• Description: Just so you know before you play this level, this level will be one of the most hardest levels you have played on SMF2. This level is so unforgiving and so disgustingly hard that it makes you want to quit!


    Response to my last two levels:
    I've noticed that people keep saying that my levels are easy and nothing but p-switch jumps and springs, but this level is different. I tried making this level as unique as possible. I've learn my lesson on going easy on people so in this level I didn't hold back. There are jumps that are so hard they seem impossible until you finally succeed and then immediately die.
    (The duck-jump at the beginning and at the end of the level)
    For those who find this level easy or even medium difficulty and can beat it around 30 attempts or so, I congratulate you because this level took me forever to beat! GOOD LUCK!
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What Others are Saying

ApenasOutroCara | 95/100

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11/09/18 at 1:20 PM

Hexagon42 | 90/100

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10/13/18 at 3:44 PM

Bar5723 | 100/100

I have to admit, I haven't played levels like these in awhile and I'm actually getting better at them. On my fifth attempt, I made it to the koopa shell before the last one in the first part of the level. But on my ninth attempt I finally made it to solid ground, but I ended up getting stuck because I needed the shell to get through. I didn't beat the whole level yet, but I will try to do so later on. I apologize. But I wanted to tell you how I thought of it so far.

10/13/18 at 2:49 PM

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