• Description: This is the full version and is somewhat bigger, Due to it being a 4500x240 level. Will be bigger in the future...
    Ver. 1.1 update
    :Nerfed amount of enemies except 2nd, slightly harder path (The ship, pipe is the easy path)
    :Added more scenery at the end, new mechanized scenery type!
  • Contributors: Sirwallnut (Talking about the negatives/Cons for letting me know what to improve, he was the first one!)
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What Others are Saying

powerman | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/31/19 at 11:56 PM

DJ Ketchum | 99/100

Time to review:

Design: 100/100
Enemy placement: 99/100 small cannon spam in the level

01/20/19 at 2:12 PM

adam02oc | 63/100

Congratulations! You, my friend, are the first user to receive my new and improved rating system!
I'm starting to get the feeling that nobody cares, so let's begin:

* LEVEL DESIGN (Attractiveness):

- I was a big fan of the checkered pipe and I admire it for it's appealing and unique design.
- The smaller pipes with the lava coming out were a nice touch, and I enjoyed them for the most part.
- Red coins (because red=death) were a nice addition.

- The background was boring and bland with no variation.
- Minor tile cutoffs. Be sure to go back and 'polish' to rid your creation of these unsightly blemishes.
- One case of sprite cutoff (Lakitu).
- Certain tiles, such as the ground or the silver pipes, could have been slightly varied to prevent tedious repetition design-wise.
- Mild issues with enemy spam regarding Chucks and cannons. Remember, you don't have to have a ton of enemies to make the level difficult!

* LEVEL FUNCTION (Functionality):

- The platforming and dexterity challenges were all possible to complete and problems with functionality were minimal.

- There is no point in having mushroom/fire flower powerups in a stamina level. They have no effect.
- The first encountered Lakitu has no effect on the player as it's Spinys are instantly destroyed by the surrounding tiles.

* RELEVANCE (Music, Background, etc.):

- Music fits the genre very well.
- Tiles fit the genre well.
- Sprites fit the genre mostly well.

- Background doesn't really fit the genre. Try to be more relevant next time.
(TIP: Use the CBG feature on this site to find some awesome backgrounds!

* FUN (Unique aspects):

- The use of an A2 auto scroll was a nice edition, and the preceding difficulty curve was smooth for the most part.
- The platforming element provided mediocre enjoyment.
- The level's challenges and the level itself leaves a bit to be desired in terms of originality regarding fun and enjoyment.



- FUN: 6/10
- GRAND TOTAL: 25/40
(Rounded up): 63%

- SUGGESTED DIFFICULTY: Medium (Bordering on Easy).

Good work on your first level, and I hope you enjoy your time here on Level Palace!

12/07/18 at 1:07 PM

ButterDude | 80/100

I see some improvement from the demo, the enemy spam wasn't that bad, actually i think it was good since at first, the level was boring nothing interesting. And when crap ton of enemies came around it made me jump and gave some thrill, non the less the level was kinda short.

And the level needed some more scenery
Enemy placement wasn't that great tbh.

So i give this level 80/100 and EASY Difficulty. (Plus is technically is your first level)

Can't wait to see your next creation.

12/07/18 at 11:55 AM

Fail Meep | 70/100

Yaaay enemy spam tbh its a good concept


12/07/18 at 1:47 AM

Nitrogamer | 55/100

k nice to see a BAD FUTURE. lol make a good future.

k so enemy spam crashed my computer so -30

and cut-offs near end and barely scenery -15

good concept tho

12/06/18 at 7:34 PM

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