipGamer | 98/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/17/18 at 10:17 AM

LaserTrap_ | 84/100

Much of this level was quite well thought out. Let's just start from the beginning and stop at the points where I'd like to draw attention to.
So, the beginning. A short section, nothing too fancy. It sets the theme of the level, although looking back I found it odd that this was the only section that didn't have the swirly cloud scenery. I won't take points off but I noticed it and it came across as a bit odd as it's meant to introduce the level. The section following was a bit too short and I feel like you could easily have combined it with the first section. Challenges weren't groundbreaking here at all but they were pleasant. This was also the first instance of the feeling that you tried to combine everything you possibly could from SMF3 without having any bad clashes.
Now, the main section of the level. I have to say this looked very pretty but from entrance 4 to the checkpoint it was sort of lacking. I didn't find the challenges all that enthralling, and when I got to the checkpoint I was kind of like, "oh, that's half the level already?" so it's kind of like you didn't think the design through in that respect. Nothing was indefinitely wrong, I thought, aside from that lone bullet at 1700x. That just felt way to random imo. After the checkpoint now, small Mario can get killed by the grass diamond platform at 2240x. Fortunately the challenges did pick up, but the lakitu hardly served a purpose as it could easily be killed, the cannon just seemed really out of place and you could also jump off the vine over the cannon to easily land on the bullet bro, eliminating an obstacle that should have been a very good challenge. Fortunately, the football chuck and the fire piranha plant at 2700x could not be skipped and that was a nice challenge. At 3400x, the lava lotus would be an unoriginal challenge, and the chomp would be a very small threat, but this is the first time I have ever seen someone actually cleverly utilize the fact that you can enter midair horizontal pipes in SMF, so this was actually a great challenge too. I must say, very well done for that! And the ending section was simple yet effective with no flaws to my findings.
Now, let's recap would you can do better for next time:
Too much warping around in the beginning (-3)
Lackluster start to entrance 4 (-5)
Death glitch with slopes (-3)
Bypassing challenges that should be good (-5)
That's an 84 from me. Significantly harsher than the others, sorry, but that's my view. And even so, 84 is a good score!

08/19/18 at 10:31 AM

Anego the Nihilego | 100/100

this is a really... REALLY good level I must say! first off, even though I hate sticker star... the music oddly works wonders for this level. secondly... the para beetle was used in a interesting and cool way, where you had to use it to reach a pipe! the last thing I can say is... even though it's not worth taking points off for... the goal kinda looks bad without the black background objects behind it... but that's no big deal!

08/18/18 at 7:51 PM

Tristaph | 100/100

Excellent level.

It's nothing groundbreaking, but it captures the essence of Mario Levels quite perfectly in my opinion.
There's a very wide variety of enemies and challenges to be found here, and it doesn't feel like it lacks anywhere in the level at all. I especially had a good run for my money at the cluster-oof of baddies right past the checkpoint - which by the way - this checkpoint was very strategically placed. I found this level incredibly fun to play and couldn't find anything I didn't like about it.

Fantastic work!

08/14/18 at 6:23 PM

creator | 95/100

You weren't lying, this is infact a good level. The best thing about this level is undoubtly the sheer quality of the challenges. While most of it was decent but not amazing, there Always was that little challenge that carried the entire section. That may involve Dolphins, flying Buzzy Beatles... Enemy placement was excellent, there never was more than able to handle. Eventhough I did feel like the cannon was a bit out of place with all the other enemies you putted in. This level also looked gorgeous, rather simple but little things like clouds, flowers and other stuff just completely the overal look. Especially in the first section this was apparant, probably because of the waterfall that gives it an even better look. I also really like your inovation when it comes to the mushroom platforms. If I were to point out one flaw here tho, it would be that slope that people have already mentioned millions of times below. I think there has been said everything that needs to be said about this, so I won't point out why it is wrong. Check the other reviews.

I also wasn't a big fan of the music track. That track has been so overused in the past 6 months that I couldn't think of a more generic one to put here. And honestly, this level doesn't deserve a track so overused.

So yeah I have to conclude that this is not just good, but great. I would give it a 95/100.


07/31/18 at 1:42 PM

Bar5723 | 100/100

I'm pretty sure all that has been said about this level is really great. I love the custom music you included in the level, and the scenery and the background worked altogether.

07/30/18 at 6:11 PM

Jack Mango | 95/100

wow great level alot to mention, but all i have to say has already been mentioned lol. Great scenery, fun to play through and overall well built. I do not want to leave a full review, however there are some minor issues that the people below have mentioned.

My final rate is 95/100 and medium GOLD for sure

07/30/18 at 2:38 PM

Delta JYK | 97/100

This level has a lot going on. It almost feels like you wanted to use every element in SMF3 where it is appropriate. A clever mix of enemies with variegated terrain made it so that it delivers a casual, yet vaguely unique experience. I had a lot of fun with this level, even though I was goofing around a lot and died a couple tens of times. Speaking of gameplay, I found that parabeetle challenge in the second room to be an interesting choice.

The aesthetics of this level is also exceptional. The scenery and terrain design create a cohesive field greenery design, with just enough variety sprinkled for players to enjoy.

As far as shortcomings of this level go, I found two things:
1. The diamond terrain at x=2220 is one of the "glitchy terrain" types and should be avoided at all times. Unfortunately, as cool as it looks, the glitches that it incur has no easy fix to work around with. (-1)
2. The pipe at x=3340 looked a bit counter-intuitive to me. When dealing with horizontal pipe exits, you usually place it next to the floor. It is one of those "technically a glitch" stuff of SMF series (i.e. horizontal warps in mid-air should not work since that is how the rest of the original Super Mario Series works) and should be avoided, unless if you are working on hold levels or such. It also didn't help the surrounding environment was slightly messy with a chomp and a volcano lotus, and a poorly timed jump could send you to the pit on the right. (-2)

Except for those two minor stuff, this level was pretty cool. 97/100.

07/30/18 at 3:11 AM

Build | 96/100

- what can i say about this level? -

this looks like a pretty good level that you made, your grassland,water scenery in your level was great and the placements of the tiles and sprites/monsters were great.
the challenges in your level were very good and they were interesting challenges. i beated your level in one tryed and it tooked me less than 2 minutes to beat your level.
the flaws/problems that i found in your level:
1. at x:900 in the level, the parabeetal is place in a spot where you must crouch down before warping in a pipe to the next part of the level.
2. mushroom tiles that can look pretty odd without having tile 1165 , you should place these tiles one tile underneath the middle of each mushroom so that it doesn't look odd and it will make it look good.
3. black scenery isn't there where the goal cards is at, you should've added some black scenery in where the goal card is at, try placing the black scenery tiles in layer 2 or try a goal orb for a place in the goal cards.
4. a misused slope tiling at x: 2200, there is a risk of dealing a slope glitch when you fall down the edges of the slope.

rating from me: 96/100
difficulty: medium
Nice level that you made and i will give this a 96/100 and it's your first Gold Rating level.

07/29/18 at 8:58 PM

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