• Description: Took full advantage of the new updates on this one to make it hard as hecc but eliminate some of the the frustration.

    If you don't know the spring trick, throw the spring upwards just as you're landing to enable you to bounce off it in midair.
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MrGerund | 100/100

oh boy that surely was difficult, also extremely nice usage of those checkpoints, i don't think i would've actually tried to complete this without the checkpoints so, good job on that... oh i think i finished with about 70 lives or smth... yay

hardest part was probs the begginning imo, the timing on those koopas was pretty stressing, but luckely if you could hit the second koopa you'd instantly get the checkpoint!

second challenge wasn't too much of a challenge if im honest, there was a clear drame where everything was safe and it wasn't difficult to hit.

third one was a hell yet i somehow managed to time the jump perfectly in a few goes and... it really wasn't that hard, hmmm...

fourth.. i didn't liek the design on that one, as it just was a little bit of trial and error, i figured out you could easily first cycle it by aiming for the middle.

fifth one really wasn't as hard as i expected, i was like: OH HECC a springjump, thhen i did it properly my third attempt while hitting the spring the other attempts too...

i liked the sixth one a lot, i did it first try as i got the rhythm of the switches pretty much instantly... fun one nonetheless

last one wasn't that hard as you could easily CAPE your momentum and heigth going, only that final dive and rise was a real precise one to get off, like the usual kaizo levels.

timing definately took ages to get correctly for you so, kudos to you on this one.



03/14/19 at 1:15 PM

GhostlyBlaze | 100/100

I really enjoyed playing the level it was very FUN! These are the type of levels that make really happy. These challenges were pretty easy-medium and simple. I would of rated it hard if there were no checkpoints.
Difficulty: Easy (because of the checkpoints)

Also I didn't know there was a different way of doing the mid-air spring jump. I didn't know you can throw it up and jump and land on it to bounce. The way I do is that I jump and drop the spring at the right time time to bounce of it.

10/28/18 at 3:30 PM

Delta JYK | 73/100

So, a Kaizo level with a step-by-step kind of layout. Not too bad, and despite the sheer difficulty of each one, I was able to beat the level as a whole with the final life counter at 59. The 6 checkpoints sure did help. Let's get this level one hecc at a time.

1. Two simple parakoopa bounces. Or that's what I thought, until I found out that the jump is quite ridiculously precise.

2. Three ol' ball-and-chains and a podoboo. I don't know how you envisioned this part to be, but it seems clear to me that it didn't quite work out as you've wanted it to be. This part is terrible. It does have some substance to the gameplay, but the way to beating this is to hug the right wall when the second chain ball to the left is on its left side, and done. This was the most stupidly boring parts of the level, and I guess it could have been a lot more challenging than it turned out to be by making Mario jump upwards instead of dropping down. (-10)

3. The dolphin jump. Timing this jump was an absolute pain in the rear, but learning when to jump (which is basically all that this part had to offer) was a surprisingly fun experience. Nothing much to say here.

4. Two grinders and a thwomp. Also nothing much to say here, it is just one of those "jump around" challenges.

5. A spring jump challenge. I really don't like this challenge at all due to how overused this challenge is in Kaizo levels, but at least you've made it half decent.

6. The classic "time your jump" challenge. It was pretty fast paced and put players on edge. It is also my personal favorite of this level because it can be somewhat cheesed: Standing between the two switching blocks give you a solid ground to wait until you can properly time your jump. (-2)

7. The cape challenge. This wasn't too terrible despite that ridiculous ending, and it did offer a nice twist to how you can make cape challenges.

Overall: Screw the scenery stuff about this level, because it wasn't that much of a problem in this level as the overall integrity of the level was relatively intact. The way you presented each challenge was good, kinda gives the "omnibus" type of vibe in your level. However, despite finding some interest in your level, I end up thinking this level is bad in that it is terribly generic. 1 wasn't Kaizo-esque at all, 1 kinda had an interesting twist, but the other 5 challenges are generic, overused Kaizo tactics that most of the LP members will be familiar with. Other than this level being a cool demonstration of what can be done with ver.C 61, the level comes packed with some antiquated, dust-ridden shelves of challenges as its main feature, and looking at those challenges presented individually heavily misses out on the fun factor, leaving this level as a whole not that memorable of an experience. I'm here to have fun, not to watch relics of classy tricks in a vaguely museum-like level. There will be players who will enjoy this kind of stuff, but I sure didn't. (-15)

That would be 73/100. I may be doing a huge disservice to this level, but looking at this rather crude, unpolished level missing out on so much potential irks me to no end. It was interesting while it lasted though.

09/12/18 at 9:15 AM

Nitrogamer | 95/100

Now this is a challenging level! I loved the map system use in this level. and the implement of the spring jump! Epic!!!!! The scenery was good along with the forgiveness! though the checkpoint issue does reduce 5 points. Love the music. 95/100

09/12/18 at 9:08 AM

Blueyoshi0014 | 95/100

Gee, this level sure was fun to complete! The fact that I now despise the first 5 seconds of "Bad to the Bone" can only mean this level lives up to its difficulty. Let's review:

+ Starting off with a small positive: the variety. Since this level is basically the spiritual successor to "Six Rooms," I'll be making comparisons to that. The themes of each room, the challenges, and the general difficulty curve definitely overshadow the SMF3 level. Of course, part of this is due to SMF2's revolutionary new map system, which you used to allow areas of different sizes without having to fit everything into a massive level with screen locks and scrolling shenanigans. This also meant you could use more diverse looks, rather than just different colors of the same block as a tileset.

