• Description: Whats this? Mario got past the tall mushrooms and he sees a castle in his way. Is it the real Bowser or the clone?
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What Others are Saying

Supermariogalaxy13 | 90/100

Again you didn't finish the level. You get a 90/100. Try to finish the level next time. OK, people don't want to play unfinished levels.

12/09/18 at 6:53 PM

goldenemerl25 | 80/100

This Was Very Good. But There was a block that was unreachable (due to a invisible wall) & some cutoffs. and a unreachable fire flower that comes out of the last ? box (unless you are small. you get a mushroom). i give this a 80 / 100 and hard difficulty.

12/09/18 at 6:28 PM

przem1994 | 71/100

Actually, there was some castle scenery. This level had some flaws. Let me say about your flaws:

- There is no castle ceiling (Ceiling are always needed for cave, ghosthouse and castle)
- There was Lavafall cutoff at the beginning in ML and castle tiling cutoff at X800 for BZ
- This level was too short (It should be X4180 for SMF1 in ML)

ML means Main Level. BZ means Bonus Zone. Overall, this level wasn't bad, but it needs improvements. I'll rate down for:

- No castle ceiling (-6)
- Lavafall cutoff and castle tiling cutoff (-8)
- Shortness (-15)

Overall rate: 71/100 and MEDIUM difficulty.

12/08/18 at 3:38 PM

Fail Meep | 97/100

The level was fun! But sadly no scenery once again also it was impossible to avoid but ima leave a pass on that
-3 No scenery
Overall this level is good

12/06/18 at 9:15 AM

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