• Description: cryogenic

    as usual, you got the crazy tiling, the outrageous precision jumps and the puzzle based theme. most my levels from now on will be like this.

    (there are points in this level that might look impossible, but theres always a way around it, whether its a spring board that needs to be placed in a certain position or a shell, so dont call my level impossible if you dont know how to do a certain part)

    (EDIT: volcano lotus slope glitch fixed)
    (EDIT #2: lava block behind pipe removed and tiles removed to prevent skipping a challenge)
  • Contributors: thanks to Delta JYK for informing me of some of the errors (now have been fixed)
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What Others are Saying

qwertyquop | 95/100

This level was actually really fun, despite its difficulty. The design is, in my opinion, really good and I like how you were able to combine multiple different tiles and make it look good. I also like how even though there was pretty clustered scenery, you still made the level layout clean without any glitches (or at least no glitches when I played the level).The challenges were the best part of the level, as it should be. Like I said, even though the level was pretty difficult, it was still really fun to play, and was really rewarding after I completed a section. Some things I have to complain about is the challenges kinda got uncreative, not that they weren't fun to play through, but I felt you should have put more creative challenges like the ones in the first section. Also, some challenges were repeated, like the baseball chuck challenge, the shell challenge, and the mushroom challenge. I think the level would have been better if you were able to incorporate other sprites into the level. Overall, really fun level and good level and I hope to see more levels made by you. :))
(Also, I was able to make it to the second room without setting any warps :)))) )

09/07/18 at 11:34 PM

Nitrogamer | 100/100

Welcome to hell XD

welp... this is the HARDEST level i have played yet. after 102932809830408932 tries i finnaly beat it. It requires some fast reflexes. COngrats on getting a favorite from me. 100/100

08/31/18 at 10:10 AM

Delta JYK | 100/100

Humanity didn't need this level. Or it did, but it didn't need to be this difficult at least.

I wasn't able to come close to beating this in full cycle, so I took to the editor and made minor edits to beat this level piece by piece. A lot of the parts were absurdly difficult, but certainly possible. Ignoring the difficulty matter, getting to know the level step by step and solving puzzles through the frozen wasteland was a curiously masochistic joy you have presented. I don't like pixel perfect precision all that much, (although I used to like them 2 years ago) but the way you combined them with interesting challenges was fascinating. Dare I say, this level is one of the paragon of modern Kaizo levels.

I do not see any major flaws in this level, but getting nitpicky, I found two minor ones:

1. The lava design at x=60 has spikes behind the upper section and the switch block behind the lower section. When it comes to Kaizo levels, this kind of hard-to-notice block design is to be avoided at all times, as it can obfuscate the blocks and confuse the player. What you could have done is to remove all the lava tiles except for the two leftmost columns(=4 tiles). It wouldn't look as glamorous as it is now, but when it comes to gameplay vs. scenery dilemma, usually gameplay comes in priority. EDIT: Okay, so you fixed the design, but you decided to add two pipes below, which allows to cheese the section without actually hitting the switch block. This allows you to beat the section while saving one shell and one spring. Why... why did you do that? X(

Also, there is a strange lava block at x=140 behind the white pipe; something you may have missed while fixing the initial problem. Jumping on that section of the pipe leads to death with the reason unbeknownst to the player, so there's that. EDIT 2: Okay, I guess they are all fixed now. Phew! (-0)

2. There is a slope glitch at x=1840 regarding the volcano lotus. What seems to be your intent is to make the lotus bounce left and right to make the challenge of climbing across the iron bars more interesting. What happened instead is that the volcano lotus got stuck on the right corner. Now, I don't usually take off a lot of points when it comes to slope glitches, but this allowed me to despawn the lotus by scrolling the screen to the left by precision platforming on the terrain at x=1700, effectively cheesing the challenge and making it significantly easier.

Something to recognize when fixing slope glitches is that placing special tiles is not a panacea. Special tiles are designed specifically to allow for forcing slope uphills on places where placing actual tiles that would force slope uphills causes bad level design in terms of scenery, which is why special tiles copy the texture of the block on its left side. Because of its property, or maybe some other reason that is beyond me, special tiles will not function properly if it is offscreen - which is, in this case, every single time you play this level. In this case, the only way to fix this issue is by manually placing slope tiles under the slopes above. Starting from under where the first 67.5 degree slope ends, place tiles 1461, 1421, 1423, 1421, 1423, 1458 in order from left to right, and this slope glitch will be fixed. On that note, you've mistakenly placed tile 1417 on the third section instead of tile 1423, so a small mistake that you should take note. EDIT: I left the notes just in case, but you did fix this problem. I think there is still a way to cheese this section, but doing so has become astronomically difficult, if at all possible. Nice! (-0)

3. Something I missed in the previous review is that the path you are supposed to go can be slightly confusing. This is due to the mix of several pipes as tiling design. This wasn't really a problem at least for me because most of the path made intuitive sense, but nevertheless it can be quite frustrating. Marking exit/entrance pipes with distinct colored pipes, or adding background arrows telling the player where to go would be a good idea. (-0)

Okay, I give this level a solid 100. Astounding job on making this level, and if you actually made this level through on a single run... XD


08/28/18 at 1:14 AM

gilly_omega | 96/100

This was a really hard level! I did like playing it, but it did have some things I needed to edit, so I could make it a bit more beatable for me;). I also did spot a few glitches throughout the level, so try to be more careful next time. Good Job overall!

08/18/18 at 10:49 PM

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