• Description: Super ascii art world: Cave Country
    Level 3-1: The three caves
  • Contributors: no
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What Others are Saying

LazorCozmic5 | 96/100

.What I like about these kinds of levels is there's multiple pathways the player can take to go about completing the level. You had some good enemy placement and from my observation and nothing felt out of place during the making of the level, although I will have to agree with the fact that there were a few enemy overloads here and there. Another thing to add on to the list of minor flaws is the lack of scenery along with minor slope glitches like Anego mentioned below. You also didn't really need to put a springboard at the ice cavern section seeing as you could just bounce off of the football to get to the p-switch in that area. Pretty good level overall though.

01/16/19 at 7:10 PM

Anego the Nihilego | 85/100

well, this level is alright, but has some flaws. first off... in the first cave you had a mild slope error where you could enter the pipe to the secret goal, and by error... I mean you could walk into the ground and die. in the third cave, there was way too many of them red enemies at the start, and a mild cutoff with the ceiling with how the ? blocks were placed.

besides them two poor flaws, the rest of your level is alright, but a little enemy spam is somewhat common in places as well.

01/16/19 at 6:08 PM

javien322 | 100/100

The level is awesome! I really liked how you put 3 different caves instead of 1. so if you don't want to keep playing the same one every time, you can choose another one and go with that. awesome design!

01/13/19 at 7:11 PM

Mesopotamia | 97/100

Great job with the level design! It feels kinda short but to be fair, I think you put in sufficient effort to make this level look interesting even though some obstacles are abit boring.

01/12/19 at 8:42 AM

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