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    Hope you enjoy it.

    Desert time!
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What Others are Saying

luiginose | 100/100

exellent level. I enjoy the scenery and gameplay and there were no flaws and this level was fun and challenging
suggested ; class gold. difficulty ; hard.

02/12/19 at 5:24 PM

powerman | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/09/19 at 11:27 PM

adam02oc | 96/100


* Pros:
- Amazing level design in almost every possible way. Immediately upon beginning the level, I knew that the remainder of the level design-wise would be down to a tee, and I was right! Perfect variety, perfect scenery and almost perfect tile and sprite placement. Well done!

* Cons:
- I say 'almost perfect tile and sprite placement' as there are several minor issues with cutoffs involving pillars, background brick walls and roof tiles. However, these are barely noticeable, and only half a point will be knocked off your current perfect score of 10/10 as this issue is so minor and easily fixable.


* Pros:
- The level is completely possible to finish and there are no unintentional areas where the player may become stuck and unable to finish the level.

* Cons:
- There is one area (I.e: X 4520, Y 0) where the player is able to jump above the level and enter the ceiling, whereupon they immediately die. I would suggest ensuring that certain hazards or tiles should be placed where the player is able to preform this glitch to prevent this whole scenario from playing out.


* Pros:
- Background perfectly fits the theme.
- Music perfectly fits the theme.
- Tiles and sprites perfectly fit the theme.

* Cons:


* Pros:
- The level provided more than enough unique and enjoyable challenges. It possessed a perfect combination of dexterity, puzzle and platforming challenges, each with their own personal twist. It made me want to finish it, then play it again as I watched Mario collect the Orb to end the level.
- Short and sweet. You (unlike so many others) seem to grasp the fact that a level does not need a crap-ton of enemies or need to be 200,000 X's long to be a good one.

* Cons:



- LEVEL DESIGN: 9.5/10
- RELEVANCE: 10/10
- FUN: 10/10
GRAND TOTAL: 38.5/40
(Rounded down) : 96%


Superb work on one of the best levels I've played in a while!

12/08/18 at 1:31 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 99/100

I ended up losing Yoshi from getting tricked by the red shell when I released it expecting to spit out fireballs lol. You had some slight cutoffs across some of the tiling, but overall great level design and gameplay. Some of the hammer bro platform challenges were my favourites. Glad to have you back!

12/06/18 at 11:53 PM

NESFilipGamer | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/06/18 at 11:09 AM

przem1994 | 97/100

Long time no see RamboCam. The desert level is excellent and great use of Desert Edition. The gameplay was very good, great scenery and challenges. However, you had 3 small desert tiling cutoffs at X1680, X2340 and X2800. Otherwise, awesome work. :)

- Small desert tiling cutoffs (-3)

You got 97/100 and HARD difficulty.

12/06/18 at 9:53 AM

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