• Description: Wow! Mario has completed the castle but that wasn't the real Bowser, it was another clone! After that There was a doom ship and Mario climbed to the top and it crashed! Now he finds himself in a haunted island called Boo's Woods. There is one thing he needs to remember that the Boos don't Fear the dark. Will he get past or not?
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What Others are Saying

goldenemerl25 | 99/100

This Was Nice it Was Short Tho And A bit Boring. But this still gets a 99 / 100 & easy difficulty

12/09/18 at 6:41 PM

SMW Physicist | 80/100

Fun little level. Got a little boring near the end, but still nice!

12/09/18 at 2:56 PM

Hero1777 | 90/100

The level was fun and had a lot of scenery, but it was a little short.

12/09/18 at 9:46 AM

SuperSonicChaos | 85/100

I didnt play it, but the concept is pretty good though... Im just writing this so i can upload levels again

12/07/18 at 12:49 PM