- While I understand most of these maps are too small or brief, I'd like to echo the notion previous reviewers have made that the lack of scenery in certain areas is rather jarring. This is most inexcusable in the final room with the cape challenge. I understand that your levels normally emphasize great gameplay over scenery, but this is almost completely barren. Not to mention it's super easy to fix-- add a semisolid wall or two (tiles 82, 85, 90), an arrow sign at the end of the starting platform, maybe even some coins to highlight possible routes the player can take.

+/- I've only briefly mentioned the difficulty in this level, and for good reason. Difficulty is a major aspect of a level that nevertheless is subjective: why else would we suggest a difficulty when rating a level? As such, I don't think I should really be discussing what I thought about each room's difficulty; I managed to beat all of them (except for #5, curse the spring jump glitch) after shelling out a fair share of lives. What I'd like to praise instead is how you dealt with your level's difficulty, and with it, understood your audience. At the end of each room, you added a checkpoint to the next area so that less skilled players would at least be able to beat the first 2 rooms without struggling on the first every time they died. At the same time, you also rather creatively made sure to remove the powerup gained upon reaching each challenge, as to avoid an unfair advantage/disadvantage with what comes ahead. However, this system is still somewhat flawed.
1) Firstly, the checkpoint and exit warp aren't blocked off with, say, one-way gates. This means a player can get the checkpoint, lose a life, and still respawn as usual-- ultimately a minor issue, but one I was surprised you didn't consider.
2) Regarding the forced damage at each section's beginning, it probably would have been better to use the new small doors instead, ensuring the player would discard any powerups they may have on their way out.
3) The previous method would also prevent a small exploit in the level: you can avoid the forced damage by holding the down arrow whenever you enter a warp. Use this exploit up to room #5 and you get an item in your reserve box to use for later. While this could be fixed by disabling the player's item box, I feel like the small doors are a better solution since they also avert the need to place Mario in mid-air.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In summary, "The 7 Heccs" takes what made "Six Rooms" good and expands upon it, while also being a small taste at what Ver.C.61 has in store for level creators and players. Is it Kaizo? Nah. Is it too short? Kind of. Is it a great level that I'll add to my favorites list? Hecc yeah.

My final rating is a score of 95/100, with a difficulty of Extreme.
Bonus Nitpick: One more thing that kind of bothered me about this level was how sometimes Mario would enter a pipe and exit from a door. I'm not exactly sure how to fix this issue, however.

09/12/18 at 1:50 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

Great materialization of SMF2's new feats. Not disappointed!

'The 7 heccs' had me like "what the hecc is this you was trying to go for" oh yeah 7 maps. Apart from the idea itself, challenges were fun to endure even if pure precision was essential with certain challenges. The level seems to focus on a central idea of going from one room to the next showcasing a variety of challenges and even despite some of it requiring a good handful of trial and error, it's a good thing I never lost any interest thanks to 99 lives in the bin. I find map 5 to be sketchy because you're forced to take damage from jumping on the lotus plant first before doing the mid-air springboard jump which was clever, I'll give you that. I'm guessing you did that to prevent the player from staying on the platform which means they gotta act accordingly so I won't minus points for that. I did notice the visuals display a lack of scenery or decoration in maps 3, 5, 6 and 7. In map 6 you also had a slight cutoff on the left-hand side. This one is a minor error and doesn't spoil the level. The lava at map 3 needs to be L1 to cover the dolphin and this can be achieved by setting a new platform to make way for it. I beat the level with 69 lives lmao so funny. K no I was down to 51 lives. Seriously tho... !@#$% that last cape challenge.

Nice thumbnail

09/11/18 at 11:12 PM

IggyHopxD | 95/100

I never expected you to make a kaizo, Trist. I guess I was wrong.

Also, ironically today I was listening to the song that was used in this lewel. Noice coincidence I guess.

So this lewel actually was awesome since it uses all the new mechanics in a cool way, but I have found some flaws. First, I'm gonna review each part individually.

The first map (overworld) was pretty nice, and the timing done there was cool. But easy for me, since I have a lot of experience with timing in SMF2 since I verified Black and White. There's a cutoff in that part tho, but it's never seen during normal gameplay, so no rate down for it.
The second map (castle) was pretty clever, but it does have a flaw. If you are still big from last zone's checkpoint and hold down+up upon entering this zone, you can crouch jump into the hazards and skip the whole challenge. (-2)
The third map (pink palace)... kinda took me a while to pass, but I could nevertheless. The challenge part was cool af, but on the design part, I have to say it could look better with only one type of palace tiling (pink, in this case) rather than three mixed ones in the same place. (-1)
I couldn't get past the fourth map (brown castle), but I'm sure if I practice a bit more I will be able to. That's why I cheated and warped to map 5 (Chocolate), which used a pretty clever and nice spring challenge tbh. It was easy, but cool.
Map number 6 (Switch block night) was pretty clever. The design could've been better, but it wasn't THAT bad.
Finally, map number 7 (cave) was another one I couldn't get past, since I suck at controlling the cape in SMF2/3. Still was cool.

Now, for overall the level, the only thing I would like is to see more scenery. Thats something that most of the level lacks. But it was still not bad, not too much tile mixing, pleasant to the eye, and everything. I will rate down two points for the scenery lackness tho (-2). But on the rest, awesome level. This one's going to my favorite lewel list, definitely. Great job!

09/11/18 at 11:02 PM

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