• Description: Fairly easy level to beat for any somewhat experienced person. Note: you have to wait a bit to let the red koopa to pass.
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What Others are Saying

elsa | 42/100

This is a bad level I don't like a lot

10/10/18 at 12:54 AM

JetWing34 | 35/100

This is not a very good level, and I don't think this level is by any means impressive. This may be a kaizo level, but there are several flaws in the level. These include:

1) There is a lot of empty space underneath the playing area, only to have nearly the entire bottom of the level full of munchers in case you screw up.
2) Not only DO we have empty space from the Y-axis perspective, but the area after the goal point is also empty.
3) The level's gameplay length felt too short, despite the length of the actual level just barely met the Level Palace requirements.
4) There are two instances where the vines are cut off; one area includes x200, and another area is at x540.
5) There are three areas of the level where the bullet bill cannons are cut off. One area is x1400, the second at x1860, and finally, x2360.
6) Stacked munchers at x1880 and x2360.
7) Power-ups are spammed in one area at x2720.

This project should have started over from scratch and improved better. I know that this is a kaizo level, but try to use as much area as you can with the Y-axis and the X-axis. Use the current version of SMF2 to your advantage!


10/07/18 at 10:03 PM

Beanbag | 78/100

Jumps are very precise, no joke, but the scenery (or lack thereof) is kinda bad (-5). Vines cut off (-3). Just munchers at the bottom (-2), munchers cut off for no reason (-5). Gotta give a little hope for the p-switch, i played this for more than 20 times, and only got to catch up with that p-switch once (-3). Lack of creative styling (-5), and bullets bill launchers cut off too (-5).

Eh, 78.

10/07/18 at 10:58 AM

Build | 66/100

This level looks good, but it isn't very good and there is some problems in it.

Actually there is some skips like with Yoshi,were you don't need to jump on the Koopas to get on the platform which can make a skip by using Yoshi and keeping jumping on/off of Yoshi to skip the Koopa jumping, in which when you jump of or jump up you can expose the two items(a trampoline and a p-switch) and be able to skip the level and it makes the level quite easy, if you are big Mario and couldn't make the jump to the next platform and fall onto the munchers, you can just wait for the bullet bills to spawn and you would be able to jump on them to get up quickly if hurt.

there is some vine cutoffs, you can add Tile 565 at the bottom of the vines and Tile 564 at the top of the vines.

Known cutoffs: At X: 1360, Y:120 there is a floating bill cannon and it looks like a cutoff. because there it isn't connected to a block or a cannon support tile. At X: 1840, Y:240 there is cutoffs with the upwards bill blasters and the up facing muncher stacked tower, you could replace the bottom upper bill cannon with the upside down one. and At X: 2380 Y:240 there is a cutoff with the bill blaster at the bottom, and another muncher stacked tower.

The challenges aren't unique or creative, they felt boring, the level felt a-bit short, empty and boring.

Possible Skip with Yoshi at the beginning. (-10)
Cutoffs with the bill blasters, and some muncher stacked towers. (-5)
Level was a-bit short. (-5)
Vine Cutoffs (-5)
Possible to get up while big Mario if hurt and jump up the bullet bills quickly at X:2280 Y:240 (-1)
Some Emptiness in the level. (-3)
No Scenery in the level. (-5)

Rating from me: 66/100
Level Difficulty: Easy-Medium

10/02/18 at 4:04 PM

Dale | 80/100

Actually, you don't even need the turtles. Because with the yoshi, you can fall down on the munchers, get thrown off yoshi and keep jumping off/on yoshi this way. Then jump off him to expose the two P-switches and the drum. Then, hit the P-switches, jump on the drum, and leap off yoshi. This makes the level quite easy, or at least easy to cheat.

Since this appears to be unintentional, I will take some points off for it. There is a difference between a secret and unintentional flaws that make a level much easier or harder than they should or would otherwise be.

So I give you 80 out of 100 and difficulty easy.

10/02/18 at 3:16 PM

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