• Description: play this on L2 as the main Layer
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

Overseer | 75/100

Okay, this is an improvement on the original.

There's still cut-offs, though.

Compared to the original, this is much better. Good job.

12/09/18 at 12:35 AM

Brendan | 85/100

- Awesome scenery and pretty decent layout
- Challenges were decent, with some problems:
- From 1300x to 1800x, all the fish enemies can be avoided simply by holding right (moving from vine to vine). Not a huge problem considering it's only a small portion of the level but it seemed kinda cheap. Maybe cut out some of the vines?
- The use of death blocks from 1800x onwards was also kinda annoying, not because it was hard but rather because there's no way for you to know that they're there unless you look at the editor. From 0 to 1800x, the user assumes that being up in the trees is fine, and then all the sudden at 1800x it's like "hahaha nope".
- I think there are too many powerups in the beginning. There's the hidden door to the bonus room, but then also a fire flower at 10x. I would just have one next time.
- Challenges were not repetitive (each was pretty unique), which made them fun.
- Level had a nice theme

Overall, a decent job. I know you updated this level so maybe it was bad before, but this definitely deserves more than a 20 haha. :)

12/08/18 at 4:47 PM

FleemFam420 | 58/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/08/18 at 2:02 PM

Salvo_2009 | 96/100

it,s nice.... but the mechakoopas that have to do with it?
otherwise nice level!

12/06/18 at 2:44 PM

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