• Description: The level is dry, no water to be seen.
    Also this is a message to all the users who don't even try to type a review, Please actually say something about the level, as feedback is what keeps me going, continuing these shabby rating standards will discourage me from making levels. Thank you for your understanding.
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LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

Do not under any given circumstance, place coins in the same layer right above a box containing a vine, as what this does is it jeopardizes the vine and instead of going all the way up it'll stop where the coin is and results in a cutoff as well. A floor glitch also just so happens to take place underneath x:4000 y:60. Otherwise, extremely well-designed with good enemy placement. I like that it still manages to retain a decent fun factor without actually trying too hard with the creativity.

04/19/19 at 1:05 AM

Strongiron450 | 98/100

Alright. How can i put this? The level was very unique with a concept that i have NEVER seen before, A desert river, But not just any river!! a mirage river! The river just doesn't seem to exist!. I love the detail of those desert background tiles, That get darker the lower they go. So let me just say, I want to bring back my old review system

1. Tiles/Scenery
The scenery was AMAZING in this level. Like i said earlier the little outline of where the water used to be was amazing. I love how there was still water related scenery and cheep cheeps for a nice touch (how did the cheep cheeps live this long wat). But, I like how most of the level is "underground" (you make this series feel like a real mario game btw). The colors added up and blended well

2. Challenges
Sigh... I died a LOT in this level, And mainly because of you! Yes you!! its because, at at , at X: 2020 Y: 40, You see that deadfish, thats right, u appeared there, And i jump thinking you weren't there or passed by, So you ended up taking... 6 of my lives!!! But seriously, The challenges were amazing, I had fun playing this level, But. I do have 1 issue, dont expect a full 100!! I think 2 - 3 of the star coins were switch block related which was repetitive and boring, I think there was 2 p switch coins as well, I cant remember, I'll just take off 2 points but dw bout it you still get a gold rate so far.

3. Checkpoints/Power-Ups
You gave plenty of ... Question blocks. im not taking off a point for powerups bc i ended up with a stock mushroom at least once so, as long as thats possible, good. You added a checkpoint which i died literally right before it, But you did add enough so, yeah. Coins were well placed, Umm The deadfish were a nice thing to add but didn't work too well with floating fish.. so... ehh idk if i should take a point off, But its kinda the point of the level so nah.

4. Conclusion
I love this series so far, It's very well designed and creative. You really did put a lot of effort into this series, especially making the levels so quickly. I also wanted to know if you were open to concepts/suggestions, suggesting concepts , you know, just in case you dont have an idea. Keep up the good work!

02/02/19 at 2:55 PM

AllenCaspe9510 | 97/100

What a fishy level. First of all, I have to admit that this was a nice regular standard level in the series.
-Honestly, that jumping Koopa, (Creating a death start) doesn't give you enough time to react to read the text box. If it was intended to be killed before reading the text box, oh c'mon. Besides, it was near the start position and it gives the feeling of the player to read it.

Level Layout: 29/30
Enemies: 29/30
Power-ups: 20/20
Level Design: 20/20
Compliments: -1
Total Score: 97

[] No further tips

02/01/19 at 7:06 PM

LuigiXD/_29 | 100/100

"these fish are dumb" Deadfish388 2019

so, yeah, this level is really awesome! i like the idea of a water level without the water, the dry fish worked really well with the level. the scenery and tiling are great, and the enemy placement is really good. 100/100

(music was weird though)

02/01/19 at 3:56 PM

NESFilipGamer | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

02/01/19 at 3:46 PM

Anego the Nihilego | 100/100

so... what can I say about this dusty level? it's... really good, that's what!

first off, the scenery was really well done, and the way you used the brown sand tiles as most of the background really gave this level an interesting backdrop I really never thought I'd see honestly. another thing, the fact you did that AND pulled off putting a lot of scenery and the deep dark part was also quite amazing really! since... you've only got one layer to work with there by technicality.

as for the challenges... I have to say, most of them felt quite easy and fun as well, with the Advance coins kicking up the difficulty a little bit due to how out of the way that can be by making you do extra challenges and stuff. but one thing I can say is this: the idea of fish flying through the air is always a neat, but off the wall idea! heck... one of my ancient levels had that as the main idea for it!

so... all I can say is this: for a desert level, it felt very different and unique with the scenery you used, while keeping most of the obstacles and challenges quite nice and easy! so... this level is perfect in my book!

02/01/19 at 3:34 PM

